SOTA Video project; volunteers?


I like recording videos. SOTA videos make possible to remember nice landscapes and also capture the excitement of operating portable. That’s why I did some videos and shared them in youtube: it’s a good way to remember past adventures and invite others to join us…

As we are approaching changes in the lockdown situation I can imagine how eagerly are we of recovering SOTA activations. We could be activating again safely.

The idea is the following: I would like to edit a video showing many different SOTA activators and chasers on screen. Would you like to participate?

During the last weeks we all missed to meet many friends on air, and I thought that recording a video to show us, in beautiful landscapes is a good way to explain why SOTA, mountain topping, nature and amateur radio is so special for us, and that this activity provides an international friendship network.

The idea is to create a short film joining short clips (10 – 15 seconds) recorded by many contributors from different parts in the world and explaining visually why SOTA is so much fun for you!

Most of us meet frequently on air either chasing or activating. This is an oportunity to see many of these familiar voices (an dit dashes!) together in a funny video, just to share in a motivational way, why SOTA is special.

Later we could use this video for any of our lectures when we explain in our ham clubs and meetings about the SOTA programme.

I know we can not record it now, many of us are still waiting at home, but you can start thinking and planning where you could record that short clip and send it to me, if you wish, so that I will add it to the footage.

Is there a nice place you could go that you could record with your smartphone for us? Remember all I need is a short clip (or a few of them).

If you are just a chaser, no worry, you can still record yourself in the shack working us or just greeting.

You could record:

  • Scenery / nature / landscape / sunrise - sunset / and of course… mountains
  • Yourself climbing / walking / operating / greeting
  • An S2S bothways would be fine!
  • Yourself saying a very short sentence starting with “SOTA is…” and adding one ending like: fun / life / nature / healthy / messy (in a pile up, i.e.) / energy / a challenge / adventure / friendship / sport / breathtaking / cool / etc…

If you wish to join, I will need you to send me your clips (you can send more than one, of course). Remember: I will need them recorded:

  • Landscape (avoid recording with the mobile phone vertical, better horizontal)
  • Choose high quality record setting (not small video size). Mobile phones record at a higher quality with the back side camera in your phone than with the front (selfie)
  • Check if the audio is good (avoid wind noise, if possible…)
  • Avoid backlighting (don’t record a selfie with you against the sun in the backgroud or you will be a dark image)
  • Avoid shacking your phone while recording, most don’t have image stabilization.
  • If you record scenery, move the camera smoothly

That’s it. I could collect your videos during some time (a couple months, perhaps?) so that we can record on holidays, with better weather… We can agree on the dates and publish a calendar later on.

I don’t intend to claim ownership for the final video but would keep it open to you and can upload in youtube for free viewing at the end, unless you propose something different.

Ideas welcome. Do you want to participate? SOTA is you!

73 de Ignacio

P.s. If you are interested get in contact with me by email
We would agree how to deliver the video files.


Hello Ignacio thats a good idea.
I have some video’s of my SOTA activations that have never been put on YouTube.
I sometimes share a short video with JP1QEC of our QSO during his SOTA Activating and I am testing my antenna portable in my yard. What I do there is email a link to the Cloud and he can get the video from there to edit for his You Tube. How did you want to share any of those video I had or wait until I go to my next SOTA and get some on my phone. By the way in VK5 we are allowed to travel again only within VK5 with distance restrictions to other people and not more than 10 people in a group. I am waiting until next week as we have rain coming before I venture out for SOTA but I will get my summit view for you. Year 2018 I did full circle view of every summit I visited on my phone but after 45 summits it became about 20 minutes of video.
I am not familiar how to make YouTube but I can edit video with GoPro software that is as far as my skill can go.
Cheers Mate nice to hear from you we made a nice CW QSO the first SOTA vk5 activation 2012.
Ian vk5cz …

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Hello Ian,

thanks a lot for your reply. I count you in my list.

Yes, I remember that nice QSO we had back in 2012, and I have your QSL card with me, great old days!

Having some of your videos will be great. Remember there should be short clips, otherwise, joining many long video clips would turn our film a long boring one…

We will agree on how to send the video files, we know they are heavy MB
Thanks for your interest and glad you can go out there. Stay safe.

73 de Ignacio

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Great idea, Ignacio!

When possible, we will make our video in the mountains with our SOTA experience.

The result will be a nice video. We like to see the other operators “in action” . We can also learn and teach others.

In my opinion, not all should be in English. It would also be interesting for everyone to do it in their own language. I like to hear how it is done in other countries. It could also be subtitled. :blush: :laughing:

As you can see, my english is horrible, sorry! :grimacing: :sob:

See you soon!

73 de EA2DCA

That’s a good add on! No problem with subtitles.
Thanks dear Alberto.

¡Es una buena aportación! Mila esker
73 de Ignacio

This is a great idea. But PLEASE don’t add a music track to the video. Let the sounds of nature, radio and talking be the soundtrack.

73, Barry N1EU


I feel sure that @M1EYP will have something to submit. Footage of his PC working a SOTA pileup perhaps?


We’ll try to emphasize the power of images and natural sounds in relevant parts Barry.
Your clips would be welcome!

Richard, what could I say from a “video goat” like you?
You are also invited if you have a spare time between your funny review videos!

I hope Tom is saying something in his clip, don’t expect a RRR BZZZ TRIT TRIT computer made sound would be warm enough, hi.


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Sounds like a great idea, I’ll find some clip and send, or make a new one during the next months :slight_smile:

I’m already looking for video clips.
I will send you.
73 Roger

Personally, I feel this is radio at it’s best, Richard. No computers needed.

73 YYY

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Hello, good idea. You can use my youtube videos without problems. Tell me where I send you other unpublished videos.
I hope they let us go to the mountain soon … so many more videos
Un abrazo from Granada

Hi Ignacio
I’m in.
Very nice idea! The feeling of beeing connected is important in these times.

I have tons of material from our youtube channel. (You can find it if you search for HB9PIM on youtube)
At the next activation i should be able to record something additional. I will also check with HB9PIM if he would like to participate.

I will contact you as soon as the short clips are ready.

Sabrina HB3XTZ

thanks a lot for joining in, excellent!!

I don’t think I could browse and search through all your videos already published in your Youtube channels: I could get mad spending hours deciding what to use!

Read again the description of the project (on top) and select by yourself which clip /s (or part of your movies) just fit best in this project.
Or record a new one following the suggested subjects and send it to me…

You can get in contact with me using this specific mail for this project:

ea2bdea2bd(at) (yes, my callsign twice !!)

Perhaps we could agree on some dates in the future, meet on air and record our qso’s as well… A video recording event :wink:

Stay tuned for more ideas and participants.
73 de Ignacio

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A great idea. You can send movies (to 2GB) via

Should’ve gone to Specsavers Mike :wink:

Hey that’s me and you :P.


Buen Idea…
I made some but have already sound.
Are on my youtube channel - search for HB9FIH.
I ame able to send them.
All from activations on Aegean Islands SV8.
73 de Erich

You can find and use my numerous videos on my youtube channel - search for DL1CR Sota.
No chance to send it to you, I deleted them after upload.

73 Chris

thanks for the clips I have received so far.

I need some more! A video showing sota from several different countries would be great!

I hope you will soon be able to record once back in the mountains again.+

Just to make it clear, I prefer that you record according to this script , because we want the video tells a story, better than mixing things without telling an argument: (Clic to enlarge)

And, if you are a Chaser, remember your part is also important!

Look forward to get your contribution to the whole story!

Thanks and 73 de Ignacio