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Tablet Logging Software


Hi Guys

Have electronically logged at home for many years using the DX Lab suite. However, I have now acquired a tablet for the purpose of electronic logging on the hills.

What software do you use? Thoughts please.

73 Glyn


Hi Glyn, I have been using my Samsung Tab-S for logging my SOTA activations since about March this year. To do this I use an excel spreadsheet (with one of the free programs that abound on the net) - handy because I also use excel to maintain my log at home - and also makes it easy to create the csv file for uploading.

I have seen a couple of references to a number of logging apps that have been written for phones/tablets - there have been a couple of threads on this topic this year, so a search for them would probably be useful.



Hi Glyn

I use Saisie_Sota. Simple and fully working as required in a summit!
Alain F6ENO did a great job!


Vy 73 de Pedro CT1DBS/CU3HF


Hi Glyn,
Presuming your tablet runs Andriod, there’s SOTALogger from W5SMD which has nice large and clear entry fields.

Stephen has a revised test version that some of us use, but the existing production version on Google Play is fine as well.


Try out the “lite” version for free and buy the full version for 74 Euro Cents if you like it.

73 Ed.


I use a cheap Lynx Windows tablet running Windows 10 with Log4om and Fldigi

Terry G4POP


You might find what you are looking for here: http://www.on6zq.be/w/index.php/SOTA/Software .


I just got a Surface Pro 3 and run Log4OM on it.
Used successfully on my last activation (first time out with it)
Being windows I can access all the other sites and stuff which is handy (assuming the phone has signal of course. Without I can just log)


Is it just me but I find logging using paper n pencil faster n easier than using logging software on the hill?


No… Me too :wink:


I find slight difficulty to log into a tablet on the hill but significant ease when I get home as my logs are fully entered and ready for upload to the SOTA database and direct loading into my log keeping software, LOG4OM. My logs are also compatible with the WWFF award program if the summit was in a WWFF area.

I use my own Android app, VK port-a-log, which includes spotting via SOTAwatch as well as the VK/ZL WWFF spotting site parksnpeaks.org.

Peter VK3ZPF


I am with Peter on this - it might be a little quicker to log with pencil/paper (not much though as I have an external keyboard on my tablet), but when I get home, I copy the spreadsheet across to my computer, paste it into my main log (another spreadsheet), create a CSV file for the activation and upload to SOTAwatch. No longer do I spend an hour or so after an activation typing in my log!



That has always been the problem, the amount of time I have to spend inputting my log into DX Keeper on the PC then up loading it to SOTA. I might find the whole thing is a pain in the a** and go back to paper logging. Cant say until you have tried it.

Thanks to everyone for their inputs, have gone with the W5SMD app though may try others. My only beef at the moment is not having numbers displayed at the same time as letter - unless someone knows how to fix that?

73 Glyn


Displaying numbers and letters at the same time is why I went for the external keyboard with my tablet - much easier and quicker to type with (for me) and not having to change between numbers and letters on the keyboard was a big improvement!



In VK port-a-log I have two options to deal with number inputs;

  • A separate row of number buttons above the log

  • Or eight configurable common prefixes

Peter VK3ZPF


…and a button to insert "Andrew"


For Android, there are other (on-screen) keyboard options that give both numbers and letters. Some use a “long-press” of the QWERTY letters and others like SwiftKey Keyboard allow for an additional numbers row above the QWERTY row. Many offer alternate skin options that may be easier to read and/or use. I use SwiftKey but there are probably lighter-weight (less memory) options out there.