Trans-Atlantic S2S Event - 4th November 2023 - post-event reports

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I’ll be on I/MC-124 Montalto.
Kenwood TS-50 and Windom.



Hunting SOTA/DX stuck at home during this S2S event. :sleepy: Tried several times with KH1 4.4w to 4BTV on fence post with miles CP and got a few QRZs but no Joy! Then blasted Mikhail/LB8CG with TX500 at 11W same antenna and we gotter done:+1: …albeit with some repeats. Amazing conditions and also amazing how just a few more watts and possibly band changed for better props got us through? THNAK YOU Mikhail Good Ears! OM!


Hoho. That was fun. Apart from the shower and the bullocks in the field. The bullocks were curious, too curious. They came so close I was concerned for my safety when they surrounded me at the trig. I have cow-snot marks on my bag where one of the bullocks was licking it. Sadly I was still wearing it at the time :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Still 8 stateside stations (3x S2S in W1, W2, W6) was worthwhile getting cold and scared :wink:


That was fun!!

2 hours at local peak in SoCal.

58 Qs on 10m, SSB, 65w from a K3s into a Buddipole Dipole.

6 S2S with 5 into EU.


You were 57 when you called me Paul. But you just could not hear me. Only 10W from the KX2 into a simple vertical. More smoke was needed up the pipe!


Yes - it was fun

There were also a pleasing number of stations at the summits qrv… but unfortunately there was also a lot of QRM

In 3 1/2 hours I had 23 DX stations (9 S2S in W and VE) in the log… if it hadn’t been so wet, cold and dark… there would have been a few more.

73 Armin


Band conditions were favorable today! Maybe not as good as on Wednesday, when I tested my antennas, but of course the band was more busy today than during the week.

I started on 10m CW which yielded a few stateside QSOs. I tried 12m next, but could not get a single contact within 15 min (!). I switched back to 10m and stayed there. Punctually at sun set the bad weather moved in from the west with gusty winds. I had 20 S2S in the log and called it a day.

Whoever had the idea to call for a NA/EU S2S Day deserves a big THANK YOU!

73 Heinz, OE5EEP


I was trying to chase this morning before going to the Ham flea market I decided to check that out instead of hiking in mud today, the qrm in my shack is just to much to pull anyone out of the noise. I hope everyone had a awesome day!

73 de VE6JTW


From this Yorkshire Chasers perspective it was a very good session. Once USA was coming in after 1400z I concentrated on the higher bands. The signals on 10m coming off Arizona’s summits were the strongest heard. I don’t usually sit in the shack for hours but I come and go throughout the day. I’ve been too busy with other matters of late to do much chasing but today in those conditions I made more time to get on the air.

Despite taking an hour off for household duties from 14:30-15:30z I worked 24 different USA/VE/KP4 stations all told. I couldn’t leave the shack from 15:30-17:00 - there was too much coming in! As the chops were cooking after 17:00 I sneaked back in to work @KG6CIH on 20m CW, and the last station worked after the AZ based stations had faded, was @KC1QDZ on 10m at 17:31. The 12m band FT8 contact with @N0YPR was very welcome - I’d looked for John on 20/17/15m without success, nothing seen on the waterfall at all when he was working mainly USA, until he went on to 24915 at 16:45 and there he was on my screen, clear as day, long live FT8 (Just saying that for the nay-sayers!).

73 and TNX for all the SOTA activators worldwide, including the PY stations QRV today and not forgetting RA9WJV/P who came through very well on 10m SSB this morning.

TNX @ON6ZQ for the Log2map app

73 Phil G4OBK


Phil (@G4OBK) ,

You were loud for me and glad we nabbed a Q.

Hope the chops were tasty…



DM/NS-135 440 m asl
40 W @ DG7ACF multiband vertical
Height of viewtower: 14 m

Sh8y wx, ufb condx, great fun! Forecast was strong winds and rain coming up after 1500 z. I think I delivered an authentical SOTA signal with plenty wind noise. Sorry for that.
The rain was an hour earlier than forecast and a strong gust brought down the pole. I was just about to call it a day, but didn’t feel very satisfied with this activation. So I re-deployed the mast (properly this time) and got rewarded with more DX and more DX s2s.

28 megs were full of stations. I lost my frequency three times. I can’t remember when was the last time this happened. Only three EU stations were worked, all others from the Americas.

I would have stayed longer on the summit than 1515 z, but with winds and rain increasing, I called it a day. On the descent, this turned out to be a wise decision. On the ridgeway, 200, 250 m ahead a tree was blown over. What an impressive noise! Glad, I was close enough to experience this, but not too close!

All QSOs 28 MHZ, all SSB.





Another fun summit-to-summit event! We had good weather in northern Virginia. Earlier I’d mentioned buying a 10m Moxon antenna but it (tubular aluminum, my first HF antenna of the stuff) was much more unwieldy than expected so I left it behind. I did use a 50W amp and 404-UL OCF antenna like last year.

42 QSOs including 8 S2S across the pond and another 8 S2S in North America.

Thanks all and 73,


That was an amazing activation! After checking band conditions, which were beginning to show signs of the incoming CME I decided 10m was the band so I hoisted my 10m delta loop from a 6m pole. It is arranged with the feed point to give vertical polarisation for, so I’ve read, the lowest take off angle for DX.

The weather on Kit Hill, G/DC-003 was better than I feared, the wind was light as were the showers but I still needed the shelter of a tarp to keep the IC-7300 dry. Battery was a 12aH LiFePo4 which can provide enough current for 50W.

My time on the summit was only late afternoon to dusk but I managed two S2S into the USA, @AJ2I in New Jersey and @KJ7QPD in Arizona. My final QSO was a S2S with PY2TTN in Brazil.

A very enjoyable session. Best DX with LW2DO in Argentina.

Many thanks to all.


With my bad back I was happy to have managed today’s SOTA event. Getting in/out of the car was the worse bit. I was very careful and slow erecting the EFHW inverted-L/6m pole on grass-covered crags. Don’t tell anyone but for the first 5 minutes no one answered my CQs or calls. Then I realised the VOX was off on the KX2.

Not bad results given I was QRV for only ~30 minutes (I went QRT coz I got cold in the keen wind despite my winter clothes). Got 5 US chasers in 6 mins on 10m including S2S with Mike @WB2FUV in the Catskills, plus Marcus PY2PLL 10,222 km away (by skywave) in Brazil and US3LX in Ukraine.

Nothing heard from my CQs on 15m but I couldn’t resist working Colin @M1BUU/P S2S overloading my headphones on Ingleborough 18km to the east of me.

Andy G8CPZ


@G4OBK Thank you for chasing… I was not able to make any S2S on FT8, but I was happy to bag at least one contact across the pond. 73s.


My AuroraWatch app has just gone red so I guess the CMEs have arrived.


Thank you all. A very enjoyable afternoon. I’m afraid I decided to wrap it up after 2 hours on the summit (about 1500) and couldn’t spare any time to chase once I got home. I’m going to have to make up a 10m vertical, it sounds like that was THE band. Still 74 QSOs, 9 S2S (all UK & EU), 5 USA & Canada and 1 Brazil.

@3Z9VI always gets me excited, it sounds exotic! :wink: Always happy to work Poland :grinning:
And apologies to Daniel @EA3HP I knew who you were, but just couldn’t remember your name. I blame summit brain!

Even the sheep were sheltering as I walked down!


It was an enjoyable afternoon for me on GM/SS-177 Wether Law. Made my first Transatlantic S2S to KC1SRI/P on W1/GM-207 on 10m today and also a chase from ND0C in Minnesota on 15m. 10m was very busy and 15m seemed a bit more relaxed in contrast. I hung on at the top to make the most of the day but probably left it a bit late coming down, the walk back through the forest was a bit dark and gloomy. The views were good for most of the afternoon but stopped when the cloud came in at the end and the view disappeared. Thanks for organising the Transatlantic event.


OK…one word about this mornings NA EU s2s event…


let me repeat…


working on the logs…maybe the best ever.