Activation of G/DC-005 and G/SC-004

This is just a short report posted mainly as a way of thanking all the chasers from today’s twin activations of Christ Cross G/DC-005 and Staple Hill G/SC-004.

After recent experience of operating in winter I emptied my wardrobe this morning and looking like the Michelin Man set up on Christ Cross. I’ve previously activated this from the side of the road but today I walked along the track and through the gate in order to be within 20m of the trig point as I had posted notice of the activation on the FB page of the WAB group.

The trig point is cunningly hidden in the hedge!

The 6m or to be exact 5.5m (lost the top) Decathlon travel pole was tied to the fence.

I only used 40m CW and SSB so the QSOs were “local”.

I was pleased with my CW stuff, I was even copying some callsigns the first time, without having to ask for a repeat!

The afternoon saw me on G/SC-004, where I parked at ST246160 but beware if arriving in anything bigger than a car, the car park has a height barrier.

By easy paths I found the trig point on the summit, they haven’t hidden this one.

I had no replies on 40m CW or on 20m but 17m was better. However, my sending became a bit chaotic, I don’t think it was cold, more brain-fade I think! So I swapped to 40m SSB which was much better with plenty of QSOs - big thanks to everyone!



Hi John, thank you for the cw qso from Christ Cross today - a Complete for me, so high fives!


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I worked you at 1418 UTC on 40m CW after you worked an ON7. It was just chance that I logged into SOTAwatch and saw your spot. I switched off and whent out straight after! You certainly did get my call first time, so well done as it is not an easy one to read. :grinning:


Gerald, thank you, I may be guilty of over-stating things! But compared to the morning, when my first CQ generated an instant response it was much slower in the afternoon. I had to call CQ several times before hearing ON7MD then of course yourself but after that there were no more responses on 40m. A change to 17m brought in 3 QSOs before drying up.

I could say it must have been siesta time but if so it was only for CW operators because 40m SSB, which I then changed to, was very productive. :slight_smile: