SOTA Video project; volunteers?

I hope to get something shot next week. This weekend is the first one with our relaxed lockdown so I’m staying at home as the hills will be alive with the sound of music.

Hi Andrew!

Thanks so much for recording for the project! Worldwide inputs are very welcome.

If files are big you can send them via Wetransfer.

Concerning qso, yes, one or two qso are enough. I’ll mix Voice, CW, Digi, VHF FM,… if I get files from different modes.

I would like to edit the video interlacing each contribution, so that the effect is like we all hike (everyone at his place), then we setup, enjoy the views, we operate and we greet.
I’ll follow a cronologycal order of an activation.

Thanks again for your interest, dear Andrew, I’m glad that you are all right.
73 de Ignacio

Again my address:
ea2bdea2bd(at) (yes, my callsign twice !!)


Good idea Ignacio!
I hope there is not much time left to go back to the mountains, you can count on my video as soon as I have the opportunity to climb the mountains with the radio.73

Hello Ignacio,

I did some recordings today. Email with download link of the 4 clips is on the way to your gmail box.

73 Joe

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Between @VK2IHL and I we’ve got a few videos from the past couple of years but once we’re let outside again I’ll grab some more that fit the script.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling Ignacio @EA2BD

My clip has been emailed Ignacio @EA2BD

Thanks a lot dear Jon!

Great to get yours Joe!

Thanks a lot Samuel, very much appreciated!

Nice clip dear Richard, thanks!

So far a few contributors have sent clips. Keep the project on your mind and please follow the script (described above).

Current files include:

Looking forward to get yours and many more countries!

I just need a few short clips easy to record; try it, that’s fun!
73 de Ignacio

great Idea… i am participating !

Great Idea! I’ll prepare a few clips and reach out to you for the method to send them over.
Charlie NJ7V

Hi Ignacio - I have footage making contacts in just about every mode. Which are you lacking in? Digital?
Charlie NJ7V

you know my YT channel,feel free to choose any scene to join at the film.

Excellent Marco, thanks for joining in!

Thanks Charlie, great to have the US in the film!
No one told me about Digital yet, that would be fine.
Your videos are good quality image. Remember: short clips are preferred. Joining lots of them would be boring if they are too long…

Hi Jon, thanks, I’ll check there but if you record some short clips this summer according to the Script (see picture in this thread) that would be perfect!

Thanks all!
I’m still missing any Chaser-only ham in this video… Anyone could join?

73 de Ignacio

Ignacio - I sent 5 clips to you via WeTransfer. Please confirm that you receive them and let me know if you need something different and I will see what I can do.
Charlie NJ7V

Hi Charlie,
I got them all right; indeed very nice HQ clips, impressive rocky mountains!!

I just miss a short clip according to the script of you saying “SOTA is…” and whatever you want to add to the phrase… Maybe you can record that next time you are on a SOTA?

Thanks for these great videos, 73 de Ignacio

I’ll send that last clip shortly. Thanks.
Charlie NJ7V

just a reminder that I am still collecting your short footage during summer time!
I intend to edit them into a mini movie by september.
Please remember to follow the script shown up in this thread to record your scenes.

A pity there are very active ops from many countries which haven’t send yet a contribution.
The more variety in the video the better to show international coverage of SOTA and in the end, no matter where you are, it is all a worldwide fun!

73 de Ignacio

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I just sent the last of the clips requested in the collection via WeTransfer. Let me know if I need to send anything further Ignacio. Thanks for your efforts with this project. I’m looking forward to seeing the final outcome.
Charlie NJ7V

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Thank you for a good idea. I too want to join.
Can I send a small video to the address on your QRZ page?
73 JP1QEC mot.

too bad I forgot to make a video again today. I hope I think about it next time and then send one too

DD6FM - Marco
Instagram: dd6fm

Hello Mot!
yes, it’s very good to count with your files in the video.
Glad you like the idea.

As stated, I prefer this address to send some files or link to an external provider:
ea2bdea2bd(at) (yes, my callsign twice !!)

Hello Marco, no problem to wait for your files as well. I’m not goint to edit until September…

Thanks a lot for your contribution, 73 de Ignacio