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New member Intro

I’ve been chasing POTA for some time now and decided it was time to add SOTA to my repertoire.
I was originally licensed around 1973 as WN4VOO. Until early 2019 I had been away from the hobby since the 90’s.
I’m looking forward to being an active participant in the SOTA program. In fact I’m shopping for a QRP CW transceiver so I can do a few activation’s myself.


Excellent, welcome Jay. You’ve joined at a good time with the S2S event tomorrow. Good luck

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Welcome! WARNING It’s addictive.

73, Fraser


Welcome, I’m new to ham radio let alone SOTA. As you will have found there is a wide choice of CW outfits. At one end of the scale the QCX Mini is brilliant although only single band but at the price, even if bought fully built it takes some beating. At the other end of the scale KX2/3 have a lot of users as there are for my IC-705. The KX2 or KX3 can have an ATU built in which the IC-705 doesnt.


I think my perfect SOTA rig would be a very simple 40m, 30m, 20m CW only 5w out put rig for under $175 US. To my knowledge it doesn’t exist.


Welcome Jay!
No doubt you’ll love it; like working DX, and YOU’RE the DX!

Listening for you on the bands…

Ken, K6HPX


Welcome to The Sota community! It’s very addictive and full of the greatest guys and girls our hobby can offer.

I will be watching for your spots and maybe we can get a S2S.

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse


There are others.



It misses the price point some and lacks 30m (just 40m and 20m) but I love my TR-25. It was fun and easy to build though you can get it factory built if you prefer.


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Thanks I just happened to stumble across this model since my last post.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who has operated one or the Pacific Antenna equivalents, for comparison.

I made my first SOTA contact today, WC0Y - W5A/PT-004.


Buy a 20m QCX mini, build off board filters for 30 and 40, use the presets on the unit to jump between bands. It’s not perfect, but it’s going to be sub-$100


My wife bought me one for Christmas but I can’t use it till after she gives it to me Christmas day haha.


There are lots of used MFJ five watt CW single-banders out there for well under $100. I have a collection of them, each with optional onboard filter and keyer. Lotta fun, although I later got various Yaesu & Elecraft rigs once I became hopelessly addicted.

Elliott, K6EL


Morning, new here but I have a ‘hefty’ 2 points already from my local hills. Based in Perthshire so I hope to be able to rack up some points. Using a Discovery TX-500 and a couple of SOTAbeams aerials or a Smart antenna.


Hi Paul, Welcome! I’m in Aberdeenshire. Hope to hear you on a summit some time soon!

Cheers, Fraser


Interesting idea, I wish I had the electronic skills and knowledge to do it.

Hey Jay - Gud to see you here. My KX2 is way beyond your price point, but my second SOTA rig is a LNR Mountain Topper - closer to your price. You may want to check out our W4SOTA group on GroupsIO. Several GA folks. Missed our Western NC outing, but we were on the Appalachian Trial in central VA in April-May, with some Atlanta area folks. Hpe 2 cu on a summit.
73 de K4RLC Bob


Nobody is born with them, we all had to learn by starting small and working up. There’s never been a better time to start building because there are so many videos available showing you how to solder etc. and there are so many small companies offering simple kits to complex kits. Also there are so many communities who will offer online construction help and fault finding. Watch some videos, start learning to solder. Practice, practice and practice. Build some antennas. Buy a simple to build kit. The satisfaction from using your own home constructed gear is immense.

In-between all that, don’t forget to chase and activate :slight_smile:


Indeed Andy. It was virtually mandatory to learn construction skills when I started in amateur radio half a century ago. :grinning: Having said that, I’ve come across many a person on the air that hasn’t constructed a thing… not even made up cables! Most refer to a complete lack of interest in anything other than purely operating. C’est la vie.

Welcome to Jay and Paul. Addiction to SOTA is not too strong a statement. There are still quite a number active that started when SOTA was set up back in 2002. Somehow I missed the first 4 years of fun. :hushed:

73, Gerald