OARC SOTA Activity Day - 25th June 2022


Some of you may have heard of the national online club, the Online Amateur Radio Community [https://www.oarc.uk] which was formed during the COVID pandemic and provides 24/7 access to an amateur radio community, training and interest groups.

One of the things delivered by the OARC is the RSGB’s Beyond Exams program and, as some of you may know, one of the objectives within this program is to setup a club activity. Given the club’s national geographic nature, I have decided to try and organise a coordinated national SOTA day! After a poll of our members I’ve settled on the 25th of June for this.

We’ll hopefully have around 10-15 OARC members on various summits across the U.K. and will attempt to net with each other on various bands as well as looking for chasers as well. This should foster more actual comms by RF between our members, rather than just via our Discord :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll all aim to be on our respective summits at 11am UTC/12pm BST, although there may be some variation of course. At first we’ll try to net with each other on a local-ish basis on 2m for juicy S2S points before breaking off to work chasers. Those of us with HF kit will try to work S2S with each other on something like 40m as well for some more S2S fun before doing some HF calls for chasers later in the afternoon.

I’m really excited about this and I’ve never organised anything like it before, so it’d be great to have lots of folk waiting for our activators. We have quite a few newer hams, some of whom have gone through our exam training, so I’m hoping to give them a good experience of a “thing” in radio, and some will be doing SOTA for the first time.

The full list of summits and activators is available here (along with info about the day for our OARC participants) and will be added to as OARC members sign up: oarc-sota-day [Online Amateur Radio Community Wiki]

Here is a map of where folk will be (will be updated as people sign on): https://arcg.is/1vqGXq

We’ll obviously get alerts up for all of this in advance and post spots on the day. We’ll hopefully be coordinating it all via Discord, mobile signal permitting. Also the rest of the guys taking part don’t know this yet but I’m going to very much encourage them to detail their trips, take some photos and write some activation reports too, muahaha!

Fingers crossed this all goes well. I’m a tad nervous, but hopefully we’ll get nice weather and it should be fun. Hopefully we’ll hear some of you then.


Looking forward to this!


This might just provoke me into my first activations. Or I need to go and activate something first… or something like that.


Hi Simon,
Welcome aboard!
Either or both of the above is good. A trial run can be useful just to make sure that everything works as expected…



You definitely should! If you’ve done some chasing you kind of know what to expect and just pick a nice and easy hill and have a go. In my experience, if you put up an alert on sotawatch, people will make an effort to chase you anyway and on the OARC SOTA day, there would obviously be more people hoping to get a S2S with you.


I’ve booked Friday off work, no excuse not to try an activation on a local hill. Better get all my kit sorted!


We’re about a month out for this now, so @M0SMU put together a map on ArcGIS (also added to OP) to show where our members will be and to give chasers a bit of an idea of what activity to expect. Everyone will be alerting/spotting in advance, and it may require some frequency management after we try and net with each other so that we can all work separately.

With any luck we’ll get a few more OARC folk signing on for this soon, I’d love to get a few more Welsh activators and maybe some GI/EI too if possible.


The original info page now has this map embedded at the bottom, and we’ll be adding to the list as our members commit.

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Well done on taking the initiative to organise this event Mark, you seem to have all well under control I’m sure it will go swimmingly :slight_smile:

73 Paul G4MD


Well done for setting this up… looks like it could be fun!

73, Lea M0XPO

I’d like to ask my folk here to highlight to my fellow OARC members what the community considers the “best” activation reports, be they text, photos, videos, whatever. This is to give them encouragement to create their own reports and perhaps post them here.

Are there any particularly memorable ones people like? There’s so many!


hoping to be activating something SOTA or HEMA in the G/SP or HSP area for this! itll be great to join in as a OARC member!

Cheers 2E0JWA

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Hi Mark,
Is this what is now called “RSGB Brickworks”?

I won’t be able to take part working people in your activity day as I, like up to 18,000 other amateurs, will be attending Ham Radio Friedrichshafen from the 24th to the 26th of June.

Good luck with the event in any case and if HF conditions allow, don’t forget to listen out for the portable stations in North America taking part in the ARRL Field day, during this weekend.

73 Ed.

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Surely should be SOTA if it’s a “SOTA Activity Day”? :wink:

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It was decided to open it up to both to make it more accessible and inclusive :slight_smile:

That said, ill be on G/SP-011 freeholds top!



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HEMA is not inclusive.


how so?? Alot of the HEMA summits are easier to climb and therefore easier for less able people to have a go, in doing so, it is more inclusive!



… unless they are talking about being a portable chaser (not a SOTA activator).

In case any OARC member is in doubt, you can be a SOTA activator only on a formally-registered SOTA summit. SOTA chasers can be anywhere.

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The HEMA programme excludes members of SOTA MT and for some reason unknown I am excluded from this as well. I think the most likelihood for my exclusion is because either I was a former member of SOTA MT, the Association Manager for the England (G) Association or the fact that I am the son of Tom M1EYP who is in the SOTA MT and therefore as a result like myself is excluded from the HEMA programme. I really do not think that due to the HEMA programme excluding people from it without an appropriate explanation, that it should be promoted on the SOTA Reflector and just leave the focus on here to SOTA.

Jimmy M0HGY


Jimmy beat me to it.


Never knew that! I have no issue and do both schemes, I must admit however, that does seem somewhat underhand!

I apologise if I have accidentally opened a can of worms, that wasn’t my intention, I always assumed both schemes ran happily side by side co-existing in the world of summit top radio!

Thanks for opening my eyes