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Summit To Summit rules


Thank you and well done. So i am looking forward for the final versions .
In any case the PC / MAC version is already fine - thanks a lot.

73 s Bruno


Hi Andrew

I remember such design discussions from the office: once the content is more or less agreed, they can discuss any possible details of the design/displays for hours, no: for days. Maybe this is due to a missing corporate design directive for the SOTA websites. I don’t think that you (and we, hi) have that time for such discussions, although it might be interesting.

Beside the white space, the topic of various displays has been touched. I don’t think that one single display resp. style sheet can cope with all sorts of displays - from a smartphone to a 26" screen.

I had seen an interesting solution on the www.hb9sota.ch homepage where they display the activity of Swiss activators. That home page shows even a varying number of columns depending e.g. on a smartphone in the portrait mode, a smartphone in the landscape mode or a larger display of a desktop computer. Those displaying the database on a smartphone are probably happy to see there only the most important data in the portrait mode and don’t need there the split up of regular and bonus points. Etc.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ



. . . but nevertheless: a good look is key nowadays! It’s not only a table but a feeling nowadays, even in SOTA, hi.

I suggest to collect all GUI related inputs in a bag and to sort that out with a pragmatic amateur radio SOTA web typography fellow in a clean-up procedure when all technical changes are done and agreed.

Thanks for all your work for the community, Andrew.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


I’ve never seen those words used together before :joy:


. . . yep, I must admit that I had the big number of non-pragmatics in mind when writing this! :sunglasses:


All pages have now been updated.


Thanks Andrew - it looks great. Appreciate your work. :+1:


Hi Andrew

Thanks for the various considerations and the improved series, great work! Thanks for reducing the vertical white space along the versions.

What I still don’t really understand/perceive from a perspective of readability are the centered columns. I’d consider at least for the “Summit” column to align it left. This has the advantage that the summits codes are below each other what makes it easier to scan through one’s summits. The same actually for the frequency on the Log page, here to the right, if really all frequency values end on the string “MHz”.

Comparing centered and left alignment:

Thanks again and vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ