SOTA LD Weekend - Spring 2023 (Part 1)

Let’s get in early - as I’ve already been asked - I’d like to propose 10th-11th June 2023 for the Spring SOTA LD Weekend. This is not on a half term here, but please let me know if there is any significant impact from schools or other events.

Cheers, Mark.


Yey! I’m available that weekend, which I wasn’t last weekend, so this is great news. I’ve put it in the diary.



Thanks Mark and that certainly helps with my planning!



It’s in my diary Mark, thanks. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

We’ve booked accommodation and are looking forward to meeting everyone again.
73, Kevin and Liz

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Hi @M0NOM Mark,

Unfortunately I can’t make that weekend, I have customers over, but I’ll try and chase as much as I can. Hope you have a good time :+1:

73, Ben

Yet another event I can’t make :frowning:

The SOTA calendar hates me!


Sorry to hear that Colin. Our discussions last autumn inspired me to try to learn CW. I look forward to the next time that we meet. 73 Kevin

I plan to attend. Please book dry, windless WX


What he said! I plan to be there.


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Count me in Mark.


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I was hoping to join in again this year but I think I’m going to be working that weekend.

Just a heads up, it is the Great North Swim the same weekend in Windermere. It’s based from the Low Wood, so the lake shore road will be fairly busy all weekend.

Andrew M0TRI

= fog :smile:


Room reserved in Ambleside and looking forward to this event especially as COVID conspired to thwart my attendance since 2019.


I’ll try my best but the Lake District weather gods never seem to be happy with my meager sacrifices.

Bizarrely I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to attend the event myself, but it’s all clear now so looking forward to seeing folk in person.

As noted the Great North Swim which takes place in Lake Windermere between Ambleside and Windermere may slow traffic more than normal on that stretch, the alternative is to take the more scenic route of the Struggle and Kirkstone Pass which takes around 25 minutes but will be consistent.

Regards, Mark.

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New to the whole thing what happens at this is it a get together or do you just get up the hills for activations??


To extrapolate somewhat.

Most folk definitely activate Saturday, some folk Saturday/Sunday, and some treat it as a long weekend. Expect lots of S2S on VHF/UHF, some microwave, some HF groundpath and obviously the normal SOTA contacts.

We meetup at the Brookside Inn in Windermere on Saturday evening for food, drinks and tall tales.

Regards, Mark.

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Come on down Paul! I’m there Friday to Monday. The only firm plans are the caravan site and the pub on Saturday :wink:. The rest depends on the forecast

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I think I’ve just managed to book the last room in Bowness for 2 nights under £120 :smiley: I also have free cancellation upto the 6th June, so I’ve got the option to bail if it is looking particularly grim, but I’d hope the weather wouldn’t be a show-stopper by early June.

The other bonus is that the accommodation is only a mere 320 meter crawl from the Brookside inn!