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It would be worth looking for an older model. Have you read this info?

This problem is now fixed - see on their Facebook page.


Hey Guy’s

I tried responding on the previous thread. I reached out to them via email last week and received this response:

When I do get one in the next couple months I will update this response.

73 de VE6JTW, Jesse


That’s good to know. It would be a real pity otherwise.

73 Armin

Any one know roughly how much the Import Duty would be on an SW3b to the UK.

I have tried looking this up on our UK GOV importing goods website but its made my eyes water and my brain turn to glue.

Amateur radio is 0% rated for import duty (code 8525600000) and will attract VAT at 20%.

If the total price is under £135 then vendor charges you the VAT and has to pay it UK HMRC. If it is over £135 pounds, they don’t charge you VAT and the VAT is collected by the PO or courier on delivery. You also pay the PO / courier handling charge (£8-£15 or so).


Thank you very much Andy - very clear explanation.


Hi, colleges

I have a question about ordering from Venus Tech.

How quickly you get tracking number after purchase?
I purchased sw-3b 3 days ago but haven’t received traking number yet.


Just checked,that there’s holidays 30.04.2022 - 04.05.2022 in the China.

I can’t answer your question directly, but my emails got answered within 48 hrs and some within 12 hrs. Shipping from China was with a carrier - DHL and the radio arrived within the week.!!