Should i buy.

Would i be breaking any rules if i purchased this equipment, to arrive at and depart from a summit. Or am i OK as long as i do not transmit or receive while attached.


By definition, SOTA peaks have prominence. Lone peaks in certain wind conditions might make for some interesting approaches!

73, Ken


Can’t think why, so long as operation was entirely independent of the mode of transport. Maybe there should be a bonus for surviving the landing :rofl:


If you think the Wx is bad in the UK, learn to fly and then you will know how bad !

No SOTA in IMC, No SOTA in the dark, No SOTA in too much wind etc and then the park ranger saying “You cannot land here ! PPR required plus a landing fee” plus the CAA sending you letters for low flying.

I will stick to the boots

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

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Can you fly with it in the UK just like that?

These types of aircraft are certified as Ultralite in Germany. They require a pilot’s licence and are treated like aircraft… e.g.: landing only on airfields…

73 Armin

I used to fly gliders, and I can recall one particularly interesting flight in Snowdonia. We flew from Denbigh, down to Church Stretton, then up to the coast at Penmaenmawr. It was a NW wind, so we then soared the slopes and ridges into Snowdonia until we were climbing the slopes of Snowdon below the cafe. After reaching about 3600’ above sea level, we turned and flew over the summit of Snowdon towards Betws-y-coed, arriving there at most a few minutes later at 1100’. It was a turbulent ride down the back side, as would be expected. We did find a thermal to get us back to 2000’ - enough height to get back to Denbigh.

With this in mind, I would be extremely hesitant to take a motorised paraglided into the hills in any sort of wind, or even on a warm day with significant thermal activity. It would no doubt provide breathtaking views, but could also be very dangerous! I guess a crosswind approach to the summit might be doable? I certainly wouldn’t try to approach from downwind of the peak.



Not really in ‘the spirit of SOTA’.

Perhaps if you made it into a peddle powered that would be OK. :grimacing: :artificial_satellite:


David, agree with you absolutly, on the other hand, this runs at about 1lt an hour, and has the advantage of being " line of site" plus no idling. Full tank would last for weeks, and the most important thing, apart from being greener i would have so much fun really enjoying my Hobby. 73 David stay safe.

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If you put the engine to idle while you are circling above the peak, then technically you have glided into the AZ. There are plenty of peaks in the dales that are both accepted paragliding sites and SOTA summits:

Whilst you don’t technically need a license to fly, you need one if you want 3rd party insurance. From a safety point of view, some training is highly recommended. Most of us avoided injury through a certain measure of fools luck, that measure would have to be pretty big for someone with no training whatsoever.
I have activated and then flown off both the Stoderzinken and the Krippenstein; highly recommended.
73 de OE6FEG


I’m hooked on this one.

Electric & environmental friendly (although a bit noisy and windy, perhaps…), who knows if this will become a feasible solution in the future? Wouldn’t mind a ride on this thing.

73 de Ignacio


Reminds me at star wars speeder bike


Then we are somewhere between



73 Armin


Armin, that is an absolutly fantastic reply thank you. Love it. 73.

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Agreed; breathtaking would be the operative word!

I find them noisy and intrusive. It may be legal to land one on a summit but I’d be irritated by the disturbance if I was walking in the area. I’ve no problem with folk paragliding off hillsides but add a noisy motor and… yuck. :frowning: The local wildlife and domestic critters like sheep won’t be impressed either.

Yes can see how that might be irritating, almost as irritating as having your antenna and coax ripped to bits by two dogs on the top of GI/MM-003 that nobody in the 50+ group that arrived would own up to owning. The law states clearly, dogs must be under your control at all times. Then after they had all left i gathered up a lot of empty plastic bottles and alumimium cans, and brought them down to the bins provided. Never understood the rational behind carrying a full bottle of water up a hill but to much bother to bring the empty back down. I suppose that it would be very bland, if we all agreed about what is law, what is acceptable behaviour. I just raised the question because i was very impressed by the whole setup and it could make life a lot simpler for me and i could amass a lot of points with very little effort. :wink: :grin: 73.


I think the examples you give amplify my point, which was we should all try to use the mountains in a way which has the least impact on others.

But I suspect your biggest obstacles will be at a more practical level, such as getting the land owner’s permission to land, which I believe is a requirement in the UK. You will also need a bit of space to take off, and a typical heather and rock summit isn’t going to be ideal. You will also need to be very conscious of not disturbing domestic animals and wildlife, especially during the breeding season.

I think as a regular way of activating summits its a non-starter but as a one off on a carefully chosen hill which ticks all of the above boxes you could give it a go if you wanted to.

Amassing points with or without lots of effort is not really the point though.


now we are getting somewhere, an electric bike ok, a campervan ok, a sherman tank ok, a car ok, all used to help people get to or very near to a summit, with less effort than the person walking and climbing, ie less effort. And if i climb a hill i will look for and claim the points. So that just leaves the moad of transport the issue. My idea is greener and more efficient, more FUN, more environmentaly friendly, and did i say more FUN. :laughing: :wink:

And you can combine it with chasing as MI7WJL/AM while you are flying in and out.
You would surely have a lot of success.


He can’t do /AM as his licence doesn’t allow it.