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Red Screes, G/LD-017, M1BUU/P

Wow! What a day!

Today marks exactly 25 years since I was allocated my first amateur radio call sign. I took the summer 1997 Radio Amateur’s Examination (RAE) and passed, which was a good job because I managed to do the course and exam for free as I was under 18 at the time of enrolment!

I flirted with an M0 callsign for several years but then I got my original call sign of M1BUU back.

I mentioned my intention to mark my 25th anniversary in some way in this recent thread -

My son wanted to do some plane spotting so with a hint from Mark, M0NOM, I decided that a visit to Red Screes, G/LD-017 might tick both of our boxes. I had already activated Red Screes this year, but today wasn’t about the points, it was just a celebration of 25 years as a ham.

I felt awful yesterday, I was sneezing all day and felt extremely tired. In addition to not feeling well, I ended up doing a 12 hour shift at work. Richard G4TGJ sent me a PM suggesting that we should try for an S2S and I replied that I felt awful and my planned activation was maybe looking unlikely.

After a good sleep I felt much better, but still tired, however the weather forecast was for a really lovely day and I knew my son was excited about the possibility of seeing some military jets. I decided that I would just take the day steadily.

I was pleased to find the Kirkstone Pass Inn car park to be quiet, just a few motorhomes sprawled out really.

My son had a spring in his step and was racing up Red Screes like a greyhound after a rabbit! I’d said that I was going to take my time. I enjoyed drinking in the gorgeous scenery.

My son racing ahead!

We were about ¾ of the way up when we heard fast jets and we were treated to a quick glimpse of a pass up through Kirkstone Pass. My son didn’t get a picture, but at least we’d seen jets!

We met a couple of walkers with a dog and got talking, it turns out that we came from the same home town and even went to the same schools!

I spent quite a while chatting which delayed me getting on air. There was no rush today though and I was soon calling on 30m CW. Richard G4TGJ had wanted an S2S from Ingleborough G/NP-005 on 30m, so that’s why I started on that band. After about 2 minutes, Richard had found me and we had an easy CW S2S. As pointed out by the couple I was chatting with, Ingleborough was actually visible on the horizon from Red Screes!

Ingleborough, G/NP-005, under the arrow

In all, I had 36 QSOs, across 40m,30m,20m, 17m and 2m. HF was CW and VHF was FM. I had difficulty on 2m, firstly with a dodgy mic lead (lack of use?) and secondly with an intermittent antenna connection. I was called by G4WHA/A and as I went to peak the beam, the antenna pole fell down and I bent the reflector element on the beam. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to establish communication with G4WHA/A. I had one more QSO before I gave up. Sorry to G4WHA/A and other callers, my 2m station just wasn’t performing today.

It was awesome to work Mark, M0NOM on the key on 20m - thanks Mark! Great to be called by Iggy, EA2BD/P for an S2S, and also new regular chaser, Chris, DL1CR/P. I had a nice chat with Richard G4TGJ/P on 2FM during the time that my radio was actually working, for a second S2S.

All the while I was operating, my son was chasing jets on the internet and in the air, I think it’s fair to say that we both had a good day!

M1BUU in natural habitat, working CW, taking in the scenery.

Attempting voice mode! Struggled with mic problems - yes, really!

A tradition started by Mark, M0NOM!


Couldn’t have asked for nicer weather!

Thanks to the chasers for being there on my special day!

Final word to the bus in Ambleside scoring our day -



Thanks for the two S2S today Colin. And what a fab day! I’ve realised I’ll have been licensed for 40 years later this year!

73 Richard

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Hi Colin,

Thank you for trying today. I did hear you briefly then nothing. Unfortunately i had a customer so could not get back to you! I sometimes operate from inside the shop as i have a dual band collinear on the building and use an FT8800 in the shop. There are occasions when i have to disappear quite quickly.

Again many thanks for trying.

You had an excellent day for the activation though!

Congratulations on being licensed for 25 years.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA (G4WHA/A from work).

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Hi Colin, thank you for your detailed report and the many interesting and photographically excellent pictures.
You make me a little proud when you describe me as

I never thought I could make it this far in cw.
Until the next qso,

73 Chris


Hi Colin,

Happy 25 anniversary! Yesterday the pile up was too huge for a proper congratulation.

Do you know I went for a S2S on purpose with you, bringing my SST rig?

Don’t want to hijack you thread, read the whole story here:

73 Iggy


Excellent report and photos - enjoyed reading it. Superb shots of the jets.

Hi Colin

It was a good day for plane spotting and just being on the hills in general.
I operated from Queen Adelaide’s Hill at lunchtime and did note that there were a few jets going very close by you.

Regards, Mark.

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Hi Colin, cracker report and lovely pics, well done on your activity especially in such lovely WX.
Thanks for the contact and the points and glad to hear you had a great day and importantly got down safe and sound!!

73 Tony

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Hi Colin,

Thank you for our S2S contact, and for an excellent report and photos from your activation. I saw several F15 jets over Thirlmere, but nothing as spectacular as your first picture.

It was a great day to be out in the hills, bright sunshine and glorious views in all directions as I walked from Helvellyn G/LD-003 over Nethermost Pike and Dollywaggon Pike to Seat Sandal G/LD-022.

Congratulations again on your 25th Anniversary!

73, John M0VCM


Hi Colin @M1BUU

Thanks for the report and great photos. Pleased to see that you both had a fantastic day. You’ll have to get your son an Uniden UBC125XLT scanner now to listen to the ‘aircraft chatter’ on VHF and UHF…you never know it might kindle an interest in him for amateur radio :grinning:

73 Allan

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Thanks Allan.

We’re going to Southport airshow this weekend, and my son is already showing an interest in getting his Foundation licence.

73, Colin


I’m at the airshow tomorrow, I’ll have my handy in case any useful spots come up. I’m on the pier with my son & grandson. Have a good day! 73 John
Ps-Decided to save weight & not take handy after all.

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