VI10SOTA - Celebrating 10 years of SOTA in VK1.

Hi all

On Sunday 8 January 2023 I will use special event callsign VI10SOTA from 0800 to 0920 UTC, for an opportunity to try 20m LP propagation to EU.

I hope to work enthusiastic EU chasers or S2S as conditions permit.

VK1 sunset is at 0920 UTC.


Andrew VK1AD


I’ll be listening for you on Mt Stromlo - good luck & 73 Ed DD5LP.

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Wonderful to work you this morning Andrew on VK1/AC-043 , 5/2 on the long path

Craig 2E0VRX 73

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Hi folks,

Yesterday HF propagation conditions were mixed across VK, with a space weather warning for potential HF fadeouts. To be honest, I did not have high expectations of working EU LP, nevertheless I didn’t give up and continued calling CQ right to the end at 0920 UTC, whereupon the sun had set over the Brindabella Ranges.

I started at 0740 UTC, stations worked in order:

VI10SOTA on VK1/AC-043 (Mt Stromlo), 08 Jan 2023

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
07:42 ZL1SKL 20m SSB Soren s58 r55
07:44 JG0AWE 20m SSB Hiroaki s53 r33
07:45 VK6NU 20m SSB John s56 r41
07:46 F4WBN 20m SSB Chris s58 r55
07:48 ZL2STR 20m SSB Stewart s58 r33
07:50 JH1MXV 20m SSB Hideo s58 r52
07:51 ZL2ATH 20m SSB Wynne s55 r31
07:52 UW8SM 20m SSB Andri s55 r33
07:53 S57S 20m SSB Alek s57 r32
07:54 ZL3MR 20m SSB John s59 r42
08:07 7N1FRE 20m SSB Kaz s55 r35
08:30 VK3PF 40m SSB Peter s58 r56
08:37 VK2NNN 40m SSB Darren s59 r43
08:42 OH6GAZ 20m SSB Juha s57 r51
08:43 SA4BLM 20m SSB Lars s58 r52
08:53 2E0YYY/P 20m SSB Mike s52 r33
08:56 2E0VRX 20m SSB Craig s58 r41
09:14 G4OBK 20m SSB Phil s58 r44

The first of four QSOs to New Zealand opened with Soren ZL1SKL.

Hiroaki JG0AWE indicated 20m was open to Japan, my first JA QSO for VI10SOTA while Chris F4WBN was my first EU contact with his very reliable SSB signal.

There was a long pause, a possible 20m fadeout in LP propagation from 0810 to 0840 UTC, therefore I took the opportunity to try 40m where I worked two VK stations, conditions were poor :frowning: . I had every intention to return to 20m and I am glad I did :slight_smile:

Juha OH6GAZ and Lars SA4BLM called in quick succession around 0842 UTC with a excellent signals 5-7 to 5-8. I listened for Ed DD5LP who was just on the edge of my noise but I couldn’t break in on the chasers. Next and with 20 minutes before my planned QRT at 0920, propagation was open to the UK, working Mike (portable), Graig and Phil.

My gear: Antenna is a multiband 1/4 wave GP for 40/30/20 and 17m, radio FT-857D @ 25 watts output.

Thanks chasers for the opportunity to promote VI10SOTA celebrating 10 years of SOTA in VK1. Countries worked: New Zealand, Japan, France, Ukraine, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and the UK. Great to get John VK6NU in the log for a QSO to Western Australia.

VI10SOTA will be active throughout 2023, I will plan another LP activation soon.

73, Andrew VK1AD


Thanks Craig, my first SOTA QSO with you. :slight_smile: Well done, your sig was well above my noise floor and the audio was clear. Thanks for persevering and taking an interest in VI10SOTA.

73, Andrew VK1AD


Hi Andrew and it certainly made my day to even hear you never mind get itl , this was my very first VK SOTA contact so it’s a big thank you for activating , you were 4/1 when we spoke and I continued to SWL when you came up to 5/2 , congratulations on such an impressive log

Till next time 73


multiband 1/4 wave GP

Hi Andrew, any details about your multi band G/P antenna

Geoff vk3sq


Thank you for the “late in the day” SOTAWatch spot Craig - much appreciated. I had been monitoring for Andrew on and off for some time, and I had no copy short or long path. I saw your spot and the helpful comment, and took a last listen long path - there was VI10SOTA. Much appreciated Craig and Andrew.

73 Phil G4OBK


Hey nice one Phil and must have been a good path into Yorkshire lol , I heard you call in and you was 5/4 on BS with me , I also heard nothing SP but was confident the LP would come good , ten mins after working Andrew I put out a few CQ,s and worked ZL South Island 5/8 the opening didn’t last long and soon closed after that


Craig 2E0VRX 73


Hi Geoff

Same antenna mentioned in this thread, now with four radials.

I’m sure I sent you an email in April 22 with the details.

Antenna set up yesterday evening


Thank you & Good Job, Andrew!

It’s my 3rd QSO w/ VI10SOTA (1st 20m SSB).
When I called you, 20m band was so noisy in JA.
I did not copy everything you said, but understood most of it.
I will continue to follow VI10SOTA , also try to S2S some day.
See you. 73,

de JG0AWE / Hiro WAKA


Hi Hiro san,

I started yesterday’s activation of Black Mt (vk1/ac-042) using my own callsign but a message from VK1AD suggested I use the Vi10sota callsign, which I did. So after our two contacts on 17m and 15m, we then had another contact on 15m and 20m under the vi10sota callsign. Your signal was very good on all bands, especially after the solar event earlier in the day. Thank you for all the contacts. I’m always interested and happy to make multiple contacts where it is on different bands.

After my activation the QSO count was about 40, with half on my own call on SSB and CW, and half being on CW only from Vi10sota. Conditions dropped out after about 0800 and while I could hear some EU signals after that, they were mostly at low signal levels.

I was glad to work some of the regulars also from Europe as well as a number of JA and ZL regulars. Conditions didn’t last long enough for my SSB session on 20m to yield any DX.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Hi all,

I am planning to use special event callsign VI10SOTA on Sunday from Mt McDonald VK1/AC-048, for long path prop on 20m from ~0745 UTC.

The aim is to offer northern hemisphere SOTA chasers the opportunity to work VI10SOTA and a VK1 summit.

Ed DD5LP had posted an alert where he plans to use DL20SOTA. Anyone else interested in a S2S contact?

VK1 sunset is @ 0915 UTC.

I will spot when QRV.

73, Andrew VK1AD


Thanks for your efforts, Andrew.
It would be nice to work VI10SOTA S2S, but temperature on Sunday morning is going to be in the range of -5C to -10C here.
I’m not sure I can make it :cold_face:

Hope to see you soon, when the weather is a bit more friendly.
73, Roman


Hi Roman

Thanks for the message, our summer Wx is all over the shop. Coolish one day then 33 to 34 the next day. Canberra is known for its freezing winter nights but chilly nights in December/January were previously rare.

I reckon March and April (autumn equinox) will be the ideal period for VK - EU LP and again in September/October. Nevertheless, in the meantime I will continue to promote VI10SOTA to SOTA chasers in the northern hemisphere. Keep and eye out for further posts at this thread.

I’m looking forward to a S2S QSO in 2023.

73, Andrew VK1AD


Hi folks

The Wx forecast for today is rain and lots of it plus the chance of sever thunderstorms at the time when I would be ascending Mt McDonald.

Current rain radar image at 0750 local. The weather is moving from west to east.

I may change summits or cancel my plans altogether.

Until next time.

73 Andrew VK1AD


The VK1 group had a successful mass activation day on the 1st of February, celebrating the 10 years of sota in vk1. Activators were on seven local mountains near Canberra. Mount Majura, Mount Ainslie, Mount Taylor, Mount Stromlo, Castle Hill, Tuggeranong Hill and Yellow Rabbit Hill were activated by Ian VK1DI, Andrew VK2ZRK, Andrew VK1DA, Matt VK1MA, Al VK1RX, Rod VK1ACE and Andrew VK1AD who operated as VK1NAM, the callsign he used 10 years ago on the first VK1 sota day. The callsign VI10SOTA was used by VK1DA at Mount Taylor.

There were a number of local chasers operating from home stations in Canberra on hf and vhf and in vk2, vk3, vk4 and vk5. ZL3MR was operating at zl3/cb-806 and was worked despite poor conditions, on both 14 and 21 mhz.

Gerard vk2io operated at vk2/sy-001 and Phil VK2JDL operated from VK2/HU-093 and most of the vk1 activators worked them at least once.

Notable contacts at VI10SOTA included JGØAWE Hiro who has now made 4 QSOs with VI10SOTA.

Also adding to the nostalgic vibe was a contact on 144 mhz using AM between VI10SOTA and VK1AD.

Thanks to all who made the day so enjoyable.

73 Andrew VK1DA


VI10SOTA - Working EU at 10 watts from VK1/AC-041

Andrew VK1AD


Yes LP open - unfortunately lots of QRO stations causing noise across the band!

73 Ed.


Great to work you again Andrew on the LP bit of a scratchy one @ 3/1 , 4/1 but they all count


Craig 2E0VRX 73

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