SOTAwatch Summits

I’ll experiment Andrew. TNX for tips.


Degrees or minutes?
I tried to put mine in and gave up.

Decimal - not DMS. So fractions of a degree.

Whosoever uses DD.MMSSS as a method for entering lat/lon deserves what they get :smiley:

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I’m sorted now, looked at coordinates for David’s G3RDQ/P spot on Brown Willy DC-002 summit. Bearing is 214 degrees, distance is 482.5 Km. That is about right for Cornwall from North Yorkshire. My Lat/Long Coordinates now entered in decimal format as:


Thanks and 73 :smiley:!


Yes, but DD MM.mmmm is an decimal option. Wasn’t aware of a fractions option!!
Anyway Phil has given the working example so I am all good now.

Not a burning issue but a thing that I noticed is the operator name lookup in sotawatch3 alerts. Looking at my alert for this week Sunday the name is “unknown”.


Some days ago (I think it was a spot) my name was displayed (from the SSO details for sure because there I had Johannes instead of Joe).

Even for you Andrew @VK3ARR



So a bit inconsistent I would say.

Thanks for fixing all those big and small things!

73 de Joe

I should delete those test alerts :wink:

In other news, I just pushed whitespace-happy newsotadata updates as per the other thread

Two more things about the new SW3

I just entered 22 alerts for my trip to Friedrichshafen next week … a lot of typing and re-entering the same info.
It would be nice if we could “bulk upload” alerts via a .csv file like we do for activations and chases.

And again for the color blind ops… I don’t see my own alerts in a contrasting color like it used to show in SW2 … is that just me ?

In the mean time , my sincere appreciation and congrats for all that very hard work at this new SW3 !

Close but no cigar. The cluster gets the spots from the API. The API gives me the data in the format entered. If you enter in lower case then you get it back in lower case. SW3 displays the data in upper case. The cluster used to display the data as it got it. I have just pushed an update, v 6.40 that sends it in upper case.

I’m not sure if the API should convert everything to upper case or if programs using the data should do any case changes themselves. If the API changes the data, it changes for everyone and if I think for long enough I’m sure I’ll come up with a reason why that is bad.

Remember SW2 will be switched off in the not too distant future.

Yes, it should really! I’ll sort this.

Thank you for providing upper case on your Cluster Andy. A SH/DX just now brought upper case spots only. I am sticking with SW3 from now on. Time to change some bookmark links.

A better day for SOTA Chasing today, with several 10 pointers up for grabs, unlike yesterday which was very quiet indeed within EU…

Looking forward to some SERIOUS SOTA CHASING next week as tens of activators scramble their way to Friedrichsahfen!

73 Phil

The funny thing is that if I edit (without changing anything) the alert suddently the name is added correct.
Looks like the order of db request or timing (wait for name response) is the problem?

73 Joe

Hi Walter, btw, the redirect is in place from old summit url ( say Sotadata3 ) to the new Summits site. However, the website will be replaced at some point so these redirects may still disappear up ahead.

It confused me for a second or two. Normal convention is Latitude then Longitude

Great! If they are permanent redirects (301), then the web spiders should remember that and visit the new links instead. They might come back a couple of times because people are terrible at configuring redirects. For a temporary redirect (302, 303, or 307), the spider is expected to always visit the original URL first, assuming that the redirect might change. It will keep the new URL in the database, though. Spiders never forget.

Checking my blog with Google Webmaster Tools, I have some pages which were last visited Jan 7th. If you can keep the old site up for six months, that should be enough. I prefer to keep redirects for pages and email around for 13 months because there is always some once-per-year thing.


Firstly, normal convention is the one labelled Latitude is Latitude :wink:

Secondly, there actually is no normal convention. GIS folks have been arguing this for what seems like centuries. Most GIS tools use Long then Lat, Google likes to do it the other way around. The great thing about standards is there are so many to choose from.

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There is in my industry!

In the absence of universally understood/accepted standards a key or descriptor works wonders - and in this case kept my confusion to an acceptable time frame and prevented me relocating to near the Seychelles :seychelles:

73 de S7PJZ :wink:

Sorry for the delay on this. I have played about with various colors/shades and have settled on the dark gray with a blue mouseover. It breaks what I might have considered a consistent site link language but the contrast feels much better for the wall of reflector topics.

What do you think?



Hi Jon,

i like the new design and black/grey colour … great job!

One thing I’m missing is that my own spots and alerts are not highlighted anymore:



Maybe it should appear like this:

I wonder what the other users think …

73 Martin, OE5REO


Nice contrast, Jon, but like Martin I would miss the highlight on my own Alerts.
Thanks for all the hard work involved in this huge update.