What is the highest QSO total of single activation (Part 2)

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The answer, with full 2021 data:


My case was 199 in a day. Due to time zone it was split in two but one day in Japan time.
All is 50 MHz QSO

  • 50MHz SSB : 176 QSO
  • 50MHz CW : 23 QSO

Thanks for that interesting analysis of SOTA data. With respect to maximum number of QSOs at 468 per unique activation in 2021, was this an outlier result from some special event/multi-op with an especially long time at summit? Hard to imagine a “typical” summit trek with that many QSOs. Perhaps it was a special summit which also attracted WWF or POTA chasers?
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Mike, WB2FUV

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Some of the EA activators a few years ago I recall were conducting activations with huge numbers of QSOs. Think there was one with over 700 QSOs.

My highest was 421 from Cadair Berwyn GW/NW-012 IIRC.


Darumayama JA/SO-051.

More details on https://www.sotadata.org.uk/en/summit/report/79077

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Hi Mike,
I suppose most of the activations with such a high number of QSOs are special events in some way.
Speaking for the years 2014 and 2015, I was on a “mini-DXpedition” on HB0/LI-004 (559 QSOs, link and 668 QSOs, link, respectively).
The activation was performed according to SOTA rules (battery powered, within AZ, carried everything to the top, etc.) but the focus was to provide HB0 to the deserving. Both were multy-day operations from early in the morning till late afternoon.

73, Roman


Thanks for the info.

I remember getting 113 qsos on 2m fm back in 2012 .
GW/NW-035 Manod Mawr
50w , 21ah slab ,diamond x7000 @ 3m agl.
Certainly my highest total.