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SOTAwatch Summits


This is clicking thru the Mapping page. Something may need to be changed there.


OK, so please use the contact link on the mapping website and fill in the form. That way your observation gets directed to exactly the right person. He’ll see this page anyway, but if you use the link, then it is less likely to get overlooked. And anyway, he’s asleep at present :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for pointing out the issue. As you have noticed, there is a very large amount of change happening, some are our own changes and some were forced on us. All just to make life a little more fun!


Going thru the contact link on the Mapping page and filling out the form then hitting send gives an error.



It’s not your day today Kent. :slight_smile: Thanks for trying. I’ll make a note…


Hmmm… I should go back to bed?? :sleeping:


It works now on the old XP with the old Firefox, and I don’t see any flaws.
Thank you.
… John


One more vote for MORE CONTRAST (darker text colors etc …)
Another color blind op here.
I’m also missing a link to “Summits” in the drop-down list.

In general I liked the old style better … but I do like the longer list of Reflector topics, to say at least something good :wink:

Maybe it is possible to have some user defined colors (“settings”) when user is logged in ?
Each can choose his own style then …

Luc - ON7DQ


Will there be redirects from old to new URLs? Because this change will break old blog posts, bookmarks, all kinds of stuff.

Also, because of historical link data (PageRank), Google will favor the dead page, especially if it returns the error message with a 200 OK.

This is the right time to return “301 Moved Permanently” with the new URL in the Location header field.

And yes, I worked on a web spider for a decade at Infoseek, Inktomi, Verity, and Autonomy.



Sorry, the website is not returning summits due to it actually being broken at this precise moment. It’s not that I have switched it off as such. I need to work on it to transition it to the new database - it’s not a lot of work but I’ve suddenly been unusually swamped work-wise the last few days so have body-swerved it by virtue of the new Summits site being live.

I’ll get the old website pages back up soon and yes, we need some form of redirection put in place.

(Or, of course, we could just go with the 301 response instead immediately…)

I know who to come to for advice now then :slight_smile:


Hi Luc, can you elaborate? I’m not sure exactly what you are suggesting.

Yes, I can see the issue here now it’s been pointed out. I’ll definitely introduce better contrast and if it is considered afterwards that even more is needed, then some form for user-defined setting is something we could then also consider.

Thanks for the feedback!


OOPS my bad, I’ve seen the link now … it’s the first item in the drop down list.
It’s in bold and in such high contrast … I must have been “blinded” hi.
But I was looking for it between Sota Home and Recent Summit Info, where it used to be …


Something else I noticed
On the summits page, when I click a summit in the association list, it jumps to the correct page, but shows the page halfway down (it stops more or less at “Resources”, depending on how many resiurces were posted, differs per summit)
I’d like to see the top of each page when I arrive on it, showing it’s name, altitude, points.



Hi Luc, I had never noticed this before since the screen I used was always taller than the summit page. But it does seem to be scrolling to the bottom for some reason.

I will look into this.


Two simple questions from my side:

  1. What do summits written in lower case mean - not a valid summit?
  2. I suppose that the new SOTAwatch will force secondary tools like “SOTA Goat” app to update their input source now - or what do these base on?

Thanks for help, and vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hi Markus, where are you seeing summits written in lower case?

Some tools have been ‘screenscraping’ SOTAwatch2 or using the old ‘Spotlite’ facility to submit spots. These will need to move to the SOTA API.


Yes, callsigns and spots transferring in small case to other mediums are a nuisance as (for instance) they are transferring to the Telnet window of the FMF cluster in small case. So when I click on them to put the callsign and SOTA reference into my logbook (the lazy way) I have to then edit the callsign and/or the reference from small to large case. I’m sure you’ll fix it in due course!

The otherquestion I have is what is the preferred type of entry for QTH Longitude and QTH Latitude in our account profiles please? Using decimal I was getting some ridiculous distances and bearings on summits, so I have reverted to leaving it blank for now. There are so many way to record lat / long refs!

73 Phil


Thanks, Jon.

I had seen that on the old SOTAwatch2. So this may have no further relevance. See SOTAwatch2 of today June 12 for examples.

Regarding “Spotlite” etc. tools: I’ll try to ask the app owner if he can/will/? update this.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


PS To graphically illistrate the point, screenshots below. Showing that Andys FMF cluster is picking up spot info from SOTAWatch 2 (small case sometimes), yet SOTAwatch 3 is in large case and looking good:



Decimal should be right. Checks the obvious: got the signs right? E is +ve, W -ve, etc.


I just looked at your profile…which one is Latitude and which is Longitude? :wink: