Xmas Quiz - any answers?

Jimmy M0HGY

M1EYP: Again, a question for which the author hasn’t yet supplied an answer. Jimmy, please name the summits you have in mind, then we’ll see if anyone else can add to that.

  1. Pike would be the most common fish in English SOTA summit names, of which there are 7:

G/LD-001 Scafell Pike
G/LD-015 Grisedale Pike
G/LD-018 Stony Cove Pike
G/LD-024 Pike of Blisco

G/NP-009 Buckden Pike
G/NP-023 Aye Gill Pike
G/NP-027 Dufton Pike

Carolyn and Helen

M1EYP: That certainly beats Jimmy’s rubbish joke. I suspect this will be the right answer. Good morning Helen & Carolyn, and welcome to this year’s Christmas Quiz.

  1. As it was Alan Dawson who compiled the original list, the SOTA database gives:

VE7/CP-005 Mt. Dawson at longitude -117.421

Carolyn and Helen

M1EYP: Correct

  1. Maskelyne.

In the course of his experiment to determine the density of the Earth he climbed Schiehallion, GM/SC-005, and during the survey of this mountain the concept of contour lines was born.



M1EYP: Again, no answer yet put forward by the question author. The question said “two reasons”. I’m not sure if your answer is one or two reasons. Adjudication from the question contributor please…

BTW all, Jimmy M0HGY has now gone to work! He surprised me by getting on his laptop before leaving the house and answering a stack of questions. He’ll probably be on it again on his phone at lunchtime, but at least that gives everyone until around 1300 to get in on the act!

  1. The closest SOTA summit to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (or Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll on our maps) is GW/NW-005 - Elidir Fawr…

M1EYP: Correct

The only North Wales summit Carolyn needs to chase so someone go and do it please! When she is available to chase of course :stuck_out_tongue:

M1EYP: It is one of many I have yet to activate.

Carolyn and Helen

  1. As a lot of scenes were filmed not to far from us in the West Midlands and Shropshire and Carolyn has seen this hill from every side and been on it lots, it is most likely to be G/WB-002 Brown Clee Hill.

Carolyn and Helen

M1EYP: Correct

  1. I’m sure there’s lots of ways to do this but the first one I came upon is

(((WB + DC) * SC) + (NP - SP)) * CE = 2015

Might even be a way that uses them all, but life’s too short…

73 de Paul G4MD

M1EYP: That works for me Paul!

  1. And that would be Hergest Ridge, G/WB-008

M1EYP: Yes, Mike Oldfield’s album that preceded Tubular Bells.

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  1. And that’s probably GW/SW-001, Pen y Fan

M1EYP: Correct.

Interesting answer, but not the person I’m thinking of. I don’t think you’ve really given two different reasons. The two reasons I’m thinking of are really quite different, but both with a SOTA connection. One connects to the S, and the other to the A.

  1. And that’s The Cloud G/SP-015

Edit - on the Summer Solstice - should have read all the question first :-s

M1EYP: Correct, and believe it or not, this was not one of my questions. Credit for this one to G3CWI.

  1. Err… Tom, when you emerge from the tunnel and hear him again (at the end of question 3) aren’t you F/Own Call/M ?

    i.e. F/EA2CW/M under CEPT rules.


M1EYP: Hmm, it could easily be argued that the callsign of the driver is his callsign, as printed on his licence. He would indeed have to modify it with the extra bits if operating but HIS callsign is still EA2CW. But nonetheless, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - we have the first successful occupant of this year’s Pedants’ Corner.

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36 - GW/NW-054
Also for interest (though not Wales) W1/GM-027 and GM/SI-177. There may be others!

M1EYP: No idea, not my question. Didn’t understand it…!

SJ096716 - Sodom, Denbighshire

28 - Mount Everest - Whether it was discovered or not it was still the highest


M1EYP: Correct.

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  1. I think there are actually 6, though 2 are no longer valid, which still leaves 4 valid ones.

DM/BW-115 Kaiserstuhl/Totenkopf
DM/BW-547 Kaiserstuhl (deleted)
HB/NW-008 Chaiserstuel
OE/VB-404 Schusterstuhl (deleted)
LA/FM-007 Seilandstuva
LA/ST-268 Mørkdalstuva

So unless I am much mistaken, the question is wrong.

M1EYP: Seems that way to me too Martyn, as I cannot fault your answer.

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  1. DM/BW-829 Kibfelsen

M1EYP: I would argue that no such summit reference exists, especially given that there is no such thing as “the largest prime number”, only the largest KNOWN prime number (and none of our SOTA refs contain that for sure!). However, I think you have answered the question in the same spirit in which it was posed, and I’m confident you’ve got it right. I personally haven’t entered into the tedium of checking this, neither I suspect has the question’s author!

  1. He shares SOTA’s birthdate of 2nd March.

(Don - I’m shure Tom has tried the Green Eggs and Ham at some point :o)

Adrian G4AZS

MC & HNY to all

M1EYP: Correct.

Bolton Wanderers not currently a Premiership club. I was mybe thinking Burnley perhaps or maybe Goodison Park

M1EYP: A valid point Ian! Personally, I was thinking Swansea (which I am allowed to as I did not write this question, nor have seen the solution to it!).

Heh heh. That was my question. … You didn’t fall for the trap!