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Trapped EFHW match unit

Maybe, I wrote it to short.

I’ve experiences with this PVC isolated braid 0.25 mm2 for the last 6 years. In the first time it was only to test my constructions. But later I noticed how reliable and lightweight it is.

I’ve build three antennas, a OCF Dipole (20 m long), a “vertical” with an elevated “radial” (6 m and about 12 m linked) and new an EFHW for 30 m. The first two are around 6 years old and the third only some weeks. The only failure was a break at a crimped connector (failure from crimping). I used the first two antennas during 110 activations and some other portable events and tests, approx. 50 % each. There were also activations in winter (e. g. here and here and here).

The wire did not entangle because I’m forming 8-shaped layers around my thumb and my little finger. There was never a problem to deploy the wire.

So my suggestion is, give it a try. But be aware, you cant transfer the length between wires with different diameters and coating.

73, Ludwig

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Hi Ludwig,

This means about 60 activations per wire. Compare that to about 220-250 activations until it broke. It was used under different weather conditions as well, in heat and in snow. To me, the unused Sotabeams wire is more smooth than the used one (same age), maybe because it was exposed to UV.

I’m using a typical wire winder, also with a figure-8 that works very well for me.

Yes, the velocity factor will change with the kind of wire.

73 Stephan


Thanks Andy for the heads up on this one - turns out the seller is local to me so I have just picked some up from him, its worth a try at that price especially without the postage.

Stephan has linked to the specs above, but as a quick guide, here’s the Habia wire (orange) compared to Sotabeams heavy and lightweight wires:



Hi Victor,

A good catch from Andy, indeed!
I just ordered the last spool of 100m orange wire.
It’s definitely a steal, even with the postage.
I’ll use it for my upcoming vertical antenna projects for the higher bands.

73 Stephan

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