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SOTA Weekend in the Lake District - is this something you'd be interested in?


18th is the May 2m contest weekend so I may well be unavailable. That’s hard luck for me as it sounds likely to be good fun in LD. The problem is that there are so many established events now fitting on anything new is a real problem. You have to pick one date and this is probably a good one, 2m contests excluded. :slight_smile:


To quote that well known monk, John Lydgate,
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”
Or maybe… Inspector Clouseau,
“There is a time and a place for everything, Cato! …and this is it!!”


I can’t commit at this stage but I’d certainly be extremely interested in something like this event!

I haven’t really been keeping up with the recent developments within SOTA, I’ve been busy moving house. I’m now living in Bentham, an hour nearer to the Lake District than before. My local summits are Arnside Knott and Hutton Roof Crags.

It seems that the last weekend in April is always a popular date for events and I struggle to take part as it’s my wedding anniversary, XYL’s birthday and my birthday all within a few days around then! I’m secretly (well not so secretly, since I’ve just typed it!) hoping that you go with the later date :slight_smile:

73, Colin
Bentham, North YORKSHIRE (Just :laughing:)


I’m interested but wondered if the weekend before might work. May 11 and 12.



Hi Paul - there seems to be a couple of local German contests on plus this Russian International one, on that weekend:


HF contests may be less of an issue as there will be plenty of S2S contacts on VHF and up to be had. Yes, great for those in the area and less great for those not.


Hi Paul. I wouldn’t be able to - it’s my daughters birthday and I think she may still want me there, however she is a teenager now so who knows!


G6mzx definitely interested any date ok


Totally understand. I think the event sounds really fun but I’ll be back in the States and hopefully at my first ever Hamvention (aka Dayton/Xenia or whatever its called know days).



Still trying …

What about the weekend of May 4 and 5?





LOL, is that you final answer…


I see that the cat herding is going as it always does. I suspect that Mark will have to pick a date that suits him and accept that not everyone will be able to attend. I’m sure we have all organised events in the past, to suit people who don’t actually turn up on the day anyway…


Yes Richard, it is always a bit of a nightmare. As it is my calendar for those two months is already full with my ‘obligations’ so it’s not only about finding a free date but also a delicate diplomatic negotiation.

At the moment 18-19th May is the only date around that time I could sensibly take the whole weekend. Nothing to stop someone organizing an alternative event at any time of course!

I’ll do some research into possible ‘final destinations’ and once I’ve found somewhere suitable, and if all is good with the negotiations this end, will make a more formal announcement.

Although I did indicate that Keswick is more central my wife does a lot of signage for local cafes, pubs and restaurants so it may work out better to arrange something with an establishment in the Windermere area.

Regards, Mark. M0NOM


If I’m contesting I will call as many activations on 2m as I can hear. Should have 2x 5lambda Yagis and “full legal” up the flue. FM or SSB or CW :slight_smile:


I had a buffet at the Marchesi Centre, Windermere (which you previously mentioned) some years ago and it was excellent. I don’t know who did the catering - the event was funded by an organisation I am a member of. The masses may prefer a pub venue though.

73 Phil G4OBK


If someone can get me down from Edinburgh or pick me up from Oxenholme/Windermere train station I’d love this. The Lakes was my playground growing up when I was in Scouts. Had my first radio experience there too.

I’d love to get some HF work in finally as well.


Hi Mark
A SOTA exped in the Lakes followed by a pint sounds good to me.

Please count me in

73 Dave G3TQQ


I’m gigging in London all that weekend but I’ll probably set up on Detling Hill G/SE-013 or Botley Hill G/SE-005 on the Sunday morning.


Can’t promise that far ahead, but that weekend cunningly avoids all children’s birthdays, so I’m hopeful!