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Social distancing

Developments in UK today. Boris says we can still go out to exercise providing we keep our distance from people. Setting up well away from trig point and summit features is now very much in order - although for reasons of social consideration, it always was.

Public transport would now be “bad form” for non-essential travel despite it being kinder for the environment in normal times.

As of today’s briefing, it is still the individual’s personal judgement call whether to go out, how to travel and where to go. This may well change to something more restrictive in the coming days.

Latest UK detailed guidance following the briefing. Glad to see that exercise is encouraged (provided keeping 2m from others and avoiding public transport).


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…so anyone joining me for a joint activation will have to do HF if I’m on the handheld.


We did a pretty good job of keeping it from French commercial interests at the recent WRC too!


as long as my golf course doesnt decide to shut i’ll be ok. everyone is well spaced out on a golf course.

And there is the potential confusion. Whether you drive or walk to the golf course, it could be interpreted as an “unnecessary journey”. While it remains up to the individual to judge, I intend to continue activating. But always travelling in my private vehicle, either alone or with family members, and selecting hills, walking routes and operating positions where I am unlikely to come across other people - and where I can remain at a very safe distance if I do.

I think the context of the “unnecessary travel” is in terms of recreational outings to popular venues on public transport - ie where spread of the disease could be facilitated. The one good thing our PM did say yesterday was to encourage people to continue outdoor exercise while keeping at least 2m from others. I intend to do that - but probably with a working distance of more like 10m. i can use my Travelmast to keep intruders to my personal space well away.

yeah but its only unnecessary travel if i don’t want to go to the golf course. or go activating

I notice you are not offering to share transport. :slight_smile:

Only if we share DNA. That qualifies one activator I can think of…

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Traveljoust, perhaps.

Your mention of using your pole to ensure distancing rules are observed brings to mind the ancient quaint practice of people who armed themselves with long wooden poles, fibreglass not being available yet, then rode on horses towards each other, then as they approached the other rider would use the poles to try to knock the other rider off his horse.

This kind of activity would not meet modern standards of workplace health and safety, but perhaps it was due to medical issues at the time requiring social distancing?

A new way of viewing the ancients.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH


Hi Allen,
When we spoke on Peanut this Monday and I told you that those great views were nearly over because of they had installed a scaffold in order to perform a façade restoration of this building, this is what I meant:

However, there’s still a possibility to enjoy some great views from that balcony over the scaffold. See the beautiful sunset captured by my daughter yesterday:

It’s my endfed wire in that balcony what definitely didn’t survive and I had to dismantle it before they installed the scaffold. Shame…
I’m already thinking about an alternative in case my remote station can’t eventually be used for whatever reason.



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Hi Guru
Nice sunset photo, it highlights the mountains nicely. It was lovely to speak to you yesterday mate alas I think I overdid it a bit as I am really struggling with my breathing now but what the heck, I enjoyed it. Anyways mate you stay well and best 73 to you and yours


A length of wire and a crocodile clip and that scaffolding would make a splendid antenna!

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This has already been suggested by some EA friends of mine and I may give it a go, particularly in these days because with the lockdown situation we’re having, I haven’t seen any operators working on it lately.


Loading up a structure that (presumably) others could touch, does not seem like a good idea to me.

It’s definitely not a wise thing to do for TX, as not only the operators may be touching it but also any of the neighbours from their respective balconies and even people walking in the street can touch the scaffold base.
With my remote station working wonderfully in these days, that is a risk I definitely don’t need to take up at all.