Xmas Quiz - any answers?

Doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do this, so here goes…

I have to confess that Tom has already seen my completed grid as a result of previous correspondence. I have however left the error he hinted at uncorrected. So I pose an informal Question 40a - what is wrong in the solution above?

73 de Paul G4MD (off to complete packing for GM :slight_smile: )

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Spelling mistake - in an anagram rather oddly.

We had just scanned our completed crossword to post it! Never mind.

The only difference we can see between the two is that we had Peel Fell for 39A not Peel Hill,

Helen and Carolyn

PS Just noticed Grayrigg Forest with an E too :wink:

Hi Carolyn

Hope you’ve both had a brill Christmas :slight_smile:

Sorry to have pipped you to the post. The E in Grayrigg was the one I was looking for (I blame it on my aversion to Americanised spellings!) but you’ve found another one that slipped through the net…

I’ll take mine off so that you can post your 100% correct one.

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi Paul,

Hope you had a great Christmas.

You got there first and we cannot now prove we did not just copy yours :slight_smile: So please leave yours up,


Hi Carolyn, post restored though I would far rather your all-correct solution was on display if I could prevail upon you to change your mind. Your credentials are of course unimpeachable :smile:

73 de Paul G4MD (packed and raring to go!)

Hi Paul,

our solution (but please keep your post to show you got there first :slight_smile: )


How about we just have the official solution? We’re practically there already aren’t we?

Well done to Paul, Helen and Carolyn for successfully completing it. Richard and I were amazed it was solved so quickly! Jimmy M0HGY has been sweating over it for days and is probably around 80% complete, which is more what I anticipated from everyone.

My brother (not a radio amateur and definitely not a hillwalker) was round for a Boxing Day buffet last night, and he picked up Jimmy’s printed-out crossword. Periodically, he would say “Is there a hill called Sugar Loaf?” or “Is there a hill called Hoove?” and such. Jimmy was fuming that his unknowledgeable uncle had beaten him to some of the solutions!

Edit: I see Carolyn posted her solution while I was writing this!

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Can I just make it clear that I did not write the “genuine gwm” clue. Somebody else must have written that one. It definitely wasn’t me. Just to be completely clear.

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For convenience, here are the remaining unsolved Christmas Quiz questions:

-4. What are the complementary distinctions of G/LD-002 and G/LD-038?

-11. How many summits are named after flightless birds?

-12. If M1EYP was 1st, M0HGY was 2nd some 8 minutes later, while MI0JST and GI4ONL were equal third 1,428,728 minutes after that, then who is fifth?

-15. Which famous scientist would you associate with SOTA for two different reasons, and what are the reasons?

-20. Which Premier League football ground is nearest to a SOTA summit?

-27. What dubious distinction links GM/CS-017, G/NP-014 and GW/NW-034?

-35. What’s the summit?
Pendle Hill – 7354 – 6982 - Shining Tor - Sheep Rock Mountain - Jones Mountain – 2166 - 6982

Surprised that Q35 has remained unsolved. It’s easy once you get started.

Hi everyone,

Do you want me to put you out of your collective miseries with the answers for the remaining questions (see two posts above), or would you like more time?

Never before has a SOTA Christmas Quiz not been fully solved!


27.) Has got me thinking. Not a clue so far. Interested to know !


Clue for Q35. Summit references and G/WB.

I should like to say that Q35 - which was a question indeed contributed by G3CWI - was immediately correctly solved by me at the time of submission. So come on the rest of you… :wink:

With perhaps one exception - I do not understand most of the remaining the questions or have the right sort of knowledge to answer them !

The one I can attempt to answer is:

Q 11 )

Mt Emu VK3/VE-061, VK3/VE-121, VK3/VS-044 and VK4/NF-003
Emu Camp Dam VK4/NH-127
A Moa EA1/CR-008
Dodo Peak VE6/HC-094


Coot Mountain W0M/SP-003
Coot Hill W3/SV-014

M1EYP: Looks good to me Stewart. Over to Richard G3CWI, the writer of this question!

Perhaps naughtily, as there is sound reasoning that the quizmaster should not be answering questions, I will chip in with one. My excuse is that it was G3CWI that set this question!

  1. Which Premier League football ground is nearest to a SOTA summit?

My guess of Swansea City looks correct:

The Liberty Stadium is 7.8km from Mynydd Drumau GW/SW-038, narrowly beating Burnley’s Turf Moor, which is 8.6km from Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law G/SP-008.

Some clues for Q15:

You’re looking for a 19th century scientist. I regularly cycle down a road named in his honour close to my place of work. The main reason to associate him with SOTA relates to what we probably think of as his greatest achievement. The second reason is a more obscure paper on a different subject, but one that is of fundamental importance for us.

Q15: James Clerk Maxwell

His equations are well known - but is the
obscure paper about colour photography?