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OARC SOTA Activity Day - 25th June 2022

Not really. It’s a “moving day” - from holiday accommodation in Berwick to holiday accommodation in Fife - so the chances of me activating a summit within the OARC activity window are rather slim unfortunately.

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Fair dos. Well, maybe hear you chasing if you get some off-time.



I wanted to ask you about Gun, particularly getting parked up, also is the ground there ok for a ground spike (first option) - Sliderwinder DX, or a rotary washing pole like spike the latter would be for a 10M windjammer pole, and a Band Hopper IV both are too heavy to be guyed alone?

I normally only do 2/70 so this will be one of the first attempts at HF


Plenty of parking opposite the start of the footpath to Gun summit. Plenty of soft ground compatible with most antenna/mast options!


Can’t see anyone on the Cloud on Saturday, there are two G5s on Bardon Hill though!

Hi Paul, okay, weird that when I looked at the map link when this is first posted you were not on Gun, and the re was a G5 on Cloud?? I take it gets altered and updated as things change.

I will look at it on a regular basis, thanks for the heads up


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Well my local Bardon Hill was taken, I chose Gun because the Cloud had gone or so I thought, I’ve never done Gun before and have been wanting to do it.


There may have been a change, I’ve been updating the table on our wiki and somebody else has been updating the map as changes came in and folk changed their plans and changed summits. Honestly can’t remember, though.

Well, this is this week! I am nervous but hopefully it will all go well. Time to start checking the weather and keeping our fingers crossed. And I really hope our first time activators have fun and decide to stay with the programme. As well as promoting OARC to everyone it was also my chance to promote SOTA to OARC members as well and hope that some of them stick around to do more activating. Indeed, in preparation for Saturday several of our members have gone out and activated their first summits, so that is a nice win already.

I’m proud that we’ll have so many modes and types of operation as well, although I am particularly sad about that little gap around Yorkshire/Lancashire way, sadly I couldn’t persuade anyone from that neck of the woods to take part.

We’re also lucky to have Ellen MI0XAX taking part who produces a lot of content for both YouTube and TikTok and has done a lot to promote amateur radio, and she’ll hopefully be making a nice video of the day if we all send her our stuff. Really looking forward to that part.


I’ve got other plans in the morning but I’ll try and get up a GW/NW summit just after lunchtime, possibly Hope Mountain.

Hi @2M0IIG Mark, I hope your keeping well! This sounds a great idea what you have/are organising! I’m keen to support your event, so all being well, I have alerted ‘Gwastedyn Hill’ GW/MW-019, ‘Rhiw Gwraidd’ GW/MW-024 and maybe ‘Carn Gafallt’ GW/MW-024 to do this Saturday, hope to be on the first summit for 9am BST with every band to try!

I really hope you have some great success and don’t feel nervous, everything will run perfect (famous last words :rofl:) Good luck and hope to make a few contacts with your OARC group!

73, GW4BML. Ben


Just to make everyone aware, I have changed my “summit” for the SOTA day activation, to G/SP-009 Hail Storm Hill. this is due to me being a numpty, and forgetting i actually said i was going to do freeholds top, and possibly Hail storm, and then planning my whole day around Hail storm :smiley: :smiley: Oh well, never mind!! Still might do freeholds yet afterwards, see how i am for time :slight_smile:

Cheers Chaps



Sadly, the weather is looking a bit iffy for tomorrow, so I will only bring 2 m capabilities and I might have to cancel at short notice if the promised thunderstorms haven’t cleared by then.

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I’ve lost count recently of the short time or last minute cancellations I have made, this country’s WX is getting less predictable especially if you plan well in advance as you guys have. If you do get up , hope you have fun

73 Tony

Thanks! Yes, it’s always annoying when the weather changes just when you want to do something weather-dependent. I wouldn’t mind the gusts and potential showers, but I’m not going to hang about on a summit if there is a risk of thunder! :slight_smile:

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