SOTA LD Weekend 2021, 11-12 Sept 2021

I’ve done it too when I younger, fitter, and unenlightened on either SOTA or Amateur Radio. One of the saddest things I’ve seen is a lad carrying his rear mech and pushing his bike about 2/3 of the way round.

I think on balance it would be best to avoid that weekend, so I have to say stick with the original weekend. @HB9DST made enough of a positive impression last LD weekend that I’m sure there will be no shortage of folk out again the weekend after, and if you enjoy cycling Paul you could combine the day with some supporting.

I also suspect I will be expected to provide RAYNET support for the Fred Whitton. Previously I’ve been located at the top of Hard Knott which is a great position to cheer folk on, especially the tale end riders who usually have a reason why then need to complete it. Last time a lass was recovering from cancer and was way behind everyone else but she got the loudest cheer from us lot which hopefully helped her a little. As far as I know she made it to the end. Very humbling. I also put the bike rack on and if anyone needs a lift back they get one - there isn’t much support for those who can’t go on, not a nice place to have to walk back from!

Cheers, Mark

If I can be permitted a newbie question :slight_smile: is this an actual gathering of people in one spot? If so where? :slight_smile:

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It tends to be single or a pair of ops with a plan in mind. However, last time we did end up with four of us on Seat Sandal which was unusual to say the least. At one point we ended up giving @GW4VPX S2S contacts by passing the mic around.

Regards, Mark.


So pick a summit in the LD and wander up it and disturb the airwaves? Repeat over the weekend depending on weather and legs? :slight_smile:

That’s it - expecting lots of S2S with LD land, lots of chaser activity. Most of my activity was on 2m last time. Or you could do like Allan @GW4VPX did and pick a summit, stick to it and just rake in the S2S points like there is no tomorrow.


John, have a butcher’s at these:

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I want to point out now THERE WILL BE SPECIAL PRIZES this time round - a 6m tactical mast donated by @G3CWI on behalf of SOTABeams, and one donated by me - it is a limited edition, there are only three in existence. I will come up with suitable criteria beforehand.

Regards, Mark.


Thank you. The challenge will now be finding a campsite with space. I’m a Cumbrian by birth and it’s time I returned. :slight_smile:

Just don’t bring the weather with you John :wink:


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Looking at the links Andy posted you had blue skies in 2019! I’ll try and bring some weather from my adopted county of Devon. :slight_smile:

In the diary Mark, thanks. Just need to work on accommodation options.

73 Allan

^^^^ if you are in it for the prizes, this is the one to watch :wink:


Hi Mark

Will certainly have a venture out , really have missed my walks in the lakes

Craig 2e0vrx

For those not sure of what goes on during a Lake District SOTA weekend this is worth a watch…

G/LD-017 Red Screes 2M FM SOTA activation - YouTube

All being well my XYL and I travel down to Anglesey on Saturday 11th September but if anyone is activating on Sunday 12th I can find a Summit (probably GW/NW-069 Holyhead Mountain) and chase from there. It’s line of sight across the Irish Sea.

73 Chris M0RSF


Dave G3TQQ and I hope to be on G/LD-046 on Saturday 11th working many modes and bands if wx is good.

Nick G4OOE

If anyone is looking for a site for a campervan or caravan over this weekend I’ve just booked a pitch at the CMC owned Meathop Fell site. It has plenty of places by the look of it. The club has no vacancies at any site within the LD itself. They also had spaces at the nearby Kendal site.

It looks like it will be the southern fells for me. :slight_smile:

The daffodils are out - spring is here.

SOTA LD w/e being discussed - lockdown is nearing an end :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Fingers crossed


If I ever make it that far that weekend @M0NOM would you hand me a whiskey? Last time I went down Hard Knott I was terrified. There is every chance I won’t get that far, or perhaps even to the start give the shocking state I’m in, but if I do, make it a double!


Yes, some beautiful vibrant daffodils to be seen here beside the river Wenning. Just got back from my daily exercise. I didn’t take a picture of the flowers, only a weir…

I’m seriously considering my options for LD21, the last event was brilliant, especially at the pub! Fingers crossed my car isn’t broken this time around!



Weekend booked. We’ve re-booked the B&B that we were supposed to use last year - that must be one of the longest held-over deposits!

3 weeks till the English restrictions start to ease (hopefully). Boy have I missed the hills!