Activation Process

Would anybody be kind enough to take me through the activation process?
I am curious about where I find the chasers?
I have found where to log the activation on the database but I the whole process seems rather complex, if anybody could help it would be much appreciated.

Have a look at 4th paragraph (typical operations)-


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Hi Robert are you asking in general how an activation takes place or, as this is under the database questions section, just how the data entry should take place?

If the webform is not to your liking, there are free logging programs which create a CSV file that you may simply upload to the database, if that’s what you are looking for.

73 Ed.

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The official info page:
Summits on the Air

Summits on the Air

The chaser will find you if you place a spot to sotawatch.

A good (although some parts are outdated by today) video:


Climb a SOTA summit.
Have radio contacts conforming to SOTA rules from summit.
Log contacts on SOTA database.

Lists of and maps of SOTA summits are available.
The rules describe valid operations (vehicles, power sources etc.)
The database is where activations are recorded should you wish to work towards SOTA awards.
You find chasers by notifying where and when you will be operating on the Alerts page, current operations are spotted on SOTAwatch (a derivative of a DX cluster) and you find them on air by calling CQ SOTA.

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Do you mean finding a list of chasers that have logged QSOs with you?

If so, log in on and go to Menu > View results > My results > My Activator log. In the table, click on the Show Log link for the entry of interest. On the page that loads up there is a button labelled ”Show Who Chased Me” just below your callsign. If you click on that button, you get to a page with shows a list of all call signs that have logged a QSO with your callsign AND a list of all callsigns that have logged a QSO with that summit on the day in question.

Hope that helps! But also, I don’t think you need to worry about people logging you for you to get your points, as you get them anyway if you have logged enough QSOs.

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Based on your photos, you are already familiar with QRP portable operation. For SOTA SSB or FM operation, I would recommend that you post an ALERT on SOTAWatch ahead of time so the chasers know where and when to find you. For CW operation, if you have an ALERT posted then the RBN will likely report you to SOTAWatch and the chasers will find you that way. You can also ask on-the-air for chasers to SPOT you to SOTAWatch. Afterwards, use the SOTA Database log entry to upload your log and also view which chasers logged you.
You can claim your activation points by making contact with any other ham radio stations, they don’t necessarily need to be SOTA chasers. Take a look at previous SPOTS and ALERTS to get an idea of popular frequencies where chasers are likely to be listening.
Have fun. Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


This was all the information I was looking for, thank you everybody!

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Its a good idea to have mobile app on your phone/tablet. There is SOTA Goat for iOS and SOTA Watch for Android. They will tell you who is active and where and apps will allow you to spot yourself. You need account on Sotawatch though.

You can also get VK Port-a-Log app for login QSOs, it also has spot monitoring and selfspoting functionality. You can find details about this app on | Home

One more practical point. When I setup my rig and antenna I check for active stations and call couple S2S, that allows me to confirm that all is working ok. Then I spot myself.
Good Luck and see you on the bands.
73 de Marek