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Portable paddles (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Portable paddles (Part 1) - #100 by JN1MSO.

Previous discussions:


Have a look at this link re-paddles.

Also if (like me) you use a Palm Mini Key he does a mod to overcome the (in my opinion) worst feature of the Palm Mini paddle the weakness of the rear connection.

Once on an activation I snagged the lead from the key to the rig - it broke very easily end of activation.


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I’ve just bought a UMPP-1 and have used it on one activation. I like it. I seem to make slightly fewer errors than with my Palm Mini paddle. Still make too many though!

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I also made paddle similar to ON6UU from Russian relays, but they are very unreliable and I already replaced those contacts groups few times and already have few failed SOTA activations. So, I am thinking about making paddle from different components.

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