VK1 to Europe LP

On Sunday from 0600 UTC I will try 20m SSB long path from Mt Stromlo VK1/AC-043. I will operate for ~1.5 hours.

Anyone interested in a S2S?

VK1 Sunset is at 0735 UTC.


Andrew VK1AD


Yesterday and Today 20m LP SSB has been open from 0530 UTC through 0700 UTC between ZL/VK and EU/UK. So your timing should be good.
The problem you may get is the number of QRO stations filling the band (not only contesters but in general). This morning it was VERY hard to find a free frequency when I was activating two ILLW lighthouses.
73 Ed.

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I am already on a summit. Can be on another one at 6utc.

No dx so far… :disappointed_relieved:

But many stations in Europe. Lighthouse weekend causes increased activity fyi

73 joe


Well that was fun! 20m was open from 0600 to 0725 UTC when I closed at VK1 sunset. Propagation conditions were good. My gear; FT-891 at 20 watts into a 20m 1/4 wave GP with four elevated ground radials.

S2S with Ben GW4BML at GW/NW-022 and Herbert OE9HRV at DL/AL-137. Thanks Ben and Herbert for two new chased summits.

36 in the log for 20m SSB. Also worked special event callsign N7N at a US lighthouse.

The bonus ‘skip’ from the eastern grey kangaroos may have helped :joy:

For Ed, no issues with QRO stations :wink:

73 Andrew VK1AD



There is a 10 dB penality for every hop however.

I’ve been working a number of Eu stations on 10 m with 70 W from home. They are not as strong as on 17 but quite a few from the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. Sometimes an African pops up

Worth a try.



Possibly not at your end but over here I listened for you on your last 4 spotted frequencies following you as you changed and each time there was someone in Europe on or very close to the frequency. (home antenna is omnidirectional - I possibly could have heard you if I had a beam).

Glad to hear it went off so well.

73 Ed.

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I heard you with pre-amp on with a 31 so I did not even try to call with EU chasers making their calls.

But I worked VK5PAS. So DX hurray :slight_smile:


Great to make the S2S contact this morning Andrew @VK1AD - it was quite a surprise and you were a good 5/5 into me!

I didn’t have so good wx - but I soon perked up when you answered my S2S call

Look forward to the next!

73, Ben


I could hear VK6IA rag chewing on 17m like he was sat next to me on GM/SS-221 this afternoon, sadly no qso though.


Ben @GW4BML is your antenna an EFHW? Nice improvisation of the walking pole.

Andrew VK1AD

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Yes @VK1AD Andrew, I use a 40/20 EFHW which also works on 15/12/10m with out tuner. Hahaa, multi tasking walking poles! :rofl:


Yesterday from Baldy Range VK2/ST-008, 20m LP propagation was open from 0415 UTC working:

IK4IDF, OH1MM, F4WBN, UT5PI, KG5CIK, SP7MW and finally OM5DP at 0457 UTC.

My gear; FT-891 at 10 watts into a homebrew inverted V dipole antenna with the apex at 7 metres above ground.

73, Andrew VK1AD


On Thursday I plan to activate VK1/AC-042 Black Mountain from 0600 UTC to VK1 sunset at 0745 UTC.

My aim is to work EU chasers via 20m SSB long path. I will operate in the high end of 20m between 14.310 to 14.340. Please look for my spots.

Anyone interested in a SSB S2S?

73, Andrew VK1AD

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I’ll probably be back in the Vosges tomorrow morning… hope I can make it before you qrt… probably it will be FL/VO-080 or FL/VO-170 (…which one would you prefer?)

73 Armin

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Originally I had planned a day in the Vosges. The density of summits there is so high that I always activate several summits a day.
In any case, FL/VO-080 and FL/VO-170, which are right next to each other, were planned for today. I also wanted to be on FL/VO-002; it’s only a few kilometers away. I dropped that a few weeks ago because the crowds of tourists before the Tour de France were too much for me.

The condx this morning weren’t that bad. VK2IO reached me in CW and SSB.

Unfortunately, the chasers from VK were missing again… and JA also kept coming up on 15m in the QSB. JA1AAA was very loud (579), but didn’t hear me and JA1VVH, who called me as a chaser, was lost in the QSB, but could be heard at 449 at times.

When I was between the summits at the Col du Rothenbach the weather had deteriorated and visibility was a little over 20m meters. The cloud base has fallen massively and it was not foreseeable that it would rise again.

That’s why I stopped the activations… the Vosges don’t run away… on the way home I took some pâté and baguette with me and comforted myself with them at home.

Thank you Andrew for our S2S…you made my day.

73 Armin

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Hi all

Thanks Armin @DL6GCA and Michael @DC8YZ for the two S2S :slight_smile:

20m long path conditions were very good at my end of the propagation path, it would appear the traffic was one way :slight_smile:

I started my activation of Black Mountain VK1/AC-042 (VKFF-0834) at 0555 UTC and stopped at 0730 UTC due to a sudden drop in the ambient temperature and a strong cold westerly wind with a nasty windchill effect. QSOs: Total of 58. 20m DX 35 QSOs.

Countries worked in no particular order: Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, England, Denmark, France and Greece. In Australia; VK1, VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK6.

My gear: FT-891 @ 20 watts into an inverted V dipole with the apex at 7 metres, broadside south-east/north-west, not that is matters much using an inverted V. A south easterly bearing is the start of long path to EU from VK1.

Highlights: 2 S2S and M0WTR/M mobile

VK1AD on VK1/AC-042 (Black Mountain), 31 Aug 2023

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
05:58 SM5LNE 20m SSB Jan s55 r55
06:00 OH1MM 20m SSB Pasi s58 r55
06:01 ZL2ATH 20m SSB Wynne s53 r53
06:03 VK4CK 20m SSB Paul s59 r59
06:04 ON3YB 20m SSB s57 r33
06:05 VK4CEE 20m SSB Jim s51 r51
06:05 VK1RF 20m SSB Jim s51 r55
06:07 VK6LMK 20m SSB Lance s52 r33
06:07 OH6GAZ 20m SSB Juha s57 r54
06:08 SM4CJM 20m SSB Hans s58 r56
06:09 DL6MST 20m SSB Klaus s55 r41
06:10 I4RHP 20m SSB Rodolfo s58 r57
06:11 VK6HDY 20m SSB Birst s59 r55
06:13 OH5EP 20m SSB Jukka s58 r57
06:14 UT5PI 20m SSB s58 r59
06:15 DL6GCA 20m SSB Armin s55 r54 S2S FL/VO-080
06:16 EA2CKX 20m SSB s57 r52
06:17 SP6KEP 20m SSB Club Stn s55 r52
06:18 IW2BNA 20m SSB Walter s57 r55
06:18 ON7ZM 20m SSB Jean s55 r44
06:19 G0VWP 20m SSB Terry s59 r55
06:20 DL1EBR 20m SSB s57 r57
06:21 OZ30EU 20m SSB s59 r44
06:23 SQ9FMC 20m SSB s57 r55
06:23 ON3UA 20m SSB s55 r44
06:24 F1BLL 20m SSB s58 r55
06:24 IK1GPG 20m SSB s58 r57
06:25 M7CBI 20m SSB Dean s58 r58
06:27 M0WTR/M 20m SSB s58 r56
06:30 DC8YZ/P 20m SSB Michael s52 r52 S2S DM/BM-160 DLFF-0058
06:36 SV3IEG 20m SSB Dinos s55 r43
06:36 IW2BNA 20m SSB Walter s58 r57
06:37 DJ2MX 20m SSB Mario s58 r44
06:38 VK6NU 20m SSB John s55 r55
06:39 IW2NXI 20m SSB s58 r55
06:41 ZL3MR 20m SSB John s59 r42
06:46 G3IRQ 20m SSB Peter s59 r55
06:49 G4AIR 20m SSB Dave s57 r56
06:53 ZL1HIM 20m SSB Ian s59 r53
06:54 VK1MA 20m SSB Matt s59 r59
06:56 VK4OZI 20m SSB Steve s59 r59
06:57 ON4ON 20m SSB s58 r56
06:59 SP7MW 20m SSB s58 r31
07:04 VK3PF 40m SSB Peter s59 r59
07:07 VK3KAI 40m SSB Peter s59 r59
07:08 VK2IO 40m SSB Gerard s59 r59
07:09 ZL1HIM 40m SSB Ian s58 r53
07:10 VK3VIN 40m SSB Ian s59 r59
07:11 VK3SG 40m SSB Leigh s59 r59
07:12 VK2YW 40m SSB John s59 r59
07:12 VK2ADF 40m SSB Bob s59 r59
07:13 VK3CEO 40m SSB Ray s59 r59
07:13 VK5PAS 40m SSB Paul s59 r59
07:14 VK2EG 40m SSB Bob s59 r59
07:15 VK4KTW 40m SSB Kelly s58 r55
07:17 VK4TJ 40m SSB John s59 r59
07:19 VK4JVA 40m SSB Jeff s59 r59
07:20 VK4MUD 40m SSB John s59 r58

My operating position sitting on the ground. No spiders, ants, snakes or other nasty critters today!

Thank you all chasers especially Armin and Michael who both had early starts.

Until next time :slight_smile:

73 Andrew VK1AD


52 contacts on 20m from ZL3 this evening on ZL3/CB-499 Mt Barrosa. About 35 of which were Europe, though KG5CIK managed to make it in from Texas, as usual!

Band was open at 0450UTC when I switched to 20m, and seemed to be dropping off by 0530 when I went QRT (though that could merely have been me exhausting the available chasers).

A very ‘well behaved’ bunch of chasers too, stations coming in one at a time when called-in, no issues at all with stations calling over QSOs. Resulting in probably the most relaxing DX SOTA pileup I’ve worked. Thanks all.

Prefixes worked:

ZL, VK, F, K, OH, I, SP, OE, DL, G, RU, OM, UT, OG, 9A, OK


Thanks for hitting me last Saturday for HB75ZRH, unfortunately the only contact to you downunders there. :+1: Not able here to take part during the week.

73, Markus HB9DIZ

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Hi folks

I am planning two activations to work chasers via 20m LP to Europe:

Friday 15 September, Mt Stromlo VK1/AC-043, 0600 UTC to 0800 UTC (sunset)

Saturday 16 September, Mt Cowangerong VK2/ST-001, 0600 UTC to 0800 UTC.

Alerts posted.

73, Andrew VK1AD


Hi Andrew

I’m planning on activating FL/VO-157… and I should be able to do it by 0800 UTC… so I’m hoping for an S2S with you again!

73 Armin

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