My shortest day last of the year activation

Like in 2019 and 2020 my last activation this year was on DM/TH-853. I started on 12/21/2021 about 12:30 UTC from the car park. It was sunny, the most of the sky blue and nearly no wind – a fine weather.

The temperature was some degrees below zero …

… and the sun stood deep.

After a little bit more than 1 km way and 100 m ascend the last steep section.

The only free place was frosty. From the the south it was in a deep shadow of large trees. There was no sun over the whole day.

I was using my 6 m vertical with one elevated “radial”. (I know, it’s not a GP).

Starting with a test on 15 m I had no success and switched to 20 m. After 7 minutes a had 9 contacts in the log, 8 from the south (3 x SV, 3 x EA, 1 x I, 1 x CT). A direction change of the “radial” and a new QRG brought 3 contacts from GM (2 S2S), 3 from EA, 1 from AC and 1 from EI (only contact in CW). After 1 hour operation it was time for QRT. My fingers were numb and I felt a strong vibration inside. So it took a while to pack up.

With the last sun I started the way back …

… and the sun was gone when reaching the car.

Thank you very much to all the chasers and especially to those on summits.

I wish you all the best for 2022 and hope to work you from my next summits.

73, Ludwig


Thanks Ludwig for a great report with photos. Well done. :grinning:

A hny to you also and cheers to you as well :beers: :beers:

73 Geoff vk3sq

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