JA SOTA DAY (Part 1)

JA SOTA DAY will take place on 19 March 2022 from 20:00 to 20 March 2022 at 09:00 (UTC).
Core time is 00:00 - 03:00 (UTC) on 20 March 2020.

De Katsu JP3DGT


Katsu san
Good, will join for that event. Hope to be in success.

To all
This is the first SOTA JA on-air event but widely open to global SOTA community.
See you all on this event.



R :+1:
CU on the air !


Great to QSO on the weekend with you guys out on SOTA. Up loaded 19 chase QSO today for the weekend. Will be great to take part for some S2S on 19th March WX should be cool in vk5. 15/17m are the best bands lately to JA.
Ian vk5cz …


Thanks for the QSO yesterday, very nice signals!


The event is on my calendar. I’ll do my best to be on a summit here in Utah. I’ll try to have a significant antenna aimed northwest! Let’s see how many JA/NA S2S we can get in the log!

Recents from my chaser log (not S2S):

2022-01-28-23:14 21MHz JP3DGT/3 - JA/OS-022
2022-01-29-01:14 14MHz JA5QJX/0 - JA/NN-174

Hello Katsu,
thanks a lot for the announcement.
This would be a good oportunity for a JA DX event.

Looking at the planned time frame from this point of the world (Western Europe) shows the chances for a S2S are quite limited.

A simulation in VOACAP with compromise antennas (low height dipoles and 10w max) provide the best chance at the end of the event: around 8 to 10:00 utc only in 15m and 17m (30% reliability):

If the JA activators stay in summit till late afternoon and give a chance on 20 to 15 meters we could have a S2S chance.
Let’s see if we can participate from EU.

73 de Ignacio


Recently I made few contacts with JH1MXV during my activations and even made S2S contact with JP3DGR/3 (JA/OS-022).


Ignacio, hola! Para esa época somos varios los activadores de JA que intentamos salir en esos horarios. En lo personal he sido varias veces cazado por estaciones EA. Hasta ahora no he tenido suerte con QSO S2S con Europa. Creo que si el esfuerzo es compartido, o sea en Japon quedarnos hasta la oscuridad en la cumbre y que los europeos estén desde muy temprano en la cumbre, las posibilidades se incrementarían.
73 de JP3PPL


Hi Katsu san,
I got a plan in the morning, but I’ll attend around 2:30z.
Cu on the air!! :wink:


Thank you for the announcement, Katsu san.
I have put out an alert for this date and hope to S2S with you all from W7A!
Adam K7MRJ


A bit similar for Southern Germany. 7:00-9:00 UTC might work on 15m and 17m…
Looking forward for S2S on the 20th of March.

73s Ingo


R, See you on the air from summit.
I will operate on 30 & 20m -CW for DX stations.
Also 40m & 2m for JA stations.

Matt/ JG1BOK


Hi Matt,

Please don’t forget 15m for ZL. It is not as noisy as 20m and has higher ZL - JA QSO probability .

Regards & 73!
Andrei, de ZL1TM


I second the motion to check 15 and 17m. During the trans-pac s2s party last April 17, I had no trouble working VK and ZL at about 2230 UTC on 17, s2s from California… Yesterday, I worked JP3DGT on 17 s2s at 2217 UTC, the exact same time as I worked JL1NIE on 14m s2s during the trans-pac. During the last several weeks, there were several days when 15m was loud across coast to coast US, over land the whole distance. I got s2s contacts with east coast US on 15m from W6… 2,500 miles… on December 20, January 8, 10, 12, and 24. There were three other days when I could have added s2s on 15m, but I already worked those people on other bands. There are only a very few US Sota folks who try 15m, notably K2JB & KR7RK.

Elliott, K6EL


R, Andrei-San
QRV on 15m-CW after 20m
Cu on the air.


I tried the propagation test yesterday.
In the morning of Japan (22:00~00:00UTC)
The path to North America was smashing on 17m and 15m band.

Rig:KX2(5W) , Ant: Handmade Vertical

In the evening, the path to Europe varied with time.
Around 08:00 UTC 20m
08:20~08:30 17m
08:40~09:30 15m

On 15 meters, The propagation was good enough to exchange OP name with the station in England.

Rig:KX2(10W) , Ant: Handmade Vertical



It was a real blast for me to log you twice yesterday in our morning (your afternoon-evening). Thank you very much for the QSOs.

For your information about propagation paths, let me tell you that I first chased you on 20m via Long Path at 08h04 utc (my yagi was beaming 212º), while I later chased you on 15m via Short Path at 09h10 utc (my yagi was beaming 34º).

I didn’t check if you were copied via SP on 20m because my experience over the last weeks is that LP works much better between JA and EA at that time, but when I chased you on 15m I did check your signal through both LP and SP. I did hear you via LP but the S/N ratio was poorer and it was much better via SP, so I chased you via SP on 15m beaming 34º.

For the JA SOTA day, I think it will be very difficult for me to be on a summit and try S2S, but I’ll definitely chase you from home with big pleasure. Since I have a 10-15-20m yagi antenna and only an inverted vee broad band dipole for 17m, I’ll clearly have all my expectations for successful chases on 20 and 15m band.

I wish and hope it will be a big success of participation and a lot of fun.
Let’s hope the propagation gods will stay with us.




I would like to add.
I also activated SOTA:JA/NN-142 on the same day with JP3DGT Katsu.
I needed to back to my car before sunset, so Not as great as his log.
But it was so much fun!

de JG0AWE / Hiro WAKA

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Hi Guru
Thank you for communicating with me.
I hope to see you at JA SOTA DAY.

De Katsu JP3DGT

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