SOTAData3 (Part 3)

Continuing the discussion from SOTAData3 (Part 2) - #101 by OE5JFE.

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@WA7JTM we use our own data and not QRZ data… this does require people to (correctly) enter location data into their profile.

I can see that the problem is KB7HH has entered bad lat/long for his location (112.472, 34.771). This should probably be 34.771, -112.472.

I just corrected his lat/long in the DB and it did fix the map for your activation.



Looks like lots of SOTA OPS have incorrect Grid Squares in their profiles, as I see a number of crazy paths in my Activator logs.

Our only hope is they correct the information…

TNX again


Some of my chasers show up as being in the middle of the Australian continent but I know they don’t live out there.
Ian vk5cz …

@vk5cz Can you give me a call sign for one of them?

I think QRZ defaults your grid square to the centre of your country, if you don’t enter the actual one yourself.


Hey Josh,

This is not important just a bit odd I think…

Just noticed a bunch of partial lines drawn on my map for the JA/NA s2s event for my W7A/MN-143 activation.

For some reason most of the lines for my JA s2s contacts I made terminate (disappear) over the Pacific Ocean.



Zoom out and you will see that it’s split between two sides of the map. Those lines that end in the middle of the ocean are actually continued on the other side of the map. Some sort of bug that I’m sure Andrew will sort out. Thanks for the reports.

Ok…i did not zoom out far enough!

Tnx agn


Regarding badges… I have now earned the “American Pi” badge on March 14th, and the “Force Sensitive” badge on May the 4th (be with you). Would you be willing to let us know when the next date-defined badge will be?

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IMHO it’s more fun to do some chasing or activating and find a new badge rather than knowing what the badges are and hence what you need to earn them. YMMV


Hopefully a not too serious bug report.(if it is a bug at all)

I just added a SWL report but then went to delete the report so I could then log it as a chaser contact (since I didn’t complete the FT8 contact with MR1EYP/P I wanted to SWL that one and work Jimmy on 2m for the chaser points) . However the delete button/link in the SWL log section did not seem to do anything, and the report is still showing in the SWL log. If you need the details it was the report:-
2023-05-07 09:37 G7ADF MR0HGY/P G/SP-004 Shining Tor 144MHz FM

No biggie, just when you get a chance to take a peek at it.


I occasionaly download summitslist.csv to produce Garmin POI file for my GPS. It was accessible via link on the summits page on SOTAData. Now it doesn’t seem to be there anymore, and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. Direct link from my browser history still works.
Did I miss something?
BTW, great work, thanks!


I’m not sure if this addition came in with the latest changes or simply I had not seen it before, but I like the addition of “upcoming activations” listed on the Summit Information page:

73 Ed.


I am having problems entering my SOTA activations that I did today onto the new SOTA Database. I tried to submit my activation of Shining Tor G/SP-004 where I made a high number of QSO only to get a message saying that this summit was not valid at the time of activation which I completely untrue and I know this for a fact as I am the G - Association Manager. I then tried to submit the activation of Shining Tor G/SP-004 with just one QSO to see what would happen and what I ended up getting was an error message of “object” when I tried to verify the log. I then managed to eventually submit this log, but trying to find it to delete it seems to take a long time as for some reason everything on this new SOTA Database is taking a long time to load up. It seems that there is clearly some bugs with the new SOTA Database and I would really appreciate if this gets sorted. I will be logging my activations, chases and SWL on the old SOTA Database which is now in my opinion is a much better system.

EDIT - I have now found that the drop down boxes on the old SOTA Database no longer work and therefore I would really appreciate it if the bugs on the new SOTA Database get sorted ASAP so I can be submit my recent SOTA activations chases and SWL onto the new SOTA Database ASAP

Jimmy M0HGY

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We’ll fix it just for you Jimmy.


Looks like it’s been fixed already Andy as I have now managed to submit my log successfully for Shining Tor G/SP-004, just need to try need and submit my other 2 activations now and also submit my chases and SWL. Hopefully they’ll be no more issues.

EDIT - All logs now submitted.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Nobody did anything. The DB you use is a combination of software running on several computers communicating over networks. The fact the old DB site was misbehaving as well points to system issues as its software has not been updated. Looking at the time showed no servers under abnormal CPU or memory load, there didn’t seem to be any stalled tasks. Direct commands to the DB engine got instant results tending to discount problems there. It’s possible the internal networking at the data centre was unduly loaded making the comms slow between computers. I don’t know as I have yet looked in the logs. Whatever it was, it rectified itself; either too many requests caused queued tasks which were serviced and the queue subsided slowly or there was slow internal networking.

Since the new software was launched we’ve been doing lots of monitoring to make sure we have enough “power” to handle the changed dynamics. Andrew found one of the “is everything working tests?” that alerts him if things go wrong was adding an undue load and tweaking reduce load on the DB engine by about 40-50%. How slow is too slow? If a task completes 99% of the time in under 1sec and then 1% takes 10secs is that OK or do we need to up the resources available. Does a sudden demand of many of these 10secs tasks cause a domino effect that pushes the system off a cliff edge in performance.

The other problem is the rubberneck problem. Just like you find you get car crashes on the their carriageway when people stop paying attention to their driving and stare at a pre-existing crash on the other carriageway, you get similar effects with software bug reports. Users see a comment that X isn’t working properly and they check it out to see if the report is valid often resulting in making something a little marginal much worse. That’s just human nature, but it often masks the real problem as it disappears under a sudden increase in load from the users.

Probably something needs adjusting. The adjusting is normally simple. Finding out what needs adjusting is the harder job.


Continuing the discussion from SOTAData3 (Part 1):

Yesterday I activated my 007th 007 summit but I haven’t got another badge, only the Connery one.
This was also a 007 to 007 S2S contact with @M0JKS and we were wondering if there’s a special badge for that? Maybe a Mission Impossible one?


LZ2JPN’s logs are missing in SOTA Database3, but his points are there. At everything is fine.
Jany LZ1GJ