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Activation Reports

This category is for reports and discussion about your summit activations.


Questions, clarifications and discussion on the Rules of SOTA.

Off Topic

This is intended for random stuff that is not directly SOTA Specific but has some limited degree of relevance

On the Bands

For reports and discussion on band activity, conditions, propogation.

Online Resources

Discusions regarding the various software services such as the Database, SOTAwatch and third party applications.


For general notices for the SOTA Community


Discussion about equipment. For specific topics on Radios and Antenna, please direct these to the appropriate subcategories.


This category was created to contain reports about individual people. In some cases it will be appropriate for SKs, illnesses, or other non SOTA events that may effect SOTA participants, It should also be used to mark individual achievements which others may wish to recognise.

Summit Info

Topics containing descriptions of summits, routes. Activation reports as such belong in the Activation Reports category.


Created to carry information about new associations and relevant information about existing associations

Deutsch / German

This category is for messages written in German.

Transport security

This category exists to discuss methods of safely transporting radios and batteries.


This category is for information and discussion about awards, including local or regional awards, and also challenges. Essentially anything that provides targets for SOTA participants to aim to achieve.


For discussion about Mountaincraft including navigation techniques, equipment and clothing.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Old Reflector

All posts from the Old Reflector will have this category until they have been re-assigned to a new Category.

Practice Area

This category is for you to practice using the Discourse software. Use this area to learn how to create topics, reply to posts and to experiment with the features.