New Elecraft Rig: KH1 (Part 3)

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Does anyone know why the KH-1 has not been designed to work on the 28 MHz band as well?

73 Karel


I’ve heard Wayne saying on some interviews that it’s a compromise. They couldn’t fit more bands in this small design considering all constraints such as having a tuner and keeping the same batteries as in the KX2. Wayne also claims they built the smallest ATU ever to make it fit in the KH1.


Thank you, that makes sense.

The main reason to choose exactly these KH1 bands, in the words of Wayne, N6KR:
As for the KH1, its five bands must be adjacent to each other given the band-pass and low-pass topology we used.


So the bandpass and low pass filters span two or more adjacent bands to minimise parts count (build cost), size and weight. 40 to 15m is a 14MHz span (21-7). Adding 28MHz would make it a 21MHz span, must have been to much of a stretch. And it would have added parts to the ATU as well. Bit of a pity, but they’ve done a remarkable job as it is.