What you need for cold weather! Giveaway (FREE stuff)

I have a Mother that is awesome at knitting.
She has kindly donated a little something so I can do a GiveAway…
To “win”, comment on my videos on YouTube or work me S2S.
I will award tickets as I feel :wink:
If you activate during cold season, you WANT this!
Best 73 de LA3NGA Henning

PS: I will cover shipping.


A reply here will automatically give you at least one entry into the draw!
I wish to make the draw before cold season hits the northern hemisphere, so I will end the draw sometime before end of august…

Hi, Henning.

My mother was an excellent knitter. Her parents were from Kongsberg and Hoybraten.
Your electrician on-the-job video solidified my desire to visit Northern Norway some day.
I look forward to s2s QSOs with you when the solar flux climbs.

David N6AN

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I also have some socks knitted for me…it’s handmade love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

73 Armin

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Allow me to post the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6f2UVUNs0LeKUBoOI5ufNQ

I just watched the S2S challenge video from May - very nicely done!


Well Henning, I have Norwegian ancesters and a Norwegian surname, so maybe just send it to me as we’re probably related. :rofl:

73, Fraser

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Well I can’t NOT reply to this post for at least one entry into this give away! I have now infinitely increased my odds of winning.


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A SOTA vacation to Norway is a dream of mine!

Takk skal du ha!



Thanks for the support so far.
The item might appear in my next video… (just saying)
Only about 12-13 tickets in the draw so far so get your now! lol
There will be more when I make my mind up on where to start S2S tickets…

I’m intrigued- socks, gloves, hat, sweater….?:grin:

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rig covers ?

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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No right guesses yet! :smiley:


You’ve got me slightly worried now. :smiley:

I love knitting socks and shawls, which is very handy when you live in an old stone house.

union suit, 34" , or ME Med LG!

Wool ppe mask?! Cool!!

I worked you S2S on 5th June - does that count or does it have to be after your post?

73, Simon

A YL is always nice in cold weather.

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I have never seen a knitting pattern for a YL - but I don’t need one!
Viki M6BWA

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Of course, this doesn’t state that the “little something” is knitted. Henning’s mother might make great soup as well. :yum: