Xmas Quiz - any answers?

Entry into the Pedant roll of honour:

There is some truth in this answer, except that before discovery, it was not called Everest.
Possibly Peak XV ? :o)


  1. GW/NW-071 and GW/NW-069 on Anglesey, GW/NW-072 on Bardsey Island and G/SE-008 and G/SE-012 on the Isle of Wright.

Jimmy M0HGY

M1EYP: Indeed. Correct.

  1. GW/NW-061, GW/SW-014 and G/WB-011 are the summits I am thinking of.

Jimmy M0HGY

M1EYP: OK, I can think of another one in G as well.

Hi Jimmy M0HGY
I’ll see your 3 and raise it to 4 (G/SE-014) Cliffe Hill


M1EYP: …which is indeed the one I was thinking of!

It is defensible! Maskelyne and his team surveyed Schiehallion preparatory to setting up the pendulum experiment, the result of the experiment was a major step forward in knowledge so his name will always be associated with that SOTA summit. The brilliant idea of plotting contour lines was not necessary to the success of the experiment but without them we would have to define the AZ differently!

Anyway, not the answer you are looking for so back on with the thinking cap!



  1. Very wet :wink:

M1EYP: I guess it is! Incidentally, when the col is the sea, I presume there isn’t a single grid reference for it?

Actually it isn’t tedious at all.Obviously you start from the highest reference number and work down. Of the extant references greater than 829, most are self-evidently composite. Only two needed checking: 841 (=2929) and 851 (=2337).

M1EYP: Yep that’s plenty tedious enough for me!

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(a) Shining Tor
(b) Holtankollen
(c) Hope Mountain
(d) Whernside
(e) Great Orme

M1EYP: Correct.

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Indeed it is. It’s always a risk with a question like this that somebody will come up with an answer which is as good as or maybe even better than the one the setter was thinking of. In fact I rather hoped somebody would!

M1EYP: When I did the first such quiz some years ago, it provoked such discussion are debate that I was quite horrified. Now I realise that this is the very essence of the entertainment value of the quiz, and actively encourage it! Some of the questions have been intentionally designed to be interpreted in a variety of ways!

  1. Assuming that spaces are allowed but punctuation and accented letters are not: 238.
    If even spaces are forbidden: 167.

M1EYP: I’ll have to defer this one to the question’s author - G3CWI. Is this correct Richard?

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  1. Mt Woodroffe VK5/NW-001 - The owners of the land are Anangu and Pitjantjatjara people.

Jimmy M0HGY

M1EYP: I think you can have that Jimmy. The question came from Ian VK5CZ, who gave the answer as “The Anangu, Pitjantjatjura and Yankunytjatjura people.”

19- Sugarloaf Mountain W3/CR-003 is 53.142km from the Capitol Building in Washington. Wendover Woods is 50.681km from The Houses of Parliament. So I choose Wendover Woods and the Houses of Parliament.


M1EYP: Wrong.

Darn!!! I was rushing, the dog ate my homework, a monster popped up and confused me… enough excuses? :slight_smile:

  1. Botley Hill (G/SE-005) appears to be the closest. It is approximately 26 km from the UK Houses of Parliament.


M1EYP: Yes I think we can go with that Carolyn.

  1. A visual search on google suggests that Botley Hill G/SE-005 is close to Crystal Palace football ground (10 miles as the car drives) and also G/CE-004 Bardon Hill is as close to Leceister City’s stadium.

This was done crudely with google maps but I would plump for Crystal Palace as my answer.

M1EYP: Mynydd Drumau GW/SW-038 is 3.9 miles from the Liberty Stadium, home of Swansea City FC. Can anyone beat this?

You didn’t say it had to be a table fish. A moor is a type of goldfish and while you might eat one if starving it certainly doesn’t rate as well as one of the Pike species.
G/TW-001 Urra Moor
G/TW-003 Gisborough Moor
G/LD-040 Lingmoor Fell … Ling is a table fish even if moor isn’t
G/LD-044 Kirkby Moor
C/NP-027 Rombald’s Moor

I have not counted the Mohrs in Scotland or the equivalent words from Wales or Ireland.


M1EYP: Yeah, but the fish “moor” would not be spelt ‘mohr’ or in Welsh etc. So Carolyn’s “pike” at 7 occurrences still has it.

Unofficially, surely “flounder” has to be right at the top of the fish list, judging by the heroic efforts some SOTAneers have to make to drag their way through mud, peat hags and impenetrable heather to the top of their chosen peak?


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G/CE-001 ? - not sure but I think you can get from the Summit at 330m to the other Trig point at 322m which is well within the area of the golf course (without leaving the activation zone).

I can’t see how to make this appear in the right part of the thread !!!

M1EYP: I didn’t know that. There’s quite possibly other situations not dissimilar to this around the UK as well I guess.

I’m not sure that the answer to Q30 is correct - The question does not explicitly limit Mike to activating only one summit per day.

M1EYP: True, it was a difficult question to structure and word unambiguously, and we probably still didn’t quite get it right. Nonetheless, Jimmy M0HGY’s answer matched the solution submitted by the question’s author - Ron VK3AFW - so I think we can put it to bed.

Another solution for Q7:

((DC * LD) - CE + WB) * TW

((7 * 55) -5 + 23) * 5 = 2015

M1EYP: Yes, good one.

Flounder should definitely be included as I activated from the summit of Flounder’s Folly which is the on the top of Callow Hill /WB-015. Only open on Bank Holidays and certain summer Sundays so a rare activation! This is the REAL top of this hill.