Other Hobbies (Part 1)

I noticed a couple of other posts indicating other hobbies and/or interests other than Amateur Radio.

I’d be interested in finding out about your other hobbies and or interests.

Although SOTA has consumed my time over the last few years I’m a keen Canadian canoeist. - Mrs P and myself have canoed in some pretty remote and little paddled rivers in the far north of Canada.
I’m also a recently retired tour guide and have led groups on long distance footpaths in the both the UK and Ireland, such as the Kerry Way and the Coast to Coast walk (3 times). I still enjoy winter walking/mountaineering & X-country skiing and nearly always have my binoculars with me for wildlife spotting. When I have spare time I enjoy running, especially up hills, and I do the odd spot of freshwater/coarse fishing.


SOTA/Amateur radio
Motorsport rescue
Motorsport recovery (own unit Land Rover 110 and a Harvey frost on tow)
Help out on some circuits with rescue and recovery
Sea fishing - not done any for a long time,

Doesn’t leave a lot left in the week



Listed as “other activities” in this place: K6EL - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio



I am active with various hobbies, I am a yoga instructor, teaching free classes to underserved communities in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I teach in public spaces, e.g., parks, shopping centers, community centers. I also play bluegrass, old time and folk music, I serve on the board of directors with Minnesota Bluegrass and Old time Music Association, I play banjo and guitar. I also have played Highland bagpipes for over 30 years; I compete in solo competitions for Piobaireachd (classic bagpipe music). And last but not least, I am a rock and mountain climber, I guided full time in the mid to late 90’s, I climb two times a week in the climbing gym, in the summer I head outdoors to climb and hike with my FT-818ND. Ham radio accompanies me to all these hobbies in some form or another. Great topic.


For me, something kept changing…

Already with 18 I rode enthusiastically motorcycle - always BMW… in my 30s I had at times a R75/5, R69s with Steib S 350 sidecar, R100GS and a R90S in the garage. Later it was then only a R1150RS… But then I drove more and have less screwed.
Unfortunately, I have lost my motorcycle friends … 2 have not survived a stroke and one has moved away after divorce and has broken off all contacts behind him. They were irreplaceable.
At some point I did much more kilometers with the mountain bike than with the last BMW… then I sold it too.

I did judo for many years and was also a children’s coach. After a severe herniated disc, the doctors advised me not to continue. I just managed to avoid an operation with stiffening of the spine. Today I am doing well.

I enjoyed being on the water. I have an expedition kayak and a sea kayak. I like to paddle on small rivers or on the salt water after the tides. This hobby is on hold at the moment.

As someone who likes to be in nature, I have been extremely involved in conservation for over 10 years. I was a board member of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) and among other things ( owl monitoring and butterfly monitoring ) … i took care of Barn owl boxes in over 30 churches. I scaled all that down a bit last year and reduced my activities in those areas.

I’m a fan of painting from the mid-19th century to the present, so I’m always going to exhibitions. I live in exactly the right area for this … I’m surrounded by fantastic museums.

But at the moment my undisputed passion is SOTA :wink:

73 Armin


Wow! nice photo. I did learn to play a tin whistle (irish!), but couldn’t really play anything like fast reels or jigs - and reading music wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be!!.

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Sex, drugs and rock & roll.



:rofl: I somehow thought you’d give a reply of that nature!!! I suppose you wasted the rest of your money? :wink:



I have managed to combine motorcycling and SOTA a couple of times so far and plan to do some more times this year. I haven’t managed to combine Radio and sailing yet (apart from Marine VHF), I need to get to Full Licence for /MM operation.


Underwater photography and flying actual instruments; but alas, not either for a long time.
Best thing now is wilderness, getting to faraway SOTA summits.


For me:

  • Sailing/ Cruiser racing (Foredeck),
  • Downhill skiing,
  • Walking and nature

In my younger days I was obsessed with Rock Climbing.


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Such a hard question to answer.

My main job is being a musician - which for most people would be a hobby.

My side-hustle is that I teach maths to 11-16 year olds - which for most people would be a full-time job.

I hike and do amateur radio - but that’s SOTA when I do them together I guess - so do they, separately, count as “other hobbies”?

I go to pubs, eat out and watch non-league football - but almost always in conjunction with a SOTA activation so do any of those count as “other hobbies”?

I used to play squash and football regularly, but I’m facing up to the inevitable reality that I’m too old for that sort of thing nowadays… :frowning:

I play Scrabble! There - I’ve got a hobby that’s nothing to do with SOTA and nothing to do with earning a living! (If there are any other Scrabble enthusiasts on here that fancy an online game via http://www.isc.ro please PM me and we can fix a ‘sked’! My ID on ISC is m1eyp!!!).



Brilliant! :smiley:

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Hiking and backpacking. yes, I do occasionally hike for reasons other than SOTA :rofl:

Riding 2-wheeled things (MTB and dirt bikes). Snowmobiling and skiing in the winter.

Vintage VW’s. My VW club puts on a big air-cooled VW show here in Seattle every year. We go on cruises and camping trips to scenic locations around the PNW. One of these days I’m going to put a big loop on the roof of my bus and send a picture of it to @K6HPX :wink:


Main Hobby is Amateur radio. I liked to rag chew on CW but these days there are not many CW ops left with whom I can chat on CW. So most of my CW contacts are when I chase/hunt Park or SOTA ops. I run Morse Runner fairly often at 33 wpm and that’s about the fastest CW I can find these days. I go on 1 80m morning net a couple time per week and call CQ on 40m ssb sometimes. My other main radio interest is JS8Call but can be as lonely on that mode as CW sometimes. I do lots of dog/YL walking as training for SOTA hikes and spend about 8 to 10 hours per week riding my Turbo Levo Ebike with my pensioner friends 4 day a week. Rest of my time is spent watching things on the Wonder Web and social media. I think I live the good life as my health is still manageable for now, and I think good health and working hard towards maintaining it is the most important thing of all. If I stay on target I will be MG x 2 2025 fingers crossed, so thinking about it maybe the SOTA obsession is driving my life as well.
Regards take care.
Ian vk5cz …


Me too, Kevin. All those things. I did the Newport to Ensenada Regatta 6 times on foredeck. My captain sold his old heavy cruiser (Newport 30) and bought a much lighter Santana 30/30 and ingloriously dumped my lard ass back in the cockpit grinding and trimming. :frowning:

Also had a lifelong facination with astronomy and weather. …actually any of the natural sciences.

73 Eric KG6MZS


My other hobby is listen to The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Yes, ELP, Queen… (All the good British Rock) and read to the Great Jorge Luis Borges whith Astor Piazzolla as background music.
73, JP3PPL


Model Railways, specifically ex-Caledonian Railway lines in Eastern Scotland c. 1950-63. A dormant hobby that I will return to one day. I won awards in my teens when I should have been out getting up to no good.

Music. I played until I was late teens, caught the Blues and had them ever since. I listen to records cd and streams most evenings. We don’t have TV. I do however have a nice Linn Sondek lp12 and a panasonic reel to reel.

As per John @M0VAZ -
Land Rovers. Currently own five. 1969, 74, 86, 88, 93 vintage. One is a 6 x 6. All built, not bought.
Motorsport Recovery. I attend stage rally and hill rally events as part of a safety team also consisting of rescue personnel and a medic.

I would say that amateur radio (ex SOTA) is also a hobby I partake in, but not very much. I have a 6 m beam at home and occasionally use that for sporadic E’s and a bit of meteor scatter. I also have an APRS digipeater - MB7UAZ.

Hill climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, back packing and long distance walking is still my main activity, except I now have to carry a radio with me on every trip!!


In which order?