SOTAData3 (Part 4)

Continuing the discussion from SOTAData3 (Part 3) - #102 by VK3ARR.

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I think you may find that the API Manuel uses doesn’t offer first activator but just activators. I remember specifically having to craft a SQL query with post processing by the C# DB app to get the 1st activator by looking at QSO times out of the oldest logs for the summit.

I can guarantee you that we don’t want to change the display because the MT’s inboxes will be overflowing with people upset they have to share first activation with others after they were listed as first for a long time (20+ years) in some cases. :wink:

As it stands we have both, one showing the true first and one showing all on the first day.


Continuing the discussion from SOTAData3 (Part 3):

I have just tried this and it wasn’t working, but figured it out so sharing in case it helps someone else.

The problem seemed to be leaving blank values for the mygrid and operator lines which come up by default when you create a new file. Deleting these lines (rather than just putting no value) fixes it.


I just typed the data into a text file and imported that.


DATE 2023-09-05
1115 20M CW IN3CEL
18 OK1ZE
20 DJ5AV
22 F4WBN

I like the highlighting and colouring in FLE. It made it obvious when I’d missed the number out of someone’s callsign just now for example.

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I’ll push a fix for this later today if I get a chance. Part of the problem is no one sent me sample FLE files when I asked for them so I have been testing from my own handcrafted files and I don’t have any windows systems here to run it.

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I tested it with a bunch of FLE files, but I don’t use Windows either… I enter my logs using vim. I guess we could have used some beta testers who use FLE on Windows :laughing:


I enter my logs using vim

There are dozens of us! :laughing: I’ve also just been using a text editor (on my phone), and I use vim almost daily on my computers

(as a side note, just saw that you host the pnwsota website - thanks for maintaining it!)


Hello developers
I would like to come back to the maps with the qso that are not displayed. I noticed a systematic. All qso with a prefix like HB9/IK2LEY/P, DL/HB9EAJ/P F/M0RWX/P are not displayed.
see this example
These qso are mostly S2S.
I have noticed this many times.
If the codes come from it is likely that the codes with prefix do not exist in
Would it be possible to add in the algorithm a specific test for qso s2s. Just check if the qso is an S2S and use the summit coordinates instead of the callsign coordinates. Or another suggestion, in algorithm removed the prefix before testing the callsign.
Best 73
Christian F5MMP

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‘Add External Link’ button in ‘New External Link’ popup on summit page is failing with 404 Not Found:


Assume that’s to do with the new API address / structure?

There was a bug with certain summits and I pushed a fix for that earlier today. Might have fixed it already? If not, probably some other edge case that’s been missed.

I’m travelling over the next week so it may take some time to fix (or I may push a fix after drinking with customers…)


I’m currently getting a HTTP 500 error when I click “verify log” for a FLE file that I’ve uploaded. It looks like it’s been loaded OK on screen, if I convert the file to CSV in FLE and upload then it verifies and submits fine.

Http failure response for 500 Internal Server Error 

@VK3ARR Andrew, do you want me to send you some files to test?

Yes please, anryan at Gmail. I can see there are some messed up dates in what is submitted. Probably messed up by the FLI parser.

Same caveat as above on timeframe for fixing


This should now be fixed. Andy was able to point out it happened with callsigns with multiple separate numbers, which allowed me to work out these callsigns were being interpreted along with the time parameter as a date due to a combination of a faulty regular expression and FLEs tolerance of almost anything as a date separator.

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Any plan to actually add a text entry box like FLE? I think the use of FLE is just a unneeded detour if on can directly do it online?

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You can use any text editor. When we say ‘FLE’ we mean the log format, not any specific software implementation.

We could have a text area for pasting in your FLE log, but it’s safer and better for you to type it in to a text editor and save the file. If you need to edit the log later you can open the text file, edit, save, and upload again. If you are wanting to do this all in a web browser then I suggest using Google Docs… it is a perfectly adequate text editor.

Here’s the start of this Saturday’s log. I typed it into Notepad++ on a Windows machine. You could use Windows Notepad or Wordpad or equivalent editors on a Mac. I saved the file as MM0FMF-SS287.FLE Then you use the Upload FLE option, click browse and click on the filename.

If I’m away and only have my Linux laptop I’d use emacs. I wouldn’t use vi/vim though :wink:

DATE 2023-09-16
1243 40M SSB M0JLA
44 G0FEX
46 G0RQL
49 G7ADF G/SP-013 <S2S>
50 GW4TJC/P GW/NW-048 <S2S>
51 G4OBK
56 M0BKV
57 2E0FEH
1300 2E0WGA
1301 G0GWY
02 2E0AGB
04 M0BOB
05 G4GMN
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I am fully aware how this can be done with any text editor. Just saying the text entry field with some template lines might make it even faster.

73 Joe


This is now fixed.

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Hi Andrew,

the activator and chaser badges are sorted from OLD to NEW … is it possible to change that so that the newest awarded badge is shown on top?

73 Martin, OE5REO