Worldwide HF MINIMALIST / QRP SOTA event

Many of the HF activators in SOTA use minimalist equipment (reduced weight and few accessories) during their mountain expeditions.
We propose a special event to encourage and test the use of a reduced and simple gear to activate a SOTA summit.

A) for Activators: to use a minimalist HF band setup from a SOTA summit. All the radio equipment used in the activation including battery, transceiver, paddles, coaxial, tuner, antenna and support pole should not exceed the maximum weight of the following acceptance criteria:
CW only: maximum weight = 1 kilo (1 kilo = 2,2 pounds = 35,3 ounces)
SSB only: maximum weight = 2,5 kilo (2 kilo = 5,5 pounds = 88,25 ounces)
Mixed CW & SSB: maximum weight = 2,5 kilo

*Extra weight is allowed for other purposes, like water & food, orientation, extra cloths, etc.

B) for Chasers; to try using QRP levels to chase the minimalist activators.

Friday 17 june is the QRP worlwide day. We propose this date and the closest weekend, therefore 17, 18 and 19th of June as for the Minimalist event.

Identification of participants
Although the event will run according to the standard SOTA rules, the additional word “MINI” will be added during the CQ call and on the exchange as follows:

· Activators to use the suggested CQ call in this example:

CQ SOTA DE EA2BD/P SOTA MINI (the Word MINI stands for minimalist)

· Chasers to use the suggested exchange in this example (The exchange below is an example in CW, but it should work the same for Phone or other modes…):

BK TU UR 599 MINI 73 (MINI stands here for a fixed station running QRP to chase the minimalist activator **)
BK 73 TU.

** If the chaser doesn’t run QRP power level please don’t add MINI in your exchange.

Please help the Activators to work other S2S, as many minimalist activators and as many QRP chasers as possible.
Activators should annotate in their logs the word MINI to identify who were running QRP levels when chasing.
The Summit reference to be provided as a normal activation, not necessarily on every single QSO but regularly.

It is recommended for participants to add in their alerts the word “MINI event” on the comment text and, if possible, to post here in this thread below their scheduled summit in advance.

After the event
The experience and results of the activators can be shared in this thread of the SOTA Reflector. You could provide information of the following items:

  • Station setup: rig, antenna, overall weight of the gear.
  • results obtained: number of QSO, number of S2S achieved, number of QRP chasers in the log, longest distance, etc.
  • Interchange of photos are welcome in the thread: you are welcome to uploada picture of your setup in the summit.

Suggested setup
There are lots of options to fit the required weight. Either single-band or multiband rigs are allowed. Some example of suitable rigs for this purpose for activators:
CW: Pixie, Rockmite, MTR, HB-1, KX1, K1, PFR-3, ….
SSB: KX3, FT817, LNR LD-5, X1M, …

A resonant antenna will help reducing the weight as they make the use of tuners redundant. A short pole (4/5 meter height) also helps reducing weight.

Please be considered; this is not a contest but a nice chance to run low power on a tiny setup and have a lot of fun!
Before activating it is advised to check for any contest in progress going on on your activation date and look for cleaner bands & calling frequencies.

Good luck and 73 de Ignacio

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What a wicked idea :slight_smile:

Now what would you call QRP as to me its 5w on CW and 10w SSB. Rr less of course

Personally I normally run 10w SSB and the great thing running this FT450-AT i can wind it down more.

As a chaser I take you up on your challenge sir as a chaser.

Please remind us closer to date


Hello, just a reminder that in 3 weeks we’ll reach this event (17-19 June).

Have you already weighted your gear? Are you reducing your redundant gadgets off the rucksack?

You can add in the listing of feasible minimalist rigs the new KX2 if you are lucky to own one of these…

73 de Ignacio

Hmmmm, I think I might have left it too late to order my 100Ah LiFePO4 battery to power my 400W amp with. Conditions are poor at the moment, good luck!


Hi Ignacio
Making a few alterations to my dipole need to loose at least 100g from it (starting to sound the xyl) and purchased a new battery.
Finger crossed should be good to go.


Hello Graeme,
thanks for your interest.

Yes, you need to apply a diet to your gear; maybe a low fat antenna wire or a hypocaloric battery?
Sure you’ll get to the target weight!

Just in case others are intested to get ideas on how to prepare a thin equipment, this is the related thread that started the idea of a Minimalist setup:

73 de Ignacio

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Little changes make a big difference. Use smaller items, get rid of the unhealthy items a in your pack atu, rg58 coax, kevlar wire and remember your five a day items- battery, antenna, key/mike, rig and mast.

Also don’t forget to tell yourself how amazing you are every time you lose a few pounds of that minamilist setup.

(My boss better authorise my day off)


That’s me out. My ts480 weighs about 4kg and I can’t just take the control head.

I’m out too as an activator because my rucksack with the SOTA-kit inside weights 5.5 Kg, but I’ll be ready to chase on QRP 5 w, so I’ll be a MINI chaser.


yes, if you can’t meet the weight you could always chase QRP and be a MINI chaser.

Guru, are you sure your 817 + palm paddle + batt + short coax + Eco Vehicolare weights more than 2,5kg?
I’m sure you can make it with an FT817 if you tune up your gear…

73 de Ignacio


We are getting close to the Minimalist event, planed for next week (full details at the start of this thread).

Many colleagues already reached the reduced weight target after a deep research and fine tuning of their radio gear; congratulations!!

Although activators will add the proper alert in the Sotawatch schedule, I propose you to add it in the list below as well.

The alerts I can find so far are:

Friday 17-June
1000 DD5LP DL/AM-156 7-14-SSB

Saturday 18-June
1000 DD5LP DL/AM-156 7-14-SSB

Sunday 19-June
1000 DD5LP DL/AM-156 7-14-SSB

CHASER ONLY (remember to chase QRP for this event)


  • EA2BD I’ll use a compromise antenna from an alternative location in EA5/VL area. High QRM here, but I 'll try to catch you! Rig: KX3, Ant: End Fed Half wave

Please,if you want to reply and add yourself to the listing, copy all the existing data and complete
with your own as appropriate.

73 de Ignacio

Hi Ignacio,

I hope an umbrella is definitely excluded from the weighted equipment.
When looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend I assume you will need a huge umbrella :umbrella: here in our region :worried:

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Nothing special built to attend the coming QRP Minimalist event. Shown in the photo below is my standard Backpack station, 40/30/20 Trap EFHW, coax feedline with EFHW coupler and carbon pocket pole. The total weight is about 750 g.

With respect to the tiny little T-30 LPF toroids wound with #28 (0.3 mm) wire the max. power output is adjusted to 4 watts, that’s still a lot unreasonable regarding the MTR design has been optimized for operation at 9 volts (abt. 2.5 watts).

The 40/30/20 Trap EFHW antenna is as described in Trap EFHW and Coupler, where the EFHW coupler is newly built in a slim version using an FT50A-43 toroid (dimensioned for 10 watts).

Using the ultralight carbon pocket pole is the only concession made for the coming QRP Minimalist event. This pole is a DAM Pocket Pole Carbon 5.0 m (Stipprute ohne Ringe) with a practically usable length of 3.80 m (caution: carbon poles are slightly conductive and therefore not suitable for verticals).

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For me it is not a highlight because I always using QRP and as an activator also located in these requirements … but maybe this time will be less QRM from kilowatts … and others will see how are escaped character referenced on QRP …
I only have 2 questions:
My propouse for chasers: using not MINI but /QRP after callsign. Some people always using /qrp.
Weight of the log is to be in these requirements? (Phone, tablet, computer or paper-log)?

VY 73 de Mariusz SP9AMH (always QRP)

Hi Stephan. Of course, absolutely excluded meanwhile you don’t connect it to the coax and use it as a dish for your antenna :grin:
Make sure you choose the right color to have a fresh feeling. Perhaps I should use an umbrella here as well, 29C at our rental house in this moment and rising up…
Glad you are in for the event. GL!

Hi Heinz, I wasn’t expecting but something event better of your really optimized and neat equipment.
Thanks for sharing your picture: your embedded feeder is so compact! And the carbon pole helps reducing the weight even more…
Take care on hills and avoid any thunderstorm hitting your pole :wink:
GL in the event.

73 de Ignacio

Hello Mariusz,

thank you very much for your interest. I will be glad to count on you for the event!

Let me reply to your questions:

Using QRP or not when activating was much discussed several times in the past in our forum. We concluded that signing QRP was a bit a waste of time, because most activators use QRP when portable and therefore it was redundant. Not signing QRP would reduce the time and would save battery as well.

Concerning the event, I proposed to use MINI in the rules just to let the chasers know that the activator is operating with a minimalist setup, reduced in weight.
I think it is better to keep it as it is, because the event was announced some time ago and maybe it causes a misunderstanding if we change the rules now…
In addition, there could be out there QRP stations that don’t fulfil the weight minimalist criteria… So I better would keep MINI if you don’tmind.

No, we just weight the Radio gear. We use to weight the log if it is a paper log, but it is just for reference.
If you want to carry a laptop up the hill don’t worry about the weight… Then you could add an umbrella to be able to see the screen,hi.

Hope to hear you during the event, with my MINI chaser setup!
73 de Ignacio

I would be happy to copy everything except double or triple calls (hope Rob will also read this) :wink::slightly_smiling_face: 73 cu

I understand! I can call you only on 1 band and 1 mode on 1 summit…
Call on other bands for me is a study of the propagation and some sort of science.
vy 73 Mariusz

That was not meant this way Mariusz but please do always key your call just once, i.e. no need to repeat it 2 or 3 times. Reports are welcome on all bands you can (really) copy my sigs.

BTW, I would appreciate if you could always wait for some seconds after a QSY to the upper bands to avoid overcalling of possible DX stations. Thanks!

I will participate with my usual gear; see picture. Weight just below 1 kg.
Hpe 2 wrk u es 73 de geert pa7zee