Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party - 3 November 2018- Activation Reports

I’m on a weekend visit to Sacramento, CA and it turned out that the only convenient time for me to sneak away and activate just happened to be during the TransAtlantic S2S event. I didn’t expect to reach EU from the far West Coast, but wow was I pleasantly surprised! My summit, W6/NC-151 was very RF-noisy and the winds were too strong to push the mast up very high, but I still managed to get S2S contacts completed with summits in OE, HB, S58, G, and DL. I believe these were my first ever Chaser QSO’s with European stations! Also worked a bunch of other EU Chasers, and a few NA S2S over about 1.5 hours.

My XYL said there seems to be a ham radio event every weekend, and I suppose she is right, but this one seemed to be pretty special and I’m happy I was able to participate for a short while. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Keith KR7RK


Hochhäderich DL / AL-137 from the Austrian side

An hour’s climb, which was already worth it because of the weather
20m Hentenna, attached to the border post OE / DL, Equipment and Operator is on the Austrian side :wink:
Sunset with view to Switzerland, good to see the transmitter on the Säntis HB / AI-001 (2502m high)

Thanks for the s2s QSOs with EU and USA, from NC to CA :slight_smile:

Herbert, OE9HRV


Spent the afternoon on HB/ZH-004, which is a drive in summit with convenient picknick tables in the activation zone.
Equipment: FT-891 running 50W with a 12Ah LiFePo battery, 8m fibreglass pole with a GP for 20m. (Matched with a tuner on the other bands).
The only transatlantic S2S was N1EU, however I had qso’s with 27 other chasers from the US (24 in CW, 3 in FT8) and 2 from Canada.

ConDX were OK, it was nice to see how chasers were from further west as the time went by. Around 1700 UTC, I had my first west coast contact ever, running with the last few mAh of the battery…
I closed shop in almost complete darkness, have to check my backpack now to see id I didn’t leave anything up there :slight_smile:

Thanks to all transatlantic and EU chasers and S2S


Thanks for S2S QSO Barry!

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One of the advantages of female operators apart from sticking out from the male crowd :wink:
I was listening to your CW contact with Peter…

73, Sylvia


Hi Keith,
I was very pleased with our QSO yesterday. There was a record distance of 9190 Km between us. Better said, between our antennas, as I was running remotely.


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After more than 20 years break, I returned to the amateur radio. I can not do much at home.

I’ve been doing sota for half a year. Yesterday I had the first contact to NA. Unfortunately I got a cold and fast frozen. So I gave up after 2 hours. But anyway: It was a great event

My equipement was KX2 and 9,80m vertical wire with 5,20m counterpoise

Thank you for organizing



45 mph + winds, 10c and thanks to another post I was reasonably comfortable in my tarp/tent - which I’d only tried putting up in our garden the previous day. Really surprised at how well it coped considering some of the gusts of wind.

I ‘only’ got 3 S2S:-
N1EU on w2/gc-026
G4OOE/P on G/TW, (about 40 miles away)
S58R/P on S5/BI-053.

All were on 14mhz except one on 10mhz and all on CW.

Kit = HB1-1b, + old army morse key, SotaBeams linked dipole.

And 7 chasers. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised but the QRP frequencies were jammed with contesters at full blast.

An hour or so to walk in, just over 2 hrs operating and another hour walk back to the car, the last mile or so in the dark.


Thanks to Gerald, Barry, and Ed for organizing the event. You picked a great date. I see I have two of you in my log from yesterday - next time I’ll try for a clean sweep :-).

I got very lucky with the weather. The forecast was for rain and snow and high wind. I had rain on the way to the summit and snow on the way back and it was windy, but I had only a little rain while I was on the air. Lots of fog and lots of condensation, but nothing to cause me to shut down. I broke out my winter kit for the activation and was bundled up with my back to the wind and didn’t get too chilled even after 3+ hours on the air.

I made 36 contacts - 15 EU and 21 NA. Most were on 20m CW. Nine were S2S, five from EU and four from NA. I think could have done better, there were activators that I could hear in the clear, but I couldn’t break their pile-ups. There were at least three stations who I heard calling me crystal clear, but when I came back they were gone - QSB got them. And I think I might have had more contacts with better operating - at least twice I had brain freeze on CW where it all turns to gibberish. More experience will help there.

I treated the activation partly as an opportunity to switch to my winter kit and I remembered everything except my camera. I did have my cell phone and took a few blurry pics:

I was alone on the summit because of the weather so I had the picnic table to myself

Prepared for rain or snow

The obligatory selfie

I had a blast, see you all next time.
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ


Not to forget Barry N1EU who very usefully provides a different perspective from across the pond and was partly instrumental in us moving the event from the third to the first weekend in November. I was somewhat sceptical that conditions would be good enough this early in the month, but hey, what a blast!!!

Paul G6GGP (G4MD) and myself were originally going to North Wales for this outing, but the wet WX over there dictated otherwise. After considering several summits, we decided upon Bredon Hill G/CE-003 just inside the Cotswold National Park. The location contributed to several of my contacts as it is with the FF area, with 44’s being passed quite regularly.

The view out from Bredon Hill G/CE-003

We operated for around three and a half hours. With two stations set up on the summit we knew that there would be some in-band interference, but were not prepared for my operations on 18MHz wiping out Paul on 14MHz. Paul was first to get going and I sat listening to him calling CQ. A spot for him soon got things underway and I sat listening for a while before starting my own run lower down the band on CW. With many large signals on the band from across the pond, I had the confidence to run the 857D at just 20 watts output knowing this would help with the battery depletion. As it was, my 16.4AH 3S LiPO + single NiMH combination was still providing 12.5V when I packed up. BTW, apologies for using my G8 call - the XK combination had several people either straining to copy this correctly or send it back to me correctly! I hope it didn’t blow any minds! :exploding_head:

In all I made 39 contacts with a breakdown as follows: 10 EU fixed, 2 EU S2S, 21 American fixed, 5 American S2S (Barry N1EU, Tom N2YTF (on SSB), Pete WA7JTM, Keith KR7RK, Leo K4LPQ) and an S2S with Malcolm VE2DDZ on VE2/ES-010. The S2S with Keith on W6/NC-151 was my first S2S with California. :grinning: Pete was an amazing 579 signal. :grinning:

No shelter required - just a tarp to sit on in a convenient hollow

I finished at 16:40z a little earlier than planned so may have missed some potential contacts. Known misses were Pat KI4SVM (who I copied working Paul, but it was Paul’s frequency so I didn’t butt in) and Charlie NJ7V who was handling a run of Stateside callers all of whom were stronger than I was. Both Paul and I looked for Malen VE6VID, but unfortunately we didn’t copy anything.

Many thanks to all who turned out for this event. With the threat of solar activity and it being the low point in the solar cycle, the event went much better than I had expected. I hope a good number will turn out for the next one in the spring.

73, Gerald G8CXK (G4OIG)

EDIT: For anyone interested in the States worked they were AZ, CA, CO, FL, KS, KY, MI, NC, NH, NJ, NM, OR, PA, SC and TN. 15 in all. I often work fewer during a contest!


Hi all,

thank’s for the super event yesterday.
I was on DM/NW-204 Nordhelle running 50 W SSB with a FT-891 in a inv.-V-dipole 12 m high.
I made 6 QSOs only, but S2S-QSO to W2, W9, W7 and SV, all on 20m.
Thanks for the QSO!

73, Lutz


Gerald…I should of known that you were the “G” I worked as an s2s yesterday, but I was too busy in the EU pileup to even think about it at the time.

You were very strong to say the least. Conditions were just plain great yesterday here in AZ!

Thanks (again)!!!




Oh, yes! We almost forgot to praise our lucky anvil aka the mighty hammer of luck. Good job buddy :smile:
Not something to carry on every summit but here it worked well.


Weather in southern Spain was incredibly warm on Saturday. I spent the morning with the family on Estepona promenade and I was wearing a t-shirt (and I’m a cold person).
So, it wasn’t a surprise to find nice and warm (15 C) weather at 1400m altitude at Pico de Los Reales (EA7/MA-008) in the afternoon.
Plenty of people on the summit, I had to move about 50m from the top to find a decent spot where to install a 14MHz vertical mounted EFHW.
QRP (5W) and SSB didn’t make things easy, although I managed to log 20 operators all EU, 8 of them S2S.
Around 14:50 UTC I realized that the LiPO battery was dead and I had no choice other than taking few pictures and hike back to the car park.

Overall I felt like the trans-atlantic event went well, many EU operators have managed to cross the pond and add some NA stations to their logs. For me it was mainly a test for the newly built antenna and a way to get back to SOTA after some years of inactivity.

Thanks to all the activators for the S2S QSOs and all the chasers who called me. I hope to meet you soon again from another summit!

73s Gab EA7JUG - IZ1KSW

Some pictures of the day:



Ivica 9A6CW just posted a video receiving my signal Saturday morning at 1337Z.

It’s partly a testament to his excellent delta loop antenna, but propagation was certainly pretty decent as well. I was running 12W into an EFHW up about 30ft/9M :astonished::astonished:

73 Barry N1EU

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I copied you several times while you were working S2S with other activators and your portable station was putting a good easy to copy signal here.
Unfortunately I never found you CQing nor found any spot for you, so I couldn’t chase you. Shame…

Next time, hopefully.


Hi everyone,

i enjoyed the S2S-event from DM/HE-570, “Große Haube”, located in the core-zone of the Nature Park “Hessische Rhön”, DLFF-0065.

With 5 W (KX2) and a balanced-feeding-line into a “Triple-leg” (all elements 7m), it was possible to work 11 DX-Stations from the States and Canada and 1 S2S-QSO with Barry, N1EU!
Many QSO´s from Europe, inclusice S2S, are also in the log.

Many thanks for the organization and to all Hams´s for the nice QSO´s! Such a S2S-event is always a great challenge for alle participants, I´m looking forward to the next!

Don´t wonder about the VHF-antenna in the picture: additionally, i took part for a short time in the VHF-Marconi-Memorial-Contest (IARU-Region 1) until sunset, looking for some new squares and DX, because I´m also a (qrp) VHF/UHF-enthusiast.
In the hope to step aside the wild boar, i hiked down with the last shafts of sunlight.
Ham-Radio from the mountains ist always a great experience!

73, Gerhard



Tnx fer qso Yesterday nice to Greece at 17m band didnt expect to hear you 73’
op Mike…:slight_smile:

A most excellent event, I had enormous fun! Many thanks to Gerald, Barry and Ed for making it happen.

Only made 15 contacts, but four of these were stateside with two S2Ss - Thanks KI4SVM and N2YTF! YO8SEP/P, MW0XOT/P and M0PLA/P brought the S2S total up to five.

I was running about 4.5W to an “upper and outer” for 20m which seemed to work quite well. Just for interest I tried the “outer” leg extended to the SE and the NW to see if it made any difference - hard to be sure due to the vagaries of QSB and propagation but I got the distinct impression of better readability when it was extended NW towards the States…

The QRM issue with Gerald on the same summit was totally unexpected - we have operated the same radios (857/817) many times in very close proximity without problems though on reflection I had always been on 7MHz or lower. This needs more investigation… Apologies to those that were calling and that I missed due to not being able to hear them. And to Gerald, who was also experiencing QRM from me :frowning:

73 de Paul G6GGP/G4MD