Replacement Glass Trophy

When I had to find a replacement for the SOTA glass trophies the choice was rather limited and the one I chose was not enthusiastically received!! So the decision will be left to the greater SOTA community.

Currently the glass trophy costs £20 plus the engraving cost and I have tried to keep to that price level, however, the options can be more expensive and some also attract an additional premium for jigs to hold them whilst being engraved and for additional postage costs due to their package size.
Existing stock of Mountain Goat (design at (1) below) will remain available and the last of the Shack Sloth will be to the existing design until stock has been used then both will be replaced by whatever new design is chosen.

The options are as follows (with the engraving on the rear as per our original design):

  1. The design I chose to purchase and has a selling price of £20

  1. A cheaper alternative as a glass coaster with a price of £15

  1. A plain rectangular block with a selling price of £20

  1. A 3 inch balance cube with a price of £27

  1. A 4 inch Octagon priced at £28

The choice is up to you.

  • Rectangular with chrome barrel stand - Item 1
  • 4 inch Coaster - Item 2
  • Rectangular Block - Item 3
  • 3 inch Balance Cube - Item 4
  • 4 inch Octagon - Item 5

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How big is option 3? About 4"x4"?


4 inch square as you had assumed

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The balanced cube (147 award) has a nice ‘pinnacle-y’ look to it. :slight_smile:
Hopefully people pay better attention than me. I misvoted and had to fix it - thinking the name/description was underneath the photo! :roll_eyes:


I voted correctly, but I too was momentarily confused by that. I wonder how many people miss-voted but didn’t realize they did?


I’m still wondering if I can fit a snooker cue in my rucksack.


Thank you Barry for working to find some alternatives! I also found the balance cube nicely reminiscent of a summit. The octagon reminds me of a stop sign.


I’m a bit late to this, but what if there was a SOTA Goat clothing option? Hat, shirt, or jacket? In bike racing a race or series winner gets a special winner jersey. Could there be a SOTA Goat “jersey”?


Or the SOTA one below it, which you assumingly get it for running up mountains in Scotland and activating them.

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The cube has more potential for displauy than the others…could make a nice light if illuminated appropriatly. Also has potential for engravings on multiple faces if 2x and 3x goat is reached (or even, to list all of the summits activated or something similar)

The octogon is very bland.

Would like to know who voted for the coaster.


….it might even work for a safety perspective but there might be some objections to all goats having to ascend in a polka dot Jersey……


The cost of buying/stocking small quantities and sizes would probably be prohibitive.
You could always customise your clothing using the appropriate embroidered badge (there is one available with “Mountain Goat” stitched into it)


Unless there is a definite choice I may have to run a secondary vote to select between the two front runners (and a third close by).
I think my mathemetician friends would consider an difference of 2% (one or two votes) insignificant.

Will give it a few more days


I’d like to suggest a small enameled pin. Not sure how hard that would be to execute. I would prefer something I could pin to my backpack and take with me on my SOTA adventures.

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A glass anvil?


Like this: Product Detail | SOTA Awards ?


There are apparel sites that you can submit logos/designs and the customer orders direct. I don’t think its that difficult as long as the site is given the logo and permission to use. I have ordered a couple sweatshirts/shirts this way in the past, one I customized with my callsign and I wear it often at events. It would be great to have a SOTA option for this! Below is just an example of where I got my custom sweatshirt years back thru a different radio group.