What is the highest QSO total of single activation (Part 1)

I’m interested to know what is the highest QSO total of single SOTA summit activation, especially for single operator activation.

My money would be on Klaus DF2GN or Steve G1INK. I think Steve has done an activation with 250 QSOs.


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Probably Steve G1INK will have some high scores. He has had over 100 QSOs on an activation on many occasions.


A quick look at the database shows maximum QSO total from a summit -

G1INK 160
DF2GN 130
F6ENO 120

This was not a scientific search, merely a look at the most likely candidates.

For comparison, mere mortals like Tom and myself -

M1EYP 71
G3VQO 65

Must try harder!!

73 de Les, G3VQO

07/Apr/2007 G/LD-049 (Kirkby Moor) G6LKB/P 114
david g6lkb

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My max was 136 QSO


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Zvone S57OPZ made 148 QSOs on Pasja ravan S5/CP-011 with special call S58SOTA/P last saturday. The QSOs are made with 30 different DXCCs, including DX contacts with JA, UA9, VE, … all phone mode, 9 different bands!

73, Milos S57D

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Too simple and not really specific to SOTA. How about QSOs/watt or meter of prominence or altitude times the number of QSOs :slight_smile:

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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I agree that high QSO totals are not specific for SOTA activations.
The avarage QSO total per activation is around 14-15 QSOs.
Maybe some day I will try to set a record number of QSOs for single activation.
In 2001 I decided to run a personal QSO marathon and manage to make a total of 43.300 QSOs in a single year using my home station and one callsign (see more on www.qrz.com/z35m)

Usually the higher is more difficult, but the ASL is not always the measurment of more difficult. For example, the summit of Pelister, 2601 m, ref. Z3/WM-005 is the highest point in Macedonia accessable by terrain vehicle.

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It all depends on how long you plan to stay at that place.

It all depends on how long you plan to stay at that place.

I like to spend as long as I can. Dependent on if I am alone or with the XYL or XYL and my children I spend between 1hr and 5hrs on a summit and try to get contacts on every band I can. I rely entirely on answers to my CQ calls and only answer other CQ calls if they are another summit. My maximum so far is 47 contacts, I hope to break 50 next time out. Usually my marathon sessions are restricted by the need to drop and pick up children and the granddaughter at school. One of these days I will do a marathon dawn to dusk session and see if I can get close to the SOTA super stations totals.

Having said the above; Staying for long periods on the tops of mountains can be an unhealthy prospect and should probably not be encouraged. Weather can change suddenly and unexpectedly and as Robin GM7PKT mentioned in a post recently antennas, masts and wires can themselves become lethally charged with static even from a clear blue sky.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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My max’s 139 QSOs as GT7OOO/P on GD/003 in June 2008 and 130 on NP-004 Buckden Pike in NFD also June 2008.

73 Phil F/G4OBK/P

Catching up on this reflector on the last day of my hols…a bit sad eh???

On Saturday, 11.07 2009 I plan to make an all day activation of Z3/WM-046 (1066m) and will try to make as much as possible QSOs. In the first half of the day will work on SOTA frequencies 7032, 10118, 14058, 21058 for CW, and 7118, 14285, 21285 for SSB. Later, when IARU contest starts will try S&P on CW and SSB, or even to make a short runs if find clear QRG. If the so called SOTA frequencies are free during the contest will focus on them.
The equipment planed for this activation is Alinco DX-70 T with max power set for 50 w, Inv-Vee Link-Dipole for 40/30/20 m, short fishing pole for antenna support, 36 Ah and 7 Ah batteries, hand key, mic, and headphones.
Please call me on all bands and modes, and of course spot me.

In reply to Z35M:

Good luck with your record attempt Vlado.

My presence is required in London to cheer my 9 year old grand-daughter on in the School Sports on Friday and I will not be back home until 1300 UTC on the Saturday, but I will keep checking for you around 10118 KHz in the afternoon.

I hope you have very many contacts on WM-046


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Roy, I hope to contact you on the second half of my activation.
Without your spots my total score will be reduced, but hope to be spotted from the others.

My highest score was 51 contacts last year from DM/RP-282


my highest score was TODAY … 54 qso’s on 7, 14, 28, 145 mhz on sota oe/oo-237. a short report of the activation will follow later tonight on my webpage

[EDIT]@1954utc → the activation report is now online … enjoy!


vy73 de martin, oe5reo

My highest QSO-score was 59 QSO’s by my last activation on the top of Hochlecken OE/OO-037.

Is it possible to make a query report in the SOTA-database by the 100 best QSO-scorer???

73 de Chris OE5HCE

I’m going accoridng to the plan for all-day activation of Z3/WM-046 in order to make as much as possible QSOs. ETA is 08:00 UTC and will stay until 18.00 UTC
The WX in the moment is unstable, but will give a try.

In reply to Z35M:
Good luck, Vlado!
Will look for you and give you a shout.
73 Ruda OK2QA