G/DC planned activations

The aim is w/c 20th March to slowly progress and active all G/DC summits on our trip to Cornwall (Godolphin area will be our base)
Planning on starting with G/DC-005. (2m and maybe HF)
Any tips etc for the summits?
From a quick look there are at least two drive on/drive up close too type summits.



The are all easy with the exception of Carnmenellis G/DC-006 which required a little effort. This was followed by RF breakthrough on VHF from the masts on the summit. People have taken different routes to this summit in addition to the one on SOTA maps.

All the summits have a route on SOTA maps except Kit Hill which doesn’t need one.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


We will be the G/DC area from the 20th March. Have alerted for the following:
20 March G/SC-003 at 1100 UTC
22 March G/DC-006 at 0800 UTC
25 March G/DC-007 at 1000 UTC
28 March G/DC-008 at 0930 UTC
29 March G/SC-004 at 0930 UTC
Will be taking HF and 2m FM.
Looks like we shall be able to contact each other on 2m.

Good luck and have a good break.

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the tips on DC-006. Looking on Sotlas looks like access from Phillpotts farm area might be an option.

cheers John

Thanks John. We might be able to get a s2s depending on the times I get to operate.
FT-3D and FT-857 for me

I was looking at doing an SC hill on the Sunday as we are planning an over night in the Bristol area.


Hi John that’s the route I took. Note that there are signs barring access along the (short) track (non-open access land) towards the quarry. The public right of way takes you through the cottages’ garden (looks a bit strange) before crossing a stile in the wall. The route thereafter can only be described as wild. Not one I’ll be returning to! (My wife turned back!!)

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These are my reports of a few of them with some route suggestions. High Willhays is best accessed from Rowtor carpark. It is nice going from Meldon reservoir parking but that needs coins for parking! I have activated Kitt Hill several times and my favourite spots are around the spoil heap at SX373715. If you follow the path to the NE from there you can find a good place to set up with short grass just where the path drops down a few feet.
Brown Willy is a bit of a slog but worth it from the parking at Poldue Downs to the NW.





Hi @M0VAZ John,

I’ve studied SOTLAS routes and most of them look pretty straight forward to me. The only two that stand out are G/DC-001 and G/DC-002 which are both over 1 and a half miles.

G/DC-003 and 005 look to be drive on’s and walk 50 yards.

G/DC-006, 007 & 008 look to be nice walks.

I’ve alerted all the above from 24th March to 27th March, so if your still about then, we may have a S2S :+1:

Good luck buddy.

73, GW4BML. Ben

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For those unfamiliar with the traffic in Cornwall allow plenty of time. For example getting stuck for 20 minutes in a traffic jam in Penzance is quite feasible. :).

The number of SOTA activators flooding the region could also cause traffic problems!

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My patience isn’t the best when stuck in traffic John :rofl: I’m a country bumpkin and used of a single lane full of pot holes lucky to see a car, hahaa. Im dreading the traffic, but we have planned for a relaxing weekend :+1: thanks for the heads up! 73

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@G6PJZ Thanks for the tips Andy.
@M0WIV thanks for the report links I will sit down with a brew and have a read.
@GW4BML We depart 24th March and head back home - maybe with a stop over on the way, so not sure if we will make a S2S.


Hi John,

G/SC is my local patch and, if you’re near Bristol, you have two options:

  1. G/SC-010 Dundry Down - this is a drive up with a short flat 5min walk over to the AZ if you park at ‘Dundry Village Car Park’. However, the area does have other comms masts there so it all depends what bands you want to work. There is a perimeter fence you can strap a pole to and I have managed to work both 2m and 20m with success. You can easily get into Wales on 2m FM from up there.

  2. G/SC-003 Beacon Batch - this isn’t a drive up. I find it’s best to park along the wide verge adjacent Ellick House and then do the 10-15min walk up to the trig point. There is a solitary tree you can rest a pole against (see pic below of 6m pole with my 20m band ‘Ethernet’ Vertical) and the views are fab in all directions. On a clear day you can see the Bristol Channel and Wales beyond and you can operate whilst watching the planes come in and out of Bristol Airport! Once again, you can easily get into Wales on 2m FM from up there. This is my local ‘go to’ summit but unfortunately for me… it’s only a one pointer.

73, Lea M0XPO


@M0XPO Thanks for the info Lea.