Selling ham radio equipment

I am having a clear out of some stuff and plan to sell it online. I’m just wondering where you buy\sell ham gear and how you avoid scams as eBay is heavily biased towards buyers as and they can claim they haven’t received anything which forces me to refund them and keep the item. I am especially cautious as when I was younger and first licensed I was on the receiving end if a scam seller. I tried to buy an alinco HF set off eBay for £350 I never received it and only got £110 back from eBay. I have never bought anything over £50 on eBay since and rarely sell anything.

HI Anthony

I’ve used this long established site which is managed by G3CWI for both buying and selling gear without problems:

G3CWI’s Amazing Online Flea Market

The amazing thing about the amazing online flea market is that there is no charge. There are the usual caveats which are covered on the website - beware of scammers, time wasters etc. I have never had any bother with them either as a buyer or seller.

73 Phil G4OBK

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Thanks for sharing that with us Phil
A most useful site to book mark


I have been using


I’m recently ‘back’ from a radio hiatus so fairly new to the radio selling sites myself.

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As far as eBay today and in USA, I’ve had no problem getting a prompt refund of all my money on a few claims I’ve made. I find eBay a particularly safe way to buy used gear due to their guarantee.

Barry N1EU

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Also worth a look is


Apart from Ham Radio Deals that has already being menthoed Facebook is now the place I buy and sell radio gear as its free and there’s loads of different groups that are doing it.

Below is one of the few I have used in the past without any problems. It’s run by Robin G1MHU and he prefers members to be licenced to join the group. If anyone has problems joining give me a shout and I’ll ask Robin to add you.

Hope this is useful for anyone interested.

73 Mick M0MDA

I’m not on Facebook. I’ve asked my wife Clara to join the group for me. She isn’t licensed but she will only post stuff on my behalf.
M0VED Anthony