2nd Annual W7O Campout 2023!!

It’s time to start thinking about getting those reservations in for the 2 nd Annual W7O Campout 2023!! Last year was a blast full of great activations, eyeball qsos, and beautiful weather and landscape at Hyatt Lake in the Cascade-Siskiyou NM. New territory for most everyone who came. The intent was to have it at the same location for another year but unfortunately the campground will be closed for maintenance this summer. This threw a spoke in the wheels for planning but I think we have a great alternative for those near and far. Just outside of Crater Lake National Park, one of the most beautiful areas of Oregon, we are going to be at Broken Arrow Campground beside Diamond Lake, July 21-24, 2023. You of course are welcome to come early or stay later but these are the “official” dates. We are bumping the date a couple weeks as this is an area that gets a significant amount of snow. Any earlier CLNP rim may not be open.

We will start by trying to focus on filling/reserving LOOP E. I will be at site E03 and Etienne/K7ATN in E10, (reserving Fri, Sat and Sun night, checking out Monday) This seems to be a spacious campground and I encourage people to share sites if they are able and willing to keep our crew in one loop. Check out and reserve in LOOP C or D closest to E if it is full. Broken Arrow accepts Interagency/Senior/America the Beautiful Pass for discount (Only $30.50/3nights with discount). Non electric sites, but there is water, flushing toilets in the loop, and showers at the campground.

Broken Arrow: Broken Arrow Campground, Umpqua National Forest - Recreation.gov

Crater Lake NP: Crater Lake National Park (U.S. National Park Service) Pass or entry fee required

Diamond Lake Resort: https://www.diamondlake.net For Cabin reservations

America the Beautiful Pass: Entrance Passes (U.S. National Park Service)

Summit map of area: SOTLAS

Crater Lake NP and Diamond Lake are full of some incredible peaks and vistas surrounding the unique remains of Mt. Mazama’s eruption 7,700 years ago, forming a caldera and our deepest lake in the USA. The CLNP summits are partially the peaks around the edge of the natural caldera of the deep blue natural lake, with numerous pumice and lava cones surrounding it. Mt. Scott W7O/CS-003, towards the eastern edge, is one of my very favorite mountains. Closer to Diamond Lake is the impressive spire-topped Mt. Thielsen, mainly just for view for most of us! Some summits in this area aren’t as easy as what we had last year but there is still some options for everyone, including some drive ups or short treks. We will be offering more details closer to the campout, right now we want all to know the plan so they can start planning their trips, checking out the area, and making reservations. This may be a busy time, I recommend making a reservation in LOOP E as soon as possible. If you are not on our group email list and plan on coming please contact me so I can add you to help relay future information. There are numerous people willing to share their campsite, but we need you on the group email. ag7gp.amy@gmail.com.

I am less familiar with this area as last years region. Etienne has gathered the following info to start and we will work on getting more summit reports on any summits missing them:

Hillman PeakW7O/CS-008 (Short but challenging off trail)

Red ConeW7O/CS-022 (Off trail)

Desert ConeW7O/CS-044 (Off trail)

WITH RIM OPEN (It should be by July 21)

Mount ScottW7O/CS-003 (Nice trail - great views)

Dutton RidgeW7O/CS-009 (Off trail)

Applegate PeakW7O/CS-010 (Challenging off trail)

Crater PeakW7O/CS-026 (Nice trail)

West of Broken Arrow:

Mount BaileyW7O/CS-004 (Long trail)

Garwood ButteW7O/CS-036 (Moderate hike with route finding challenges)

Hershberger MountainW7O/CS-060 (Drive up to stairs,with high clearance)

Weaver MountainW7O/CS-057 (Trail, then challenging off trail)

Mount StellaW7O/CS-125 W7O/CS-060 (Short hike up decommissioned road)

North of Broken Arrow:

Mount ThielsenW7O/CS-002 (Possible AZ at Chicken Ledge)

Cinnamon ButteW7O/CS-055 (Road walk if gate closed)

Elephant MountainW7O/CS-080 (Rough bushwack)

Bunker HillW7O/CS-090 (Rough bushwack)

Kelsay MountainW7O/CS-077 (Drive-up for capable vehicle)

East of Broken Arrow:

Round ButteW7O/CE-153 (Drive-up - needs TR by NS7P)

Sugarpine MountainW7O/CE-069(Drive-up - needs TR by NS7P)

Skookum ButteW7O/CE-093

Walker MountainW7O/CE-030 (Drive-up for capable vehicle)

Marmot ButteW7O/CE-066 (Rough road and off trail)

Muttonchop ButteW7O/CE-150 (Likely a near drive-up for capable vehicle)

Crescent ButteW7O/CE-170 (Drive-up for capable vehicle)

Odell Butte (Short road hike - READ TRIP REPORT)

Royce Mountain W7O/CM-046 (Drive-up for capable vehicle. This one is about 50 miles from camp)

We hope to see you there, last year was a blast and we know this will be too. This is a great opportunity especially if CLNP has been on your bucket list! Feel free to email me any questions.

2022 Campout Summary: W7O Campout Success!!

Video from 2022 Campout: Southern Oregon SOTA Campout | July 2022 - Ashland, OR | Summits on the Air - YouTube




From Mt. Scott and Dutton

Looking at Thielsen from around Herschberger

Near Hershberger, looking at Rabbit Ears


Thank you Amy! Just reserved spot E-07 and looking forward to it!!!


Loop E is near full. Reserve in Loop C or D closest to E when full. Or forward your info to me if you are looking to see if anyone has space at their E campsite for another tent/vehicle. I can house another tent and 2 people but already at 2 vehicles and a small trailer.


E loop is full. I reserved D10. Looking forward to it!


Wow, this is going to be a party! :star_struck: :national_park:


Just reserved D08. Looking forward to it

Duncan KL7QT


Thanks for organizing this again Amy. Missing it last year was a major disappointment for me.

Darryl and I will be there! Etienne invited us to share his spot, so we will be in E10. Looking forward to it!


Got a spot at D11!


Booked site D12. Thanks for organizing Amy!!!


Excited to see everyone again!


Phil and Christina reserved Diamond Lake cabin #35.
Last year was great! Looking forward to seeing everyone this year.



We have a great tentative turn out nearly filling Loops E, D and C! There are a handful of sites left in C and D. We also have some campers with reservations willing to split sites with another camper. Let me know if you would like info on this before you reserve a separate site. Send me an email if you reserve so you get on our list. Also please let me know if you plan on cancelling your reservation in case there is anyone that wants to grab one closer to “grand central” before it is grabbed by the general public. The entire campground is getting a lot of reservations. Thanks!

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After reading the announcement, the 2023 W7O Campout sounded like so much fun that I was inspired to want to join y’all. I made a reservation for C-09 for myself and my XYL, Sage (ex-KC4NMS). Looking forward to meeting everyone and activating some W7O summits!

73 de K9PM



Nice!! Looking forward to an eyeball QSO with you Paul!


Paging @N4EX. Rich, you really need to come and join us!


Robin says we’re gonna need a bigger lake :rofl:


Some positive pressure from the Arizona guy (K9PM) made the Idaho guy (K7MK + XYL Rochelle) decide to also cross the border to join the festivities! Booked in C12 (21st-24th). Looking forward to seeing you all and getting on some W7O summits!
73 Jim/K7MK


Booked C07. Being new to ham radio and SOTA, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and putting faces to voices (or fists).
73, Steve-W7ETF


Hello, W7O Campers! The C-Loop is full, the E-Loop is full and there are but four sites left in the D-Loop - that’s a lot of Campers!
If you have reserved sites C08, C13, D05, or D09 – Please let Amy-AG7GP know so that she can keep you informed about the Campout. I guess that also goes for anyone staying at the Diamond Lake Resort.
Thanks! Etienne-K7ATN


Am interested in sharing a camp if someone already has one.


Sent you an email with list of possibilities.

See you in July!

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