New Elecraft Rig: KH1 (Part 1)

• 40-15m ham bands; 6-22 MHz SWL
• CW mode; 5 watts, all bands
• ATU includes whip & high-Q inductor for 20/17/15 m
• 2.5 AH Li-Ion battery & internal charger
• CW decode & 32K TX log
• Scan/mini-pan feature
• Real-Time Clock
• Full remote control
• Speaker
• RIT, XIT, & VFO lock
• Light gray case, stayscool even in bright sunlight


Looks cool. I’m left handed and glad to see the log tray can be moved over.

Pleased to see it can take any antenna via the BNC and using the in built ATU.

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Now that is very tempting!! :grinning:

That’s really interesting, but price would need to be less than £500 to be tempting (and the receiver suitably impressive to justify the additional cost over a QMX or Venus SW3B).

Any guesses on price


549 USD (without accessories I assume)


73 Armin


Wait to see the outrageous markup of the European resellers.


Don’t forget that US prices are plus sales tax but European prices include VAT.


The full product page was finally published KH1 Transceiver – Elecraft

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Not much sense in getting the TRX only without accessories; you’re missing the paddle, tuner, battery and a few less important bits.

KH1 Barebones $549
KH1 Hand-Held, 5-Band Transceiver

KH1 Edgewood Package $1,099.65
KH1 Hand-Held, 5-Band Transceiver
KHATU1 Antenna Tuner
KHPD1 Keyer Paddle
KHLOG1 Logbook Tray w/mini-ballpoint pen
KXBT2 rechargeable Li-Ion battery
KHIBC1 Internal Battery Charger
ES20 Custom zippered carrying case.


$1000 :anguished:

Oh, but wait “includes mini ballpoint pen”. Bargain :rofl:

It does look nice though


Gosh, that’s seriously expensive. I had hoped that I might make it on to the Elecraft ladder but it looks like I’m still at RockMite level!

Please Mr Burdick - how about a kit for us hams lower down the food chain?


This won’t replace my KX2 as my primary SOTA rig, but this is amazing! This is a game changer for ultra-light QRP rigs. I am impressed they managed to fit an ATU inside this tiny thing. :star_struck:

Josh WU7H


Certainty an interesting rig.
I look forward to seeing a few honest user reports.
But as noted by others exchange rates, Tax’s and freight make this an expensive rig outside of the US.
Warren vk3byd


I agree. Having just read the UM and the review article, I’m impressed too. But as Elecraft say themselves: The KH1 is not a KX2 replacement. The KX2 is a much more capable radio. The KH1, however, is a radio focused on ultra lightweight, low-profile, pedestrian-portable, CW HF field operation.

I think, if I were doing mostly pedestrian-portable, the KH1 would be close to ideal. I suppose I still need to be convinced that a AX1-like whip (even with wire counterpoise) is going to service a SOTA pile-up on 40m and 30m with weak-signal chasers. So, I would still be erecting an EFHW on a pole.

Clearly, they needed to limit features and bands, but I would miss 10m, which at the moment is seeing lots of transatlantic QSOs. And although I’m mostly a CW op I do like to do SSB from time to time and the 10W of my KX2 is handy. The size and weight differences (KH1 vs KX2) are a non issue in a rucksack full of winter gear.

But maybe soon we’ll see a load of SOTA activators doing pedestrian-portable and I’ll change my mind.


K2 is still available albeit somewhat back ordered.

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My opinion probably won’t be shared by many but…Im not a fan of it, its kind of an eye sore and not my cup of tea. Im sure plenty of guys and gals will enjoy it though.

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse


I just pulled out an unbuilt KX1 kit and looking at this comparison between the KH1 and KX2 I saw superhet in the KH1 column.

I realize the SA612 et al are obsolete but I wonder if the KH1 is similar in design to the K2, K1 and KX1 that all used two SA612 and an IF using 4-8 crystals.

$1250 (CA tax and shipping) fully loaded is a lot of $ but given a fully loaded K4D is close to $7k I guess inflation etc has altered things.

Maybe my KX1 is now worth a fortune……



Yes, Paul—that unbuilt KX1 would fetch a high price, given recent EBay sales. $750 would not be out of the question…


Considering how much I pay for petrol getting to/from summits, this doesn’t seem overly expensive. In my experience, any hobby when done properly will cost you a small fortune.

That old thing? Not worth anything… I will give you $100 for it. :wink: