Tablet 7"

Recently brought me self a tablet 7" job

Well handy while in shed doing things can keep an eye on Sotawatch, with out having to run up and down stairs all time to get to PC, even get a signal in me Tin shid off the wi fi.

But become useful in serving as data TX/RX whilst out on summit or portable. Will be using a fair amount of mini SD cards i reckon. )h even do videos of place and picys. God am not used to this technology LOL


When I was growing up in Edinburgh, Tablet was something we bought at a sweet shop, anyone else remember this.
Do they still make this ?.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Things have change a lot since we were boys ken. Including names for things.
Mines a Fire LOL


Yes, several places in the High Street sell “tablet”, hi!

I love tablet, I always bring back a supply of tablet & Lorne sausage from my GM trips.

Right lets get back to the tangent as gone off the square a little here to the left Just north of Edinburgh :slight_smile:

Tips and any other good advise in using a tablet 7" Fire in concerns of having a Mobile data to assist being able to to do Data, RTTY or other digital transmission in means instead of being tied to the main PC.

thank you karl

Yummy Yummy
My brother is riding down this way in a week or so from Edinburgh, for the race meeting at Donnington, I may send him on an errand (or message as they say in Scotland).
to bring some tablet down.
Cheers Ken G0FEX.

I never had to buy tablet at a sweet shop because my mother was an expert at making it at home! It has only two ingredients … condensed milk and sugar, in approximately equal quantities by volume. Bring very slowly to the boil, simmer gently for a few minutes stirring continuously, then pour into a shallow metal tray and allow to solidify.

It must have the highest calorific value of any foodstuff in the world. I’m sure it has significantly contributed to the current obesity and diabetes epidemics!

Luscious, though,

Walt (G3NYY)

Before deep frying in a rich greasy batter, presumably :wink:

Does any one use a tablet devise to assist in there Sota chasers or activations as would like to know more of your experiences as found on mine now, one can turn it off, but leave the Sota watch page up and when the tablet DEVISE refired up the page comes straight back on line proved your with in WI Fi.

Now looking into running data such as RTTY, PSK and JT65 etc via the tablet DEVISE and also making one of those module syou use between the radio and the PC and infield via the Tablet Devise.


tell us a bit more about your new tablet, please. Such as which operating system and version.
I run a Viglen 8" tablet with Windows 10. I have installed MixW on it and also F6ENO;s logging utilities. Works fine for me!
Never taken it with me up a hill, but very useful when getting back to a campsite and writing up the logs etc.
p.s. The “High Street” variety of tablet comes in all sizes here in Edinburgh; from the size of the screen on an old Nokia mobile to 6 to 8 inches diagonal… apologies! Won’t high-jack this topic any further, hi!

I this a suitable alternative to Kendal Mint Cake??

(Sorry Karl)

Hi and thanks

Amazon Fire 7" thinks its a Fire OS 5 op system similar to android not sure on that one. But has its other uses such as expanded mem through Mini SD cards as no doubt will down load onto the cards for said Data TXing. Not an expense one but suits me. Logging not worried about stick with me pen and paper LOL. Plus find it handy when in shed can watch the Sota watch 2 whilst doing other things away from the main PC and radio.

Cheers karl

Or perhaps Berwick Cockles and Jeddart Snails?


What isn’t?

Hi Karl
Yes as you so rightly say, how things change over the years, and words that we knew from years ago now mean something totally different, it is called progress.
I am sure you will master the new device, and as you know there are so many people around on the reflector that can assist.
My advice when using your device is keep taking the Tablet…s
Cheers Ken G0FEX

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Is that a tablet that you make cunning plans with?

But seriously i do use tabletsfor Sota activations - it would suck now not to as they are so handy. Initially I used my samsung tab-S but after a nasty spill from the bike coming down the hill one night I decided to use a cheaper 7" one instead. Ironically I broke that one at home when it fell on the floor.

Replacèd it with a cheapy 7" tablet (Lenovo tab3) and now use that with Peter VK3ZPF’s port-a-log app that makes it so much easier to log and upload the log on completion of the activation.

I haven’t yet tried digital modes with it, but that is on my list of things to do.


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Karl’s tablet is an Amazon Kindle Fire 7 inch model. My understanding is that the “Fire OS” is simply Amazon’s GUI on top of Android 4.x.

That being the case, Digital mode and SOTA apps written for Android should work on the Fire, however Amazon does not allow access to Google Play where Android apps are normally loaded from. The Android developer could publish his apps to the Amazon store, but most don’t do this yet. The other option is to download the app to another Android device such as a smartphone and then transfer the APK program files across to the Fire’s disk and install from there. Here’s an article on doing this:

If you don’t have another Android device the only other option is to “root” the Fire and install Google Services so that you can access the Google Play store directly - that unfortunately can void the warrenty on the Fire however.

One app you might like to try Karl is Rucksack Radio Tool, from Joerg DL1DLF, which is not on Google Play but you can install directly from the developers website by going to it using the browser on the fire. Here is the URL you need:
To read about the app, go here:

73 Ed.

I admire your persistence in bringing this back on topic despite heavy QRN! :laughing:
That’s how you’ve been so successful chasing with “only” 10W - well done Karl
Good luck with your tablet!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Been given some good information, if you wish to take this path a little further and not much more money than me Fire tab was and better tablet (The none consumable type LOL) :wink:

And makes me go oh as another tenna could got something better.
But never mind this will do me for now till can afford the better model.