Tablet 7"

I’ve been taking my 7 inch tablet up summits for years now. So useful I have written my own app for logging and spotting.

Peter VK3ZPF

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Hi Peter,
I want to avoid joining another yahoogroup list, is there anywhere else I can obtain your APK file (Karl will also need the APK file - he has a Kindle Fire which can cross-load apk files but cannot access Google Play).

73 Ed DD5LP / VK2JI.

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If another yahoo group will break your budget, join, get the program and then leave. Seems a pity to miss out on the discussions around the app though. it is actually a fairly quiet group. Only a few posts per week, on average. Nothing like sota_australia…

The only place to get the latest version of the app is from the files section of the group.
It’s the method I have chosen for distribution and interaction with users.

If you don’t want to join another Yahoo group, that’s OK, it’s your choice. :slight_smile:

OK Peter, I respect your decision.

I won’t be joining another Yahoogroup.

It’s not the added emails that is the problem and as you know I like to contribute. It’s that D**N neo GUI interface on the website that send me up the wall. It’s SOOOOOOO badly coded and takes so long to get to file areas and the like. I have raised this with Yahoo (zero response), tried different browsers on different machines and still it’s a real waste of my time. When I commented on it in some groups, the best response I got (if you believe it) was that after Verizon (?) bought Yahoo, they are doing everything to get rid of eGroup users as they can’t make money out of them.

Go Figure!


I’ve not been all that bothered by the interface but I only go there once a week or so.
One day I may release the app on Google Play but that is some time off.

Hi all
been following this thinking of going for the Linx 1010 what do you think ???

I’m thinking of getting the Linx1010b too. Andy has one and says they are good for what they are. For the price of them I don’t think you can get a better windows tablet. The specs only start getting better if your willing to spend closer to £200 or more. so for around £139 its the best windows tablet and the bigger screen makes it more usable as a laptop. Its got two full size USB ports and a built in microphone so you have the option of buying a cheap usb mic input for PSK data use or just using the built in mic and placing the tablet close to the rigs speaker. Also it has a micro SD card slot so you can expand the storage. For the price i think the Linx is a great tablet, just don’t expect full HD/4k quality screen and super duper speed out of it. it is only an Intel Atom processor at the end of the day.
i also have a long service award to spend so i think I’ll indulge myself in one of those and a travel size 6m fishing pole as my other pole is a 10m which only goes down to 1.2m closed.

Hi Anthony,
Does the Lynx 1010b have a headPHONE or HeadSET socket - i.e. can it take an analogue audio input externally for data modes. Yes you could plug in a USB audio dongle, but then that’s another part to fail, be forgotten, have driver problems etc. etc.

I’m very happy with my ACER Iconia 10" Windows 10 tablet, which I got used for a good price (you can’t see it’s not new, the previous owner took good care of it, it seems). As you say, this is up around the £200 level new though.

73 Ed.

It didn’t seem to a few days back when we were talking about TRRS sockets and plugs.

Looks like you’re right - opening the manual, I found:

Definitely no audio input on the analogue socket. That’s a shame.


I have found in the past that TRRS exists even if the manual makes no mention of it. Manuals are written for the masses of which very, very few would care about audio input via the 3.5 mm socket on a tablet.

In my experience the only ways to find if a particular tablet has TRRS is to try it, or know someone else who has tried it.

The “masses” could wish to use Skype or some other VOIP app with a headset apart from that, as you say, it’s unlikely to be of interest to them. I believe Andy has a Lynx tablet and has responded that it doesn’t have audio input via the 3.5mm jack.


Hi Ed
Got a Linx 1010b with keyboard yesterday £132 from PC WORLD well pleased with it and it does have a 3.5mm jack.

I use Tablet or Netbook when out and about - Windows/Google os always. and advise having a small LithiumFE or whatever backup as you might for your phone - just in case. Personally avoid the Apple ‘Ipad/Irubbish’ like the plague. My opinion of course.

Hi Terry, the question around the 3.5mm jack is - is it a 4 pin or only a 3 pin jack - i.e. does it have microphone input on it - the concensus here is that it is only for earhones or speaker, not for a headset with a micrphone.

It’s useful having an analogue mic. in socket if you want to run digital modes from the tablet to your rig but you can also add a £4 audio dongle to get the capability if needed.

73 Ed.

H I Ed,
I have just done a test with a three pin jack on Skype and that worked ok. T

If the microphone worked it must be a 4 pin . i.e. 3 bands and the case. 1 band left ear, I band (or point) right ear), 1 band microphone and the case is often the earth return (but not on apple if I remember correctly).

Great news though, so your Lynx has got analogue input and output wired to the jack.

73 Ed.

The spec say '3.5mm headphone jack@ so I suspect that it give stereo ( ie right & left audio) and ground. The fact that it worked on Skype may be a bit of a red herring as the built-in mike was probably picking up your voice. Just a thought.


Hi Peter,
Yes you may be right peter never thought of that.