SOTA LD Weekend - Spring 2023 (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from SOTA LD Weekend - Spring 2023 (Part 1) - #103 by G6PJZ.

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Regarding a March event. March is a notoriously windy month. Also some people may be less inclined to spend 6+ hrs on a summit in winter bonus conditions. This may result in fewer bonus-rewarding summits being activated and also fewer QSO’s, defeating the object.
Food for thought.

I agree, David. Most activators probably want to spend more time at the summit for the LD event than for a common-or-garden activation. An early-Spring date is going to deter some from participating if cold or wet.

Why not a late-Spring date like last year? Then we could argue whether astronomical seasons or meteorological seasons should be used to determine if it’s still Spring.

I’m not sure on LD WX but late August/September WX is often FB up here. March? Probably that’s going to be a no from me.

I have seen differing reports as to when Cycle 25 peaks and some suggest next year. Either way it would be nice to coincide a G/LD event with other SOTA events on distant shores to potentially take advantage of “better” HF propagation.

Sometimes MOSNA….sometimes W6PNG

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I’m happy to plan in a March activation, but I guess we just need to be mindful that the weather may be beyond the capabilities of some people (including myself).

I’d be happy to commit a weekend of my calendar to a March LD weekend, in fact I’d encourage it! But I am no Scott of the Antarctic, and would call off my weekend if the weather is beyond my skill.

Just my 2 pence worth.


Personally, I’m not in favour of changing the format. The current timing allows people to choose whether they try and conquer multiple summits or just sit a while, enjoy the views and the activation whilst looking for other S2S or even DX. For me the LD weekend is about hearing lots of activators out on the neighbouring hills and meeting up with some of them in the evening. Moving the event to the winter bonus period risks reducing the number of activators on the hills.
I know that any discussion about “typical” weather for the LD at any time of year risks being ridiculed! :wink:


Does having an LD weekend in March preclude having another weekend in June/July/August?

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Anything is possible. It just needs somebody to organise it/them!

If you have the event occasionally then people will make more effort to come and play. If you have the event too frequently then people subconsciously make less effort because “If I miss this there’s another one in six weeks”. The clever bit is holding them just often enough to be worth the effort. Especially for people who have a longer travelling distance.

Others will think differently but I wouldn’t be looking at taking part in March and spending a lot of time on a summit.

I did Nine Standards Rigg… I would not attempt the Nateby road in less than brilliant weather when there’s a possibility of ice/snow on it.


I think on balance we should keep the cadence as is - one in the Spring and one in the Autumn. This year we were probably a bit late creeping into June - as the hot weather attested.

People fork out good money to come, and you are pushing your luck with the weather when in the winter bonus, which would make it an expensive shopping trip.



Hi Mark

On reflection I would agree that a March weekend may well turn into an expensive shopping trip…

Two quick questions - is there a date pencilled in for the Autumn? I’m good at missing key posts…

and…. Is there something similar in Snowdonia?



Yes, Saturday 8th July.


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Hi Paul, @G4IPB have a look at the thread linked below. Last year’s event was excellent, despite the rain.

73, Kevin