Rod M0JLA Double MG!

Having seen all the spots yesterday with regards Rod’s activations in South Wales, I was pleased to see that he has now claimed the points and is officially a SOTA Double Mountain Goat!

Well done Rod on your achievement!!

73 from your fellow Hereford Amateur Radio Society Member

Matt G8XYJ


Well done indeed Rod and thanks for all the summits :sunglasses:

go go rod :smile:

Well done Rod. That’s a sizable seasonal bonus you’ve racked up. Many congratulations and best wishes for the next 1k…

73 Gerald G4OIG

Good Result Rod

73 Dave G£TQQ

Well done Rod glad to have been part of it on Monday - thanks for the S2S contacts from both summits.

73 Glyn

Hi Rod

Congratulations on your achievement…Viki next? :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

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My thanks to Matt for recording my Double MG and to others also for the kind remarks.

However, I think Matt reaching MG while in full-time work shows greater dedication than my efforts as a full-time retiree :smiley:
Looking at the achievements of G1INK and G4YSS does rather put my efforts into perspective and if we widen the selection to All G (which I can do on my screen but can’t reproduce here) we get the scores for GM7PKT and MM0YCJ too.
Many thanks also to all those chasers and other activators who have made contact since May 2010 and allowed me to qualify most of the 614 summits activated.
The current challenges are 300 Completes; only 6 to go but I have not added one since October :frowning: and All Wales; still a few hard ones to do.

Hoping for more contacts soon,

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Many congratulations Rod and thanks for the many points you have given me too :wink:

It’s also nice to see a M6 only a short number of points behind you :wink:


Well done Rod on your achievement,always a pleasure and thanks for the summits. 73 Don G0RQL.

Congratulations Rod! Fantastic achievement. Great to work you summit to summit so many times.

Very well done Rod, excellent achievement.

Thanks for the QSO’s on your way to double Mountain Goat. I’ve not being around much lately to chase you during the week due to work.

I look forward to working you on your way to triple Mountain Goat :wink:

73 Mick M0MDA

Many congratulations Rod.

Many, many congratulations Rod and thanks for carrying part of my equipment up onto the hills (especially recently). I am particularly grateful when he forges ahead through the snow (we’ve had a bit of that this year) and I can walk in his footsteps but avoid any holes he’s stumbled into! As you can see, he is a long way ahead of me on points so I am not looking that far ahead at the moment.

The 2000 score that I am hoping to achieve this year is 2000 different chasers and I am currently on 1932 so am getting closer. I hope that this will explain the fact that I can rarely attach the right name or callsign to any caller (even when it has been repeated once or twice…) as I have talked to so many different people. I believe this number is considerably higher than if I normally operated on HF and (within reason) talk to the ‘usual suspects’ from anywhere in the country. With 2m and 70cm activations I am always contacting people who are relatively close to me (although I still don’t understand how I talked to Doncaster from Drygarn Fawr one day…) so my chasers in the Northern Pennines or Lake District don’t hear from me very often (lucky things!)

My other ambition is to find time to put in both my recent (since July?) and early 2012 S2S contacts to increase my chasing score (I only operate from summits) and also my completes. I think it is possible that I shall have a bit more time for chores of one sort or another after next Tuesday… It seems as if I shall be sitting on another cold hill tomorrow if the weather holds so hope to hear from you - especially on 70cms!!

Viki M6BWA


Nice one Rod!

Can’t say I’ve done much to assist your double goat but really appreciate all the opportunities to increase your chaser score :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

Many Congratulations, Rod and thanks for all the QSOs.


Many thanks for the further kind words and congratulations. As far as I know the curious (without MT access) can not get to see my user statistics, so it seems like a good idea to put some of them here as an acknowledgement of my debt to regular and helpful chasers. These figures come from the website, so I have no influence on them apart from the logging process. Some are publicly visible but included for completeness.

Points 2007, of which Winter Bonus 477

Summits 614 of which Uniques 335 and Completes 294 (in 20 regions)

Different chasers worked 1735

Summits activated 6 or more times 22 (mostly in SW with WB close behind

Chasers with more than 100 contacts 7; my grateful thanks to G0RQL, G0TRB, G4ZRP, M0MDA, G6TUH, G6ODU and G0TDM for just over 1000 contacts between them. I am also very grateful to the other 1728 chasers :smile:

Another Summit reaching 6 activations today; Sugar Loaf, GW/SW-011. Many thanks for the contacts. Apologies for the delayed start; very high SWR. Still not sure what was wrong. more during the rest of the bonus season, I hope. Next stop 2500,
Speak soon,
73 .


Very well done Rod.
I’ll probably be retired by time I make MG :slight_smile:

What never ceases to amaze me is I am a regular on the SW/WB summits, most weekends, and on Skirrid nearly every week midweek (admittedly of an evening) and have been for years, yet I am yet to bump into ONE person activating!!

Thanks for the comment Steve.
Understood about retiring before MG; I don’t see how anyone manages MG without having retired unless they are in GM and can reach a new 10 pointer most weekends. I was retired before starting SOTA, so we have time to try to fit in all the SW (and most MW) two point and above each winter.

We have met other activators accidentally on about six occasions (4 on WB), and several others by intention, either on their part or ours. We have also missed others by minutes, being on different parts of the same hill, or leaving just before they arrived. I expect we will meet sometime :smile:

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…or are a bit potty… like me :slight_smile:

Seriously, without going TOO mad I can amass around 300 points a year based on weekends and maybe a week away (UK or abroad) living in North Wales. You do have to go out in some horrible weather and have a fair few long days though when you can’t pick and choose too much!

Different in some other Associations of course, but comparaing some of these is like chalk and cheese. For example OK or DM vs. HB (which makes G/GW/GM/GI look easy!).