It's time for.... the 2024 10m Challenge. (Part 4)

Only if it’s a different callsign.


I need to broaden my horizons and get out to some different summits. I operated from The Cloud G/SP-015 after work today, through the sunset. I started on 10m SSB but worked just one - a local (Oldham) G station despite self-spotting and calling extensively.

Moving to CW netted 6 QSOs, supplemented by 3 on FT4. Already, an increasing proportion of my log is non-unique calls, so it’s time to head out of my locality and boost the unique summit multiplier.

Today’s 10m log comprised the following:

EA8: 1
G: 3
PY: 1
VE: 1
W: 4


Yesterday (Feb 2nd) I ran my first 10m challenge activation.

Here is EA2, the band opens a bit late, and any regular morning activation is useless in 28 MHz. When chasing from home I can’t hear most of the 10m EU activators in mornings, while afternoon opens the gate to many transatlantic QSO.

Therefore I decided to try an afternoon activation and see how this works.

  • Gear: KX3 10 watts + Vertical EFHW (5m long)
  • Summit: EA2/NV-092, an easy drive up summit.

I had some troubles to start as my EFHW had a high SWR. I had to optimize its length and I finally got a 2:1 SWR.

I ran between 14:30 to 17:00 utc, exclusively on 28 MHz CW & SSB.

Log: 56 QSO
32 NA
2 S2S : @N6AN (W6) , @KT0A (W0D)
EU: LA, OH, SM, US, OK, SV, F, and a few EA (Back scatter)
AF: a couple EA8

Despite I felt signals were not as strong as on the previous weeks it was a nice activation with lots of transatlantic stations.
I heard the call from LU8MPR but he didn’t get my report and couldn’t complete.

Also heard K0HAA on Sota, and tried for a S2S. He got the S2S call but vanished and couldn’t complete. He was also on POTA and the avid chasers made the thing difficult for my little pwr.

Thanks all for a nice day, I finally could have my salad middle of the activation!

73 Ignacio


The food looks nicer than the DX and QSOs :slight_smile:


DX makes you hungry… :wink:

73 Armin


I spent an 45 minutes on 10m from 1100z this morning. Hiding in the trees near the summit of GM/ES-060 Coiliochbhar Hill was the perfect choice for a breezy and chilly day.

Yaesu ft-857d into a monoband ¼ wave vertical with sloping radials. Strong signals from the east. Some nice dx and some locals via line of sight and back scatter. Twenty one logged.

I’d love to have the time and energy to activate on 10m from 0800 to 1700 and track the propogation across the globe, however I suspect I’d sucumb to the elements by lunchtime!


I looked at QRZ this morning and 10m was ranked as “FAIR” which made me reflect on staying in bed.

Glad I didn’t as I managed to nab a lot of EU stations, nine S2S (mainly EU) and a happy surprise!

Sometimes, it’s worth twiddling the VFO knob as I found and “busted” V51MA pile up in Namibia using 35w SSB and my portable 2 el 10m Yagi. Wow!!



Paul, congrats to Namibia and thanks for the S2S today!

73 Stephan

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Nice one, thanks for the s2s today. That Yagi was doing its magic, i had to turn my headphones volume down!


Congrats on getting out of bed, Paul. It was worth it, hi!
I dragged my heels this morning after a three summit day yesterday
But when I did get to Flint Peak my first QSO was OE9HRV/P with a beautiful signal so conditions were pretty sweet. MW0IDX/P and CT2IWW/P and W6PNG soon followed. I wonder what I missed during the 15Z hour. I bet it was good!
V51MA is a nice catch.
I put up a half square this morning but the wind was blowing the verticals akilter so the 17’ doublet was the radiator with 5 watts from my KX3.
72, David N6AN


Yesterday I did a triple activation. Sunrise, noon and sunset. And even though my knees and shoulders are demanding it, it was worth it!
The conditions on 28mhz during the morning were incredible, especially the signals on SSB some were over 5-9+
During the second activation (at noon) the conditions had deteriorated and the ones that “Never let you down” BX8AAD and ZL1TM were the only ones on the DX list, and the ones that saved the activation were the usual locals on 7Mhz.
In the evening, I had little hope regarding Europe but here’s another new surprise: My first SSB QSO with Germany (Thanks DJ2MX!!!) whose signals were incredible!
Of course, those who called me on CW arrived very well.
Yesterday I learned a new thing:
I will never take a look at Propagation apps again since the chances of making QSOs were below 20%
73 to all and thanks for the great time!

Sunrise activation: Dipole antenna, CW-5watts, SSB-10watts
Sunset activation: 1/4 vertical with 10 radials lying on the ground, CW-5watts, SSB-10watts

From JA/HG-076 Oofunayama:

From JA/HG-245 Arimafuji


I was very happy to catch you also on SSB Takeo san!
Nice signal with your vertical and 10W :+1:
I’ll send you mp3 file with your signal on my 2 el. yagi here in Munich city.

73, Mario DJ2MX


Thank you Mario! After your call DL6MST also chased me with excellent signals. You both were the only two SSB QSOs with Europe
I hope to copy you again!
73, Takeo JP3PPL

Very pleased to chase you on JA/HG-076. Due to the narrow windows of propagation, all contacts with east Asia from Virginia are special, doubly so with a QRP portable station, and thrice so on 10 m!

There were two or three other JA SOTAs spotted on 10 and 12 m at the same time. I listened to all of them – your signal was the only one I could copy.

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Hi Matt! It is true that QSOs with the East coast are not easy but this time the signals were impressive! I dare say that in some cases they arrived stronger than those from the west coast. I never thought I would be able to do SSB QSOs with this region of the USA.
In the last 3 or 4 activations I did from JA/HG-076 I have had excellent DX conditions and if I’m not mistaken I always have some QSOs with the east coast.
Thanks for the chase!


Am I the first to notice there is now a Global List for Chasers - and no surprises Chris @F4WBN is at the top! Thank you to the MT for providing this, I am in favour.

73 Phil G4OBK

PS There is also an activators Global List!

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Wonderful results, Takeo. Congratulations!
And thank you for the S2S CW and SSB QSOs on Friday from W6/CT-265. Very nice SSB signal!
I also worked Yoshi, JE1LHW/1 and Katsu, JP3DGT/3 plus several regular JA chasers. TU!
This morning to Europe from W6/CT-226 was pretty good. There is a higher noise floor on this summit so hearing weaker stations is a challenge.
72, David N6AN

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Thank you! It’s a very long Challenge and everything can change by the end of the year…!
Good luck to all!
Participation is important and some discover the 10 meters, it’s perfect.
73 to all
Chris F4WBN


It was great to hear you, Ignacio!Thanks for the S2S.
I think of you every time I wind up my wire antennas and lines. Mil gracias.
72, David N6AN

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@F4WBN sorry we didn’t manage the QSO this afternoon. You were coming through quite strong with me but I think the QRM was wiping me out at your end.

@n6an I could just about hear you this afternoon but there was a very loud station about 2 kHz from you wiping you out at my end :confused:. I tried calling but don’t think you heard me either. Next time hopefully.

@M1EYP I couldn’t hear you on FT8 or SSB which was surprising as I think we were almost line of sight. Maybe we just missed each other.

I had trouble on FT8 today, the surface tablet was barely picking up any audio through the cable from the radio. In the end I turned the volume up on the radio and used the built in microphone which worked much better.
Then after 20 minutes the battery suddenly went flat, even though it was showing 50% remaining at the time.

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