Out on the wily, windy moors - GM/ES-060

Apologies for those not old enough to have secretly lusted after Kate Bush. A successful activation on Coiliochbhar Hill (easy for you to say) thanks to Fraser MM0EFI who very kindly showed me the ropes and guylines to achieve my first HF activation. 39 QSO’s between 20m and 40m and my first alarming pile up which made Fraser smile!

Wind chill probably around zero by the time we came off.


I gave you a heart based on the Kate Bush reference alone. :smiley:

However, nice going on your first HF activation!


you hiked and fall in green

Congratulations on the first successful HF activation.

73 Armin (Kate Bush fan from the beginning :wink:)


I never made a secret of it……


I wear glasses. I’ve always kept away from Kate Bush to avoid them breaking.


I’m afraid the Kate Bush reference went straight over my head, but thanks for a great report and many congratulations on your first HF activation! Hope to get a S2S one day soon!

73 and well done,

Matthew M0JSB


I’d post you the youtube but it is ruined by adverts, try Kate Bush “Wuthering Heights”.


Great to get you in the log today, Chris. Well done on your first HF activation. :+1:
(Incidentally, I was a neighbour of, and at school with, the late Morris Pert, who played drums/percussion/crotales on Kate Bush’s “The Kick Inside” album, which included Wuthering Heights. Sadly, there was no vacancy for an aspiring (and broke) bass player at the time… :cry:)


Ah yes, now I get it! Thanks Brian!

What these ‘adverts’ you speak of?

Yup. Me too.

Chris, I think I enjoyed you getting your 4th contact on 40m more that you did, you were concentrating so hard on copying and listening on a “not great” band, which is always busy on a weekend.

Then your face when you went onto 20m and were hIt with an instant pile up!

As reported elsewhere:

I kept out of your way, band wise and about 30m away hidden in the trees, enjoying a 10m only activation. I think you only needed my help when someone asked for your Worked All Britain (WAB) square. :grin:

Congratulations on qualifying your first SOTA summit! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a great morning out. Great company and a great location for some windy day SOTA.

Where next?


Man who doesn’t watch youtube?
No, retired man who pays for youtube premium. :wink:


I don’t use youtube enough to justify paying for it, but they are unbearably crass with their ads, breaking into extended music every couple of minutes, so I was d****d if I would post an advert of theirs here!

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I owned a Triumph Spitfire before I decamped London and every time I mounted up I could hear Kate Bush sing…Oh! England, my Lionheart! Dropped from my black Spitfire to …

BTW…YouTube Premium is actually quite good value … I have a friend who pays upwards of $380 per month for Internet and cable TV here in SoCal courtesy of Cox.

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Adverts on the web? Not seen any for 15+ years. Initially Adblock then Adblock Plus.

  1. Firefox + ublock Origin + Ghostery + Noscript. = Youtube with no adverts. Totally free

  2. Brave = Youtube with no adverts. Totally free

In fact there are no adverts anywhere with either of those setups and they work the same on my Windows computers and Linux computers. Brave also gives me ad free web on Android.

If you are getting adverts on Youtube or anywhere on the web you are doing it wrong.

And on android?

No adverts on Android.

Currently running Brave 1.60.118 Chromium 119.0.6045.163 on Android 13 on a Motorola g53.

(Android 14 update has become available this week.)

Brave is a version of Chrome with the Googlybits removed.


Beautiful country! Well done.

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse

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You are behind the times, Andy. They have adblock detection and after a while cut you off if you don’t either switch off your adblocker or pay for premium. There is an ongoing tussle - a new ad blocker appears and all is well for a few weeks then they catch up to it and its time for the next ad blocker to appear. My son keeps up with it, I can’t be bothered. If I must watch something I just switch off the sound and let the ad witter away to itself!

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Nope. I watch hours of Youtube and there’s no adverts.

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