Lake District SOTA Weekend 18/19th May 2019 part2

Continuing the discussion from Lake District SOTA Weekend 18/19th May 2019:

For those struggling to find 1 or 2 night hotels it’s worth considering AirB&B.

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So, with Brexit looming, has there been any conversation around how this might impact CEPT for those of us visiting from non G* locations?
I found this from a couple of years ago:

Is this still the prevailing thought?


CEPT is not an EU body.

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UK was one of the original 19 member states from the establishment of CEPT in 1959. UK joined the European Communities in 1973. Whilst I wouldn’t expect there to be any consequence from Brexit recall that the May government took the outrageous decision to leave Euratom (which is even older) for no good reason. So who knows! :scream_cat:

In four weeks’ time, I’m moving home from Buckinghamshire to a village in south Cumbria. My wife thinks we’re moving to get away from the hurly-burly of SE England and back to her roots. But the real reason is so I can swap one nearby SOTA summit for 50+.

Sadly, the much-delayed move will now be 3 days AFTER the Lake District SOTA weekend. However, under the guise of a round trip there that weekend to drop off my wife’s pot plants, I’ll get to spend Saturday afternoon on Arnside Knott (G/LD-058) playing radio on 23cm and 2m. I might have to miss out on the Saturday night get-together, which would be a pity.

BTW: I retired recently and - after the move - will have lots of time weekdays to walk LD SOTA summits. So, I’m looking forward to working you on these bands as well as on HF CW.

73, Andy


Looking forward to having you up here to join the local activators!

Regards, Mark.

You deserve a medal for being such a loving and considerate husband Andy! I can only hope that when the time comes, I will be as altruistic.

I have already offered to make my niece’s wedding in Spain into a week’s holiday; which has earned some brownie points (much harder to earn than SOTA points and definitely harder to keep). Now, where’s that CEPT website? :wink:

EA/G6PJZ or EAn/G6PJZ Andy, either are OK.

Not yet activated in mainland Spain but some of the photos posted by the EA2 activators look stunning. I just don’t have enough vacation time to play radio in all the countries I want to visit. Nor money. But the retirement countdown clock has started…

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Thanks Mark, me too. I’ve been following your LD reports with some jealousy.

No chance of tricking her - after nearly 40 years of marriage my hard-headed wife can read me like a book. I’ve already tried to tell her that she can do whatever she wants with the house and that – for me – it will be just somewhere to sleep between activations and to recharge the LiPos. Fortunately, she’s agreed to let me have the ‘hobby room’ outbuilding as my shack and to put up a HF long wire and 2m/70cm colinear. That’s a fair exchange, I think.

I read that many men get bored or go to pieces once they retire. Two years in, no way! Must be those men who never had a proper hobby. ‘course, you need enough money to get by.

How does that happen? No time to do anything when you are retired - too busy with radio, model (and real) boats, gym, walking - and shifting tonnes of soil to help ‘er in t’ garden.

You’ve not buried her body in the roses have you?

A man’s work is never done :laughing:

That’s what the DWP keeps telling me :frowning:

Well my XYL has just invited me on a picnic walk up Kinder Scout tomorrow. My life is complete. :stuck_out_tongue:


yah same in the states. I have friends who were busier after retirement then when they were working stiffs. i guess those bucket and honey-do-lists grow over the years.

…and then this morning she changes her mind and wanted to do a walk that took in Three Shires Head instead! I had to delete my alert for G/SP-001! But we enjoyed a fine 4.5 mile circular route starting and finishing in Wildboarclough.

I have noticed a pattern of Marianne suggesting a route that includes a SOTA summit, me eagerly anticipating the walk, then her making a last minute change of plan to a different walk with no SOTA! Still some excellent walking though.

I’ll probably do some activating off The Cloud G/SP-015 this evening. Probably 30m FT8 & CW.

Good to know that Tom - one must keep our XYLs happy, that’s great. I hope you still had the picnic. I reckon there are a fair few SOTA Activators who wouldn’t don their boots and go hill walking unless there was a SOTA summit involved!

Not impressed with your step count by the way the other day when you did Gun and Cloud, not surprising you didn’t overcome that days calorie count. I do more steps than that walking the dog locally!

PS To return to the topic title, looking forward to the LD Weekend in less than 4 weeks time.

73 Phil

Ha ha. At least I’m currently on 12,204 today Phil ahead of tonight’s activation!

FWIW - a day of G/SP-004, G/SP-013 & G/SP-015 is usually very close to 10K steps!